A NEW LEASE—on Life!
By Judit Rajhathy, B.A., RNCP, D.Ac.

Selecting A Practitioner

     The question often arises: How can I find a good practitioner and who would you recommend? It is best to seek out a healthcare practitioner who is suited to your needs while you are feeling well and not wait until you are ill. Outline in detail what your needs are and the role you expect the practitioner to play in your healing. 
     Once you have consulted a healthcare practitioner, you need to ask yourself the following questions:
     Does the practitioner...
     1. Listen to you?
     2. Take time to explain his or her assessment of your problem clearly and does it conform to what you need to know or understand?
     3. Give you exercises or protocols to follow in between appointments so that you can become an active participant in your own healing?
     4. Discuss that diet and lifestyle may play a substantial part in you feeling unwell and that these need to be addressed in order to embark upon your road to recovery?
     5. Admit realistic limitations and is willing to refer to other practitioners representing different specialties where warranted? Are these other practitioners as open to you as is your primary healthcare provider?
     6. Inspire you to take responsibility for your own health? Does he or she support your own efforts? Do you feel empowered after your sessions?
     Word of Mouth
     Reputation should be a primary motivation for selecting the practitioner. If friends and/or family members benefited greatly from consulting with a particular healthcare provider, then the choice would be obvious.  But remember that one practitioner cannot score with everyone and that your particular issues may be quite different from the next person’s.  
     On the other hand, if you have been seeing a practitioner for months, spent a small fortune on healthcare products and supplements and/or meds, and have experienced little or no improvement, then it would be reasonable that you seek a second opinion.  In fact, a good practitioner should be prepared to offer you a referral to one with a different approach, specialty or modality. One must also keep in mind that most ongoing chronic conditions take time to heal and if it took years to reach a chronic state, it is unreasonable to expect instant results from any practitioner.
     Choose Wisely
     Take your time, do your homework, ask questions until you have someone who is not only skilful and caring—and willing to work with you as a true partner in managing your healthcare. The healthcare system in Mexico is full of caring professionals who give you courtesy and time—quite the contrary to the North American medical model. Always remember, you deserve the best!
     (Judit is the owner of Change of Pace Fitness Center and is the author of the Canadian best-seller Free to Fly: a journey toward wellness.  She can be contacted at 766-5800)