Child of the Month
By Judy Beaumont

     At the September meeting of Niños Incapacitados, members were happy once again to see Laila Serai Delgado Alvarez and her mother, Itandehui Delgado Alvarez. In October of 2000, Laila and her mother were in a bus accident in Guadalajara. Laila was paralyzed and hospitalized for 25 days at Hospital Civil.
     Two years later, she is learning, at last, to crawl. Intensive therapy at DIF Chapala helps and Niños Incapacitados supplies the money for her medicine for continuing problems with convulsions. The group has grown to know and love little Laila and her mother.
     It is difficult for Señora Delgado to manage their bills. Her husband left long ago, leaving her with no means of support and an injured child. Laila still is unable to sit up or speak and at four years old is a burden to carry. Itandehui Delgado smiles through the days and gives thanks for the help given to her daughter.
     One of the joys of participating in meetings of Niños Incapacitados is the opportunity to meet children that the group helps. At most meetings, at least one child comes to visit and thank the members for their help. Members can watch progress in children who were hurt or disabled in the past, or meet new patients needing assistance. Coordinator Margarita Maldonado often accompanies the visiting family to translate their words.
     New members are welcome to join or sit in on a meeting of Niños Incapacitados the first Thursday of each month at the bar area of the Nueva Posada at 10:00 a.m. President Gene Beck works hard to keep the meetings to an hour in length.
     Now that the fall season is here, there is a lot of rewarding work to be done, both with the children and in raising funds to help them. Niños Incapacitados will have a booth at the subasta (sale) next to the La Floresta Auditorium on October 19th with a large variety of secondhand goods to sell.
     On November 6th, pianist Pete Schaefer and vocalists Los Cantantes del Lago will perform selections of classical and contemporary music at the La Floresta Auditorium with proceeds to be donated to Niños Incapacitados. Tickets will be available for $50 pesos at Ticket Central, in front of the auditorium in October.