Child of the Month
By Rich Petersen
Karina Reynoso Moya

     As with all those who suffer from diabetes, looking at the above photo of 12-year old Karina Reynoso Moya would give no clue as to the fact she needs daily Insulin shots to control her diabetes.
     Karina lives in Santa Cruz de la Soledad with her parents Pilar, a homemaker, and Martín, a gardener.  She has two sisters, Elizabeth who is 15 and in high school, and Selene age 6 who is in the first grade.  Karina enjoys playing soccer and riding her bicycle.  She is a good student in 5th grade, but her mother has noted over the past three years since being on medication that Karina’s concentration and study skills have diminished somewhat.
     It was three years ago at age 9 that Karina was first diagnosed with Insulin-dependent diabetes.  She now needs three Insulin injections daily to control her blood sugar, a "duty" she and her mother undertake now as routine.   Insulin, syringes and the one-time purchase of a glucose-monitoring device would have been too costly for the family to afford without the help of Niños Incapacitados, whose mandate is to help children from birth until the age of 17 with their medical problems.  However, when Karina turns 17 in 5 years, we will find ourselves in the position of either having to "bend" the rules so Karina can continue receiving her insulin, or of phasing her out of the Program.
     Niños Incapacitados has many children in its program, and if it were possible to find a "sponsor" for those like Karina whose medication needs are ongoing and at a fairly constant cost, this would offer a manageable solution to the problem of having to "drop" a child on his or her 17th birthday and still be able to continue helping others.
     Each month Karina’s medication costs have been just under 800 pesos. Another of Niños’s children, Fabián who lives in Ajijic, will turn 17 this coming summer.  The cost of his diabetes medications per month runs close to 1100 pesos (he is on a higher dose of Insulin), and of course we are faced with the dilemma as set out earlier about whether to "drop" him from the program.  A "sponsor" for either of these children would be of great help to our organization, and of course to these two young people.
     If you or anyone you know would be interested in donating a monthly (or yearly) sum to be earmarked specifically for one of these patients—or for a Niños child with another chronic illness—please get in touch with either Cam Doherty, Treasurer (766-5797) or Rich Petersen (765-5511).
     For information about sponsorships, please contact Robin Lawrason, (tel: 766-3070, email:, Cam Doherty, Treasurer (tel: 766-5797, email:, or Joan Frost, Director (tel: (387) 763-0172, email: