Child of the Month
Angel Efren Sanabria de los Santos
By Anne Callon

     Four-year-old Angel Efren Sanabria de los Santos lives in Mezcala. His mother Berta is unable to work outside their home because of the constant care and attention that Efren requires. His father Erick is a hard-working fisherman. His two older brothers aged six and five both attend school but for the fore-seeable future this will not be possible for Efren.
     This little boy is still another of the inordinate number of convulsive children in our area. Until medication was prescribed for him he would suffer ten or more convulsions each day. His seizures are now almost completely controlled but, as is quite common in children with this condition, he is almost constantly in motion and needs to be carefully monitored.
     Though the journey is difficult and time-consuming, every four months Efren’s mother takes him to Guadalajara to the Hospital Civil so that his medication can be reassessed and perhaps adjusted or changed. She is to be commended for her vigilance. Needs change as the child grows and long-term damage from over, or improper medication, can thus be prevented.
     PROGRAMA POR NIÑOS INCAPACITADOS DEL LAGO AC needs members, volunteers and donors so that medical care and transportation is available for children like Efren and all the other local children who need it. Though we hold no regular monthly meet-ings in July and August our work continues. Please note on your calendar our next monthly meeting on Thursday morning September 2 at 10:00 in the bar area of La Nueva Posada.
     For more information please contact President Robin Lawrason at 766-3070 or at or visit our new website