Child of the Month
Jaime Lopez Vega
By Anne Callon

     Jaime Lopez Vega is a five-year-old from San Antonio Tlayaca-pan. He lives with his mother Rocio and his older brother Pablo. At present they are living with a family friend in Chapala.
     Several months ago, in a household accident, Jaime sustained serious burns to most parts of his body and he still needs skin grafts and ongoing treatment and therapy to ensure that his recovery is as complete as possible. At present he is unable to walk, as his left leg was particularly affected. Jaime is new to our program, so is still being assessed but we know that he will eventually require surgery to restore him to complete mobility.
     Jaime is a bright, smiling boy who attends school, loves coloring books and crayons and proudly shows how he always colors within the lines. While he under-standably gets upset at the thought of doctors and hospitals and further hurting, he eagerly antici-pates recovering enough to ride horses in the HELP program.
     HELP is a special program of horseback riding for handicapped children at which Jim McCormack and his volunteers work every Friday morning beginning at 10:00 am in Lower La Floresta where the horses are located. There is always a need for volunteers to drive the children and their Moms or caregivers to and from the program as well as to help during the rides. Please call Jim at 766-3984 to volunteer your much-needed assistance.
     PROGRAMA PRO NIÑOS INCAPACITADOS DEL LAGO AC needs members, volunteers and donors so that medical care is available for all local children who need it. No matter how short or long a period of time you spend at Lakeside you are important to our organization. Please attend the next monthly meeting on Thursday morning February 5 at 10:00 in the bar area of La Nueva Posada. For more information please contact Robin Lawrason at 766-3070 or at or visit
     (Ed. Note: Anne Callon has most graciously stepped in for Judy Beau-mont, who is ill. Judy and her husband, Larry, have written the column for several years, and in doing so have done a great deal for the Niños Incapacitados. We send along our warmest regards to Judy, and wish her a speedy recovery.