By Jean Sutherland
Year-End Tips

     Obesity can cause arthritis, diabetes, even heart failure. Dogs need a milder shampoo formula than humans. Pets can be encouraged to play with toys by placing treats in them. Cleaning agents containing ammonia smell like waste and may attract the dog back to eliminate in the same area.
     * Daily dental care can lengthen your pet’s life!
     * Fleas cause discomfort by biting, can cause allergies and transmit tapeworms.
     * Having your female pet spayed before her first heat cycle significantly reduces her risk of breast cancer.
     * You can ensure your lost pets’ safe return by putting an ID tag, license tag, microchip or tattoo on them.
     * Regular grooming improves your pet’s appearance, can help prevent skin disease and promotes healthy skin.
     * Chewing reduces stress and helps control barking.
     * For every flea on your pet, there may be 100 more in your house.
     * Dogs should maintain their regular diet while traveling.
     * Treats should comprise no more than 10% of a dog’s diet.
     * Keep an accurate count of how much you are feeding your pet by measuring out dry as well as canned food.
     * Cats have a normal strong desire to scratch. It also helps mark their territory.
     * A cat’s body temperature drops slightly while they sleep. This explains why some like to sleep in direct sunlight or right next to their owner.
     * If you have gradually introduced a new diet food for two days and your cat still refuses to eat, it’s time to take him to the vet.
     * Crying, hissing, batting of ankles are common when introducing a new diet to your cat. Stick it out and you’ll reward your cat with a longer, healthier life.
     * A high-fiber diet coupled with regular brushing helps control hair-balls.
     * Kittens grow so fast that it’s critical to feed high quality kitten food.


     As the shelter enters the cold season at Lakeside we are in need of old towels or rugs for our animals to lie on. Old papers are also put to good use. Your help would be appreciated. We are also very short on cat food at the moment and would appreciate anything you could donate. Donations can be dropped off at the market on Wednesday, or by calling Aileen McTague at 766 2618.