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  2. The website listed is not online . I wouldn't go to it. My firewall blocked an attack. I sent an email on asking them for specifics. Here is the only I could find.... http://www.chapala.com/quality-care.html
  3. I’ve tried to, but I haven’t been able to find it. Please provide the contact information (phone and email) if you’ve got it.
  4. Jeff, sent you a PM......
  5. driver needed

    Does anyone have a reliable driver they use? I need transportation from Riberas to the bus station in Tonala Monday 2/26. I need to be in Tonala before 8am. I will also need them on the return from the bus station to Riberas on Thursday 3/1.
  6. Thank you very much for the helpful directions to the Auto Emissions site in Jocotepec.


  7. My wife and I are planning a trip to Guadalajara to get some medical tests done. Dr. Briseno is the cardiologist we'd like to make contact with based on the positive reviews we've read online. I'm hoping someone can provide his contact information (phone number and email address) or the contact information (phone number and email address) of Quality Care. Thanks in advance.
  8. Jeff, talk to an attorney. When I came here 20 years ago most Mexican estates here had live in help. the government changed the law and ALL of these households got rid of the live in help. As I recall it the government folded in the value of residence and meals supplied and that had to be figured into severance and alquinaldo. There may be other considerations as well. But now no one has live in help, except on ranchos in Texas. So far the IRS hasn't figured out the value of that bunk house. Talk to an attorney, or find a gringa roomate who will do the cleaning.
  9. Ajijic Pueblo Magico?

    Anyone with half a brain knows that before adding a lane for bikes or HOV you have to know how many people one of the regular lanes carries an hour for various times of day. Then you calculate, best you can, if the new lane will carry that many people? If not it's a no go, This new endeavor will not be carrying it's fair share. Any public funds spent will be unfairly wasted. This is pretty basic science.
  10. Ajijic Pueblo Magico?

    I already covered that. "Pueblo Trashico" is obviously the one which our Chapala government has worked long and hard to prepare us for. Trashico covers all the attributes of noise, dust, litter, sporadically collected trash, pot holes, mega watt rave style concerts at the bull ring, drunken Tapatios bused in to attend same, towering pawnshops, illegal lakeside high rises, and the like all bestowed on us by our "friends" in city hall. More seriously though, after having visited several dozen of these places now I can assure you a clean and well run Ajijic would certainly be a contender. Fortunately for those who oppose this designation we are in no danger of having that happen. So Trashico is the sure winner and no doubt the most profitable. The same guy who can't manage to get the trash picked up after two long years is the dreamer. Pueblos Magicos get some significant extra funding from the state and federal levels. The dream is obviously one of still more money to divert and pocket. The trash still wouldn't get picked up. For them, business as usual. For us, more like a nightmare.
  11. Ajijic Pueblo Magico?

    Seriously, instead of applying for a status that it has no legitimate chance of earning - and which has already been achieved by innumerable places with real depth of culture and ambiance - why not apply for something more unique and appropriate? "Pueblo Geriatrico" - now that's a slam dunk (though there will be protests from the jewelry-rattling set in San Miguel de Allende but we'll just give them "Pueblo Disneylandico" status as a consolation prize). As for Chapala, land of endless (and endlessly incompetent) street construction and even more endless promotion of totally out-of-scale Tapatio tourism (witness the recent two week shutdown with 120,000 drunken Tapatios for carneval - a mere 400% of the town's population), Pueblo de Polvo y Ruido has just the right ring. Let other villages have their Magico status. We have plenty of Tragico to go around.
  12. Where to buy handrail for a pool?

    We found one on line, showed it to our pool service company (JP Home Services) and they ordered it and picked it up for us in Guadalajara. It is getting installed today in fact!
  13. Bicycle Rental

    Ok. Maybe it was a wednesday. Thought it opened and closed quickly.
  14. Bicycle Rental

    No - it's not closed down at all! It is newly opened and a wonderful resource for us "bikers" .... please go and check it out - closed on Wednesdays
  15. Ajijic Pueblo Magico?

    To where did you relocate and how do you like it?
  16. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    What local town organization??
  17. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    I am in a rental I just bought. I am on my THIRD HOT WATER HEATER with a plumber the local town organization advertises. He put in a hot water heater ( my 3rd) and after a week it does not work. I am in loosing it. He hangs up on me when I phone him. I have no papers or waranty or anything. I have been TAKEN so many times. I don't know what to tell you. If you find a decent plumber who installs hot water heaters please let me know.
  18. Went by there the other day and they are working on the base of the new tower. Lots of metal, etc. Getting ready to start pouring.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Coming from the east a few blocks after you pass the Pemex on the right in Jocotepec you come to a traffic light where you turn left. After a few blocks the main route takes a right at Cuba restaurant and you will be on Vincente Guerrero Vincente (this is the old highway route though jocotepec) Go west on Vicente Guerrero. Pass the last traffic light (Independencia Sur). Immediately after the tope on your right is the place to get your emissions sticker. It is next door to a car wash and if you pass it, the next cross street is Niños Heroes. It is located directly across the street from Pepe's Pollo.
  21. Bicycle Rental

    Closed down.
  22. Apache: Drive to Chapala. At the light go straight ahead until you get to Zaragoza. Turn left and it on your right and go to about the end of the block. I think the number is 34. It has a large garage door... They usually have a sign out... Drive in and the inspection stall is on the left next to the office.
  23. OP...are you wanting to rent just for the month of Feb. or for the winter season? For a month, the Nueva Posada hotel has both 1 and 2 BR casitas. Great in-village location.
  24. DNA testing

    First, what are you wanting to find? The results on where your DNA comes from are a very new science and the results are ONLY accurate to continents not countries. That part of the test DOES NOT give you anything approaching a family tree. Plus you only inherit from all ancestors for 3 generations, so a 5th or 6th great grandmother who was Native American or African or... may not have passed any DNA to you. Doesn't mean your are not related. Your DNA cousin matches may be very useful if they have a family tree. It helps a lot of you do too. If you are wanting primarily health related information, get 23andMe with the health report - about $169. They have a genealogy only test for about $99. They sell in many countries worldwide but not so many customers are interested in genealogy. The have several tools for evaluating your matches. The other test cost about $70 with lower prices during frequent sales. Ancestry has the largest database but only sells to US, Canada, UK and I think Australia so it your ancestors are very recent European immigrants, you may have very few matches. They also lack any accurate tools for evaluation of matches - I have possible matches and probable matches, but not one provable match using Ancestry DNA alone. A second rate product with good marketing. FamilyTreeDNA sells all over the world but has a smaller database. They do provide a number of valuable tools for evaluating matches and more European matches than I have with Ancestry. They accept uploads from other companies for a small fee. MyHeritage DNA sells worldwide, is very new but accepts free uploads from other companies and is growing rapidly. They have some evaluation tools and show a great deal of promise. All the companies data can be uploaded to GEDmatch, a mostly free database with loads of comparison tools so you can compare results with other who have uploaded their data. No other companies provide anything of real value IMHO and usually charge more. The number of Hispanics who have tested is smaller than for example Irish or English, but is growing and may provide useful information. iShop or Sol y Luna can accept the packages.
  25. You might contact the Casa Blanca hotel... We used them when we came down and stayed a month... Matt will give you a good rate... Nothing fancy but centrally located and clean... Email: rsvp@casablancaajijic.com phone: 800 436-0759
  26. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    For those of you that have installed solar hot water what is your ROI in years? Thanks
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