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  2. I need something bringing down before Christmas, something I want to purchase in the Black Friday sale, so would need to be delivered to someone and driven down? Anyone can help?
  3. Superlake

    Fresca is opening in Bucerias, north of PV. It will be HUGE, and I will hope it has NOB impoets, since it is a US company~
  4. Liverwurst at Super lake

    He makes his own.It is very good, but I am looking for the same that was sold at super lake.
  5. Superlake

    Where would one 'move to' that might have the things that may not be available any more at Lakeside?
  6. Today
  7. Superlake

    Superlake stocks things that are vital to my existence, products that simply aren't available anywhere else, not even in Guad or P.V. I know it impresses a lot of the Tapatios when they visit. I don't want it to change or I might have to move! Pancho's done a terrific job of keeping up with trends and fulfilling requests over the years and I'm sure it hasn't been easy.
  8. Last day of just chillin

    It is a great new restaurant , six weeks,maybe.Not a fried fish restaurant .Maybe first time go on a Sunday . Sunday Special, shrimp tacos, for 20p. get them grilled, and have them chopped in the taco, with a great slaw, or the fish taco. grilled or fried, they give you there daily appetizer while you wait for your order. Very good service without the hugs. Not hating on the hugs, but a very comfortable feel.I think maybe one of the best values lakeside.
  9. Canadian butter tarts

    Another suggestion, if you've got a good, reliable pastry recipe for the tarts, you might sell ready-made shells, as some of us just aren't talented that way. My last effort was all over me, the floor, the ceiling and the cat.
  10. Carry on luggage

    Don't know where Birds of Paradise is. I'm on Ocampo in Ajijic .
  11. Tea Tree Oil

    What exactly do you mean by "mold hidden away on a plastered and painted wall"? Sounds strange. Are you confusing mold with salitre? FYI bleach will kill mold.
  12. Renewal of Residente Temporal - Request from INM

    Actually I've answered my own question. Found the form for requesting change of address.
  13. Yes, going along with the new topic have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Me? I ate too much, but it was a great Thanksgiving.
  14. Renewal of Residente Temporal - Request from INM

    One more thing (hopefully) They also asked this as we have moved from Ajijic to Queretaro since getting our visas : Presentar tramite de notificacion de cambio de domicilio cumpliendo con los requerimientos establecidos conforme al art. 56 de los lineamientos para tramites y procedimientos migratorios publicados en el diario oficial de la federacion el 08 de noviembre de 2012, toda vez, que existe dispariad en lo registrado y las documentales aportados para su renovacion We were going to fill out the renewal application form again with our address in Queretaro but want to check if there is another document online that we need to fill out instead ? Thanks again
  15. Ajijic Charro Ring last two sundays

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. airport taxi rate

    But what you paid in the States is a moot point
  17. Renewal of Residente Temporal - Request from INM

    Thats really helpful. Thank you very much
  18. Carry on luggage

    1st and 3rd pictures are smaller backpack. Middle picture is bigger traditional carry on. Very good condition. All zippers work. 766-4032 We are at Birds of Paradise if you want to come and take a look.
  19. airport taxi rate

    The other alternative depends on the length of time you plan to be away. Drive your own car and park at the off site lots. That is what I have opted to do a few times
  20. airport taxi rate

    Don't book an Uber driver without using the app. Uber decides the fares, not the driver. There is also insurance protection in using the app. I am a sometimes Uber driver. I took a couple to the airport on Tues and fare was $152 from Ajijic.
  21. INM is requesting that you take them a standard letter, formally describing your 1.name, 2.passport no, , 3.What you want (renew my Residente Temporal visa for ___ years, 4.. Residente Temporal isa number (back of card), finishing with the standard language that everything you're writing is the truth: Here's a simple request to renew an RT visa letter, requesting 2 years of renewal. I'm sure that someone out there has a more polished version, but if you print it out DOUBLE SPACED in the body of the letter, then your local INM office has room to cross out whatever they don’t like, and then they can add their handwritten changes in between the lines. * * * * * * * * YOUR CITY and State Fecha: (ENTER DATE HERE) Asunto: Re Extender la Estancia por Expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por Renovación Delegado de YOUR INM OFFICE Enter NAME OF YOUR INM Delegado Instituto Nacional de Migración Delegación de _____________ Address of your INM office Distinguido Delegado, Por medio de la presente, yo, (NAME OF APPLICANT AS SHOWN ON PASSPORT) , con pasaporte numero: (INSERT PASSPORT ID NUMBER), solicito extender la estancia por expedición de Tarjeta de Residente por renovación, para dos mas años, para mi INM tarjeta de Residente Temporal, Numero: (INSERT INM CARD ID NUMBER FROM BACK OF CARD). Adjunto copias de mis comprabantes solicitados para este trámite. Bajo protesta de decir verdad. Atentamente, APPLICANT SIGNATURE – sign here Type/enter APPLICANT NAME APPLICANT’S ADDRESS Tel. domicilio (ENTER HOME PHONE) Cel. (ENTER CELL PHONE) ================================ Happy Holidays
  22. airport taxi rate

    Big difference in price, but 420 pesos that the lady quoted at today's rate is $22.54 USD. Not too bad for a 30 plus mile ride IMO. I was recently quoted $65-70 USD (plus a tip) for a 21 mile ride in the US.
  23. sasha in Chapala for haircuts

    As you go into Chapala, she is in the last block on the right, upstairs. I usually park in the lot across the street and walk over. Can't remember the sign on the front of the building, but look for a balcony running along the 2nd floor--that is her place. PM me for a phone number and email address.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Fly Swatter

    I got mine at Superlake.
  26. We are renewing our residente temporals and after the first visit submitting our forms we got an email asking for other information which we didn't get when we first applied. The point that we're not sure about is this one : 2. presentar escrito y constancia en bajo protesta de decir verdad en la cual manifeste la subsistencia de condiciones bajo las cuales fue concedida la condicion de estancia como residente temporal, domicillio particular y temporalidad Which we think means they need a letter stating why we need to renew and stay in Mexico ?? Has anyone else had this and can shed any further light on it and what we need to do. Thanks in advance.
  27. Fly Swatter

    SL. Called mata moscos.
  28. Fly Swatter

    Where in the area can I buy fly swatters ? ? ?
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