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For sale: Lladro & Nao Figurines

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Collection of Lladro figurines, issue dates 1971-1988:  Girl with Dice (#01001176) US$200, Girl with Ball (#01001177) US$200, Shepherdess with Dove (#01004660) US$200, Donkey Reclining (#01004679) US$125, Cow Reclining (#01004680) US$125, Little Boy Thinking (#01004876) US$125, Soccer Player Puppet (#01004967) US$200, Jolie (#01005210) US$150, Evita (#01005212) US$175, Girl with Rooster (#01004677) US$100, Chinese Angel (#01004536) US$100, Angel Reclining(#01004541) US$80, Christmas Bell 1987 Pink (#01015458) US$50, Christmas Bell 1988 Green (#01015525) US$40, NAO Girl with Rabbit on Lap (#02010522) US$25, NAO Boy with Candle (#02010567) US$40, NAO It's My Doll (sorry, slightly chipped) (#02010280) US$40.  All are retired from production.  No boxes.  Mint condition except for "It's My Doll" as noted.  You can use the product numbers in the list to compare to current retail online prices.  Call 766-4836.

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