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Eric Blair

Very, very good condition 1995 Ford Aerostar Van

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I admit this van proves my  occasional stupidity.

I ended up with this van and had great plans to make a "camper" out of it. That was two years ago. I paid registration, smog, insurance and put several thousand pesos into it to make sure it was in top condition. And there it sits with my two other cars and ATV.

I'll take $27,500 pesos. You register it for 2018. I'm open to a trade, but I can't think of anything I want/need, for sure, not another vehicle. But I'm not going to give it away.

The A/C isn't working nor is the electric door. Upholstery is very good but the headliner could use replacement. Tires are very good.

What really counts is the mechanical condition, and I wouldn't hesitate to drive this to the border, though I can't figure any reason why I would do it.

Yes, I have lots of pictures if you ask.

You can call me 376-765-6348 or U.S. # 818-570-5660, but email is the best way for me.





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Hi Eric, might you send me a few pictures? Preferably one of the outside and a few of the interior.


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