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New Italica 180cc Cuatrimoto (Quad) for Sale

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I bought this quad a few months ago but I hurt my back unrelated to the quad.  It has been driven for under two hours total and is still on it´s first almost full tank of gas.  I paid, on sale, $34,000 pesos for it.  It runs great!  I will sell for $24,000 pesos with all original paperwork.  After hurting my back, I was knocked over by a dog that had been let loose on my dog.  This resulted in a broken tail bone.  So I´m giving up on the Quad for now.  Let me know on this forum if you are interested.  You can also try to use the Envelope at the head of this post to contact me.  We live in San Antonio Tlyacapan.  Hoping that it is OK to post this ad on this forum.


Sorry, I had to move your post to the classified section


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