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gary c.

Behind the Walls - Home Tours are Ready

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It's that time again.  Due to the generosity of many home owners, The School for Special Children is able to again offer a season of great tours.  Each month, ticket holders are treated to checking out the beauty and uniqueness of four homes.  When you buy a ticket, you help pay for the lunch that everyone receives at The School for Special Children.  The lunch program (food and staff) is covered by the Home Tours fundraiser.  This allows the 100 children and the staff to have a mid-day healthy meal. It also means that all the children are given informal lessons on manners, cooperation, and conversation skills.  It makes for a very real teaching experience.  Buy your tickets now, since they go quickly.

Each year the leaders hear from unhappy people who weren't able to procure a ticket.  They cannot add more people to the tours; it would make them too crowded for those who bought early and deserve to enjoy the expected experience.

So get yourself to DIANE PEARL'S OR CHARTER TOURS and buy tickets now.  Consider getting a season ticket.  Save 200 pesos and be ensured that you can go to all the events.



home tour poster.jpg

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