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2 folboats kayak for sale, with extra equipment and lessons

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traderspoc    25

For sale pair of folboat kayaks very good condition, $20,000 pesos. With equipment

They are used extensively used, because they can be fitted into a float plane, small car or small storage space, while disassembled and have generous capacities and good stability, I believe it's necessary to treat them carefully and store them well.

Included 6 hours kayak lessons with purchase, 3 sessions of two hours each, MONDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY MORNINGS, WITH lake Chapala kayak club member Wayne Renz. These 2 kayaks are for sale owners wife had a stroke, will not use them anymore. Needs money for medical and physical therapy.

Please see them Todo Bueno Consignment and thrift shop in Riberas Phone 331 016 0619

Next to S and S auto , Hidalgo 231 on the Carretera. Mountain side

today went through all the equipment bags , 

extra items that were not bought with kayak, they will included with kayak sale

1 rudder packages, 1 set foot rests, set of  hold down straps, small camping  hack saw, extra set of  yellow float blow up that goes around edge of kayak for flotation, two sets white  air bags for flotation, pump for pumping water out of kayak, if you capsize, tow rope, two small water tight bags, 2 sets of  skirts to keep kayak dry when paddling, much more

these items are worth over 500 dollars

kayaks original purchase were about $3000 dollars for both kayak without extra equipment.

one kayak id 13 1\2 ft, other 11 1\2 feet long.


they can be delivered locally lakeside

if sold separately 13 1\2 15,000 pesos

11 1\2  10,000 pesos




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