Two fires were going on while i was kayaking this evening

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5 mile long, 2000 feet high cloud of smoke over the west side of the lake 6pm

still there when we finished kayaking, I heard from a friend the PRIMIVERA FOREST WEST of guadalajra was on fire and 1000,s of acres have been burnt.

Second fire one riberas could be seen from on the lake,

first saw continous cloud of white smoke for about twenty minutes 200 feet high,

then flames shot up twice over the trees, the flames had to be over 50 feet or more high,

then aboutr twenty minutes later looked like fire was being put out, in a half hour no more smoke.

the sun was just going down, and you could see the flames two miles or more away.

I hope one was hurt,

Be careful make sure you clean up any dry brush around your property, its the dry season.

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Sorry to hear about this. I remember the last big fire in the Primavera Forest that blew smoke over Guadalajara for days--very sad loss of animal life and habitat. Also, natch, I remember when the dump burned, the one of the Libramiento, gone a number of years now. Boy did that get the sinuses going! Pollution plus! Hope it rains soon--one can always hope!

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This is interesting because when I came out of Plaza Ciadudela this afternoon, tbere was a big brown cloud in the sky in one area, but I couldn't tell quite what it was. Then later when I came ouf of Costco on Lopez Mateos, it was still there. And my contact lens bothered me terribly and my eyes became very irritated. The eye problem continued until I got home and was consistent with the smoke and pollutants from a fire. My eyes felt better as soon as I got in the house. I had no idea a fire was causing the brown cloud.

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