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Collette    0

I'll be moving to Ajijic next June and now visit every few months to monitor the progress on my house. In an attempt to get a good working knowledge of Spanish, I decided to start now with a local teacher in Ajijic. On my most recent trip I managed to start my lessons and complete 8 one hour sessions. We'll continue over Skype until I return in January. She is fabulous and I can highly recommend her because she uses a concept of learning that focuses on how the brain works and how children learn languages -- which isn't the boring conjugation of verbs! I speak a few foreign languages and have to say that she uses the best method I have ever come across.

If you're interested, she's also very cheap. Private lessons cost Pesos 150 per full hour, including the material. Her details are:

Lina Doyle

Colegio de Ajijic

Ocampo 134


331 350 4122


Skype: brincolina


Collette (from Switzerland)

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