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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone have recent experience opening a Bancomer account on a tourist visa in Ajijic? I opened an account there two years ago (just needed a rental agreement and copy of a recent bill attached to the house). Closed the account when I left Mexico and now would like to re-open... or even start all over... on a tourist visa again... but even tho they still have "mis datos" in their countrywide system , I am not in Ajijic at the moment (am in Mexico, but further south) and they said their policy changed so, no can do. What about Ajijic? My Spanish is pretty good but I'm not sure if I could cover all the details in a phone call to our old branch at el parque in Ajijic... anyone have a recent experience? Thanks in advance if anyone knows!
  2. [I posted this yesterday with imprecise and possibly confusing visa references, thank you mudgirl for the clarification!] Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has any *recent* experience registering a mexican car on an tourist visa? I have read seriously conflicting reports on the matter for Jalisco, including one post on this site, but all from a few years back. I've asked here in Guadalajara at a Recaudadora office, and they told me I could not without an FM2, but then I read posts by people in PV and Chapala who said that they have, so long as they have proof of residence. Has anyone done so? Would it be possible to buy a car in Guadalajara and then take it to register it in Chapala or PV? Thank you!
  3. Carole Favero

    New tourist visa

    Hi everyone. I have to go up to Laredo next weekend to surrender my Tourist visa & get a new one. I'm planning on taking the bus from GDL, staying overnight in Laredo-or just getting the next bus back. I need details if getting off the bus, finding/getting to the office & then getting back to the bus. Thanks for any help!
  4. Had a hard time figuring when a friend's visa was expired, counting 180 days was a bit challanging not knowing whether to include the day of the visa or not. Here is a web site calculator that was listed under Mexican subjects on internet. http://www.timeanddate.com/date/dateadd.html Let me know if it is correct since in counting I was one day earlier which meant a weekend. No, the expiration date was not in the passport or on the FMM insert paper.
  5. My family and I are heading from Vancouver to Ajijic in about 6 weeks, and I'm trying to sort out the car (a 2003 Subaru Outback). We are doing the 6-month tourist visa and planning to renew, possibly several times. We will not be replating the car. Any advice or clarification on the following issues would be greatly appreciated. 1. TAGS: Our car is currently BC plated, though we have US citizenship and could re-register there if we had to. We're looking for the simplest and cheapest strategy to keep our tags current somewhere in North America if we decide to stay in Mexico for a year or more (We don't want to keep up our ICBC insurance while we're gone just to stay tagged.) Is the Clay Country South Dakota registration only available to vehicles with current US tags? I'm going round in circles on this one.... 2. VISA RENEWALS: Can we cross into Guatamala to renew our tourist visas, or must we go back to the States to do it? 3. CAR INSURANCE: Can we get annual insurance from a Mexican provider if we're traveling on the 6-mo visas? Do most of you do full comprehensive insurance, as well as liability? Any Mexican insurers to avoid? I've done quite a bit of research but would love to hear some personal experiences & advice. (If you've blogged about these issues, I'd appreciate links to your posts.) Thanks in advance everyone! Renee