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Found 3 results

  1. Unlock IPhone 6s

    Well I bought two new IPhone 6s on EBay from a supposed seller with a good track record. I picked them up on our last trip to the U.S. They were represented as unlocked but are not. Is there anyone local who can unlock these phones? Thank you.
  2. Refill SodaStream CO2

    I've been using a guy in GDL the last year or so to refill my Soda Stream CO2 tanks but this last go around was a little rough. Took 3 trips to GDL to hook up with him and get them refilled. Lots of excuses! So...with that said, I'm wondering if anyone has a local person who is re-filling the CO2 tanks. Thanks, Valerie
  3. Cash register repair

    I am posting this for Love in Action children shelter bazar. The register will not produce sales receipts. All cleaning efforts, battery change etc has been done and still will not work. Contact to fix it in Guad has been done several times with " manana" and then no show. We have tried computer people and even though this is a pretty sophisticated register with computer components, they have not been able to help. It is a Royal 750 donated several years ago by Ajijic Rotary. Any references would be greatly appreciated.