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Found 33 results

  1. I am an expat service consultant seeking a nice house or apartment in Riberas, Mirasol, Vista Lago, Chapala Haciendas and Chula Vista or similar for a client. She is a retired woman who has a well behaved dog and wants to sign a 6-12 month lease starting in April. She is seeking a 2 bedroom 1 bath place with some Mexican charm and an area for her medium sized dog that is fenced. It does not need to be a large area but needs some outside area for her dog. Her price range is around $900 a month which should include utilities. Wifi is also important. Something close to the bus route would be great as well. It should be furnished with decent appliances. If you have something that will coming available please email me at mexicoinsiderguide@gmail.com.
  2. Hi, Does anyone have or know of a 2 bedroom rental in Zapopan for 2 weeks in July? We are visiting family. There are 3 of us. A house or apartment will do. I've looked at airbnb but perhaps members here have something available too. Closer to the basilica the better! . PM if you have something! Thanks! Rich
  3. Our family is moving to Ajijic in July from Buffalo, New York. We are looking to rent a house. We have 3 kids that are enrolled at Instituto Terranova. We have been looking since Christmas time and have been down twice without finding a place we like. We will gladly take any suggestions and are planning to return later this month or early June to rent somewhere. Please see our requirements below and pm us is you have something. Thank you!!! Chris and Anne Marie Our requirements on a house are: 1) At least 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms - it is ok if there is a main house and a casita. More bedrooms and bathrooms is ok too; 2) In the village if possible, La Floresta is ok, West Ajijic, Upper Ajijic or Villa Nova is ok, but no gated communities. We like a more traditional looking house; 3) We need a long term lease - at least 1 year, probably 2 years. We will consider renting something from July - December and have more time to look once we are in the area, but we do not want anything month-to-month; 4) We would like a pool, but it is not absolutely necessary; 5) We would like to get a small dog, also not necessary. Our budget is $1000 - $2000 US a month including utilities and internet. We will pay more for more Thank you in advance for any leads you can provide!
  4. After 20 years working as an engineer and manager in the U.S. I have had enough of corporate life and am contemplating early retirement. Thus I plan to spend the month of April experiencing Lakeside life as part of a scouting mission to Mexico. I could use some advice on good neighborhoods to get the most out of the visit and perhaps some help vetting a rental before I commit to a whole month. Online listings and photos don't tell the whole story, and I'd hate to find myself in an undesirable part of town or next to a jackhammer testing facility. On the other hand, I am doing my best to stay within my early retirement budget and expect to make some compromises. I will be driving down with my dog, so off street parking and a garden/courtyard area would be nice. Good internet service would be helpful. Although I will have a car, it would be nice to be able to walk to restaurants, etc. It's just me and the dog this time so I don't need a large house... I would rather be paying for location and quality than size. Tips on where I should focus my search would be greatly appreciated. I apologize if this is a tiresome subject on this board. Feel free to message me directly.
  5. I am looking for a furnished rental from approximately Feb 1 to March 15 for one person, female, senior but not feeble. Preferably studio or small apartment. Preferably with all utilities, WiFi, etc included. Prefer La Floresta to San Antonio or Chapala. Of course all my "prefers" are flexible due to the last minute search. Please PM me if you have or know of something or post here. Whichever. A house sit would also work as my dates are somewhat flexible. Thanks.
  6. My wife and I would like to rent a house or apartment near Ajijic for the month of September.
  7. A plea for help. After spending (and owing) mucho deneros on medical tests and procedures Laurie and I found ourselves unable to find the cash for "first, last and deposit" to rent a new place at the end of our lease. Laurie placed an ad on Beg Borrow Buy and Sell requesting a house sitting job. Our prayers were answered By Pat Moir who needed someone to look after her 5 cats and wonderful home. We arranged that Laurie and I would stay and care for said cats and home until the end of October. Perfect! We had a place and would be able to save the money for a new home of our own come November. Pat said she had wanted to make a difference in our lives and was eager to help us. Unfortunately Pat, the wonderful woman that she was, passed away enroute to Canada where she was going to spend time with family after losing her husband. Her daughter ,Kim, arrived to take stock of the house and grieve. Things were still on course for us to stay in the house as Pat wished. When the step son arrived,Kyle, all Hell broke loose. They both now want us to vacate. Unfortunately we neither have somewhere to go or the money to deal with a new rental. Mexican law states that they need to give us 3 months notice whether we had a signed contract or not due to basic possession of the house. I haven't the heart to get into an ugly battle with someone who has just lost her Mom even though apparently have every right to. We both understand the agony these folks are going through but to toss us to the street is beyond uncompassionate. Pat herself I believe would be appalled at this. She was a woman of her word and this would go against the grain of her core values. Kyle has offered us some pittance of financial aid just to speed up the process but it will not be enough. So once more we are putting out the feelers for a house sitting gig ( which we are willing to pay for) or a rental that requires no first and last. We can pay up to $700 a month. We are BEGGING someone out there to help us find a place post haste. Laurie is in California right now for medical reasons and I am left here to feel like a leper in a home that was supposed to be ours for 3 months. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get us off the streets! My email is spexmex@yahoo.ca phone number is 331 433 1408 Thank you in advance for any and all help.
  8. We fell in love with Lakeside and it's people. However agents will not talk to us until November. We very much want to spend the winter here. As a retired couple we ate looking for a 2 bedroom plus, 2 bath, spacious, well maintained,nicely furnished CLEAN home. Outdoor space very important. Lap pool, but not required. Kitchen with clean stocked amieties.Comfortable seating. Non Smoking. We have a 9 lb short haired SERVICE dog. Area from Racquet Club to San Antonio. Price depending on quality and location. $1000. US and up. We would like to enjoy Lakeside December thru April. Thank you for your consideration.
  9. I will be looking to rent long-term in the next few months. This needs to be a place that will be ok with my 3 friendly and quiet rescue dogs. My preferences are that it be unfurnished with a lake view. I am able to put down a pet deposit and put up a fence, if asked. 2+ bedrooms, secure, with a garden. If it turns out to be the right house for us, I would sign a lease for several years.
  10. Looking for small casita, efficiency or apartment on lower Ajijic or la Floresta suitable for one person for month of December. Up to $700. email with particulars and phone number. Thanks email: lizlarrabee@gmail.com
  11. I posted that I was looking for a long term rental with yard, but now I'm seeking a quiet, 2 bedroom home with enclosed yard, on a month to month basis. I'm a retired artist with a very sweet, obedient golden retriever. Look forward to hearing from you.
  12. Hi, I'm a retired artist seeking a two bedroom home or casita to rent with a yard, long term. I have a well behaved dog, and am looking for a quiet, private home/property to rent, not more than $800.00, preferably less, starting October or November.
  13. HI, I'm seeking a 1-2 bedroom rental, long term, with large enclosed yard, starting in September, October or November. I prefer to be on the outskirts of central Ajijic, and like the Tio Domingo and Christina areas near Rancho Salud, or San Antonio near the lake, and possibly other areas that feel open and relatively quiet. Close to the lake or view would be nice. I have a golden/collie dog who I like to take on walks and am a retired artist, teacher, and homeowner. Don't want to pay more than $750 a month, and preferably less. I speak Spanish and have lived in Mexico (other areas) for many years. Thank you.
  14. My wife and I are moving to Ajijic in a couple of weeks, renting a 2 bedroom near Ajijic centro for a year. I see that most rentals have property tax included, some have some utilities included, and a few maybe all. To help us budget and bargain, we'd appreciate knowing some ballpark figures for expenses we might run up to keep the household running. Such as: Electricity? Propane (Is this what's commonly used for cooking)? Water (for potable H2O I figure we'll buy those big bottles)? Wi-fi? Land phone line? We won't need TV cable or a dish if all we do is stream through our laptop--and that's possible--right? Some places advertise that they have internet available. What's the value of this? Also, some rental listings include maid and/or gardener every 2 weeks. What is this service usually valued at? My sense is that all these expenses might add up to about $150/month. Does that seem about right, generally speaking? I've read about some of the unexpected adventures one might have when paying bills--we're just interested here in attaching some dollar or peso value to what we'll be paying. Thanks for your help.
  15. We are a retired couple who want to relocate to the Ajijic area. We are currently in Akron, Ohio. We have lived and owned property in San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, and Patzcuaro. We want to spend about US$850 per month for a furnished home (not condo) that has a jardin for our two small dogs, and includes all utilities. The house should have at least two bedrooms, preferably three, at least 1.5 bathrooms, preferably 2. We would like to be reasonably close to shopping. Our house here is on the market. We don't know how long it will take to sell, but we might be looking to move in the August-September timeframe. We are planning a visit to Ajijic May 5th to the 12th. We would like to see any properties that time. We will be only interested in at least a year rental or longer. Please keep us posted on properties that fit this description. Thank you.
  16. Hi there, I am looking for a house rental (minimum 2 bedroom/2 bath) close to the Ajijic Plaza and the Ajijic Malecon starting November 1, 2015 for a minimum of a month. Please contact me if you have or know of something suitable. Thank you. Lisa NomadLee9@aol.com
  17. Moon Property disaster

    I rented at the Moon property. The owner has many rescue barking dogs, the place is so run down, the unit was so dirty I had to hire Spring Clean to clean it and I had to buy my own TV. It was impossible to live there, so I had to leave after 2 months of a year lease. The worst part, I had to hire a lawyer, get a judgement against the owner and the owner still refused to refund my $2,000 security deposit and last months rent!
  18. We are a young 60's retired professional couple and we are looking for a short term rental for 2 - 4 weeks in the very near future. Dates are flexible as our schedule is our own. We would only require a one bedroom, one bathroom casita or apartment preferably in, or close to Ajijic. Of course we would consider something larger but there will only be two of us staying there. The rental must be neat and clean and in good repair. Please contact us here via a PM if you either have, or know of a suitable unit for rent.
  19. Lake Side Presbyterian Church is offering an alternative to the typical fundraising event this year. A Community Sale on March 14th. from 10 am. to 3 pm. at the new church is being offered. Rental fees (from 300 to 700 pesos per space) will benefit the church building fund. Organizations, individuals or a group of individuals rent space, set up in secure facility the day before and then sell their treasurers the day of the event. Proceeds go directly to the organization or individuals. Further information: Judy at rstard@hotmail.com (766-5751) or Betty at bprentki@gmail.com (766-4292)
  20. hello, I am new to the forum, although not new to the Ajijic/Chapalla area. I visited once last year and I really enjoyed it there. I am looking for a furnished house (not shared) in a private setting with a private pool in a safe area. Looking to rent for mid February and March. Must have reliable high speed internet (not shared) and access to a modem where I can hook up an ethernet cable. Maid services and gardener would be ideal as well. Please contact me with: - pictures of the house - Location - price - Internet speed test screen cap; go to www.speedtest.net - square footage/ number of bedrooms/ bathrooms Max Budget: $1200
  21. Wanted: Long Term Rental

    My wife and I are moving to Chapala March 1st and have a place rented for that month. For the following year we hope to find a long term rental in Chapala centro (not Ajijic etc). Our ideal home would be furnished, have two bedrooms, be no more than three blocks walk from Madero, and would allow Leslie's cat. Looking for something in the range of 4-6 hundred USD. Eric
  22. Two adults (non-smokers) and our three dogs (housebroken/crated 30,35,48 lbs) will require a three and half month rental for Oct/Nov/Dec/thru jan 15. Our pets are NEVER left unattended, they go with us when we leave the house (hiking etc)! We are flexible in regards to housing, and can even put down a pet deposit. The home we have purchased will not be available to move into until Jan 15, 2015. Area could be anywhere around Lake Chapala, Ajijic etc. We would even do a shorter rental (Week or Month) to cover us for our initial arrival. We then could find another place to hold us over until Jan 15th. We are very flexible. What is the best way to go about finding a rental for those circumstances. Any guidance in this area would be most appreciated! Thank you!
  23. A friend who's lived in Mexico for nearly fifteen years is moving to Lakeside. She is looking for a very long term (forever) inclusive rental for $1000 or less. 2 BR, 2B, on one level (few stairs) with great kitchen, garden, DW, automatic carport/garage and Shaw TV. She'd like to move mid October or sooner. Somewhere between the Racquet Club and Chapala would work. If you have any leads, please PM me. Thanks! PG
  24. We have a lease contract that runs through October. But, because of the health of a family member we must move to be nearer to him. Is it possible to legally terminate our lease under these circumstances? Both our old and new residences are in Mexico, but in different states.
  25. We are going to be in Ajijic beginning May 1 and are looking for a long term rental. We hope to find something with three to four bedrooms, at least 3500 sq feet, furnished and equiped, preferably modern. Does anyone know anything?