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  1. FMM sample filled Out Forms

    Spencer makes his living and supports his family by providing legal and immigration services to his clients. His fees are reasonable and his level of service is quite high. He has been and is, very generous in handing out free info here, but do you really expect him to handhold you through the entire process gratis?? At some point asking paid professionals for free advice becomes free-loading.
  2. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    I have used Spencer in the past...you will not be sorry!
  3. Practical toy for the lake?

    Kayaked the lake since 2009. No problemo.
  4. DHL Drop Off Locations

    Thx....took it to the DHL office on the carretera when they opened at 9. Got lucky with a parking spot (heavy item).
  5. Berry Sellers At LCS

    I can walk to LCS, can't walk to SJC.

    For a short term rental (a month or less), sight unseen is OK. But for anything longer, renters need to see it, not just daytime but all hours of day and night, weekdays, weekends, etc.
  7. Does anyone know where you can get bagels around here?

    Maybe the Bagel Shop should be buying/bringing these bagels to Ajijic.
  8. Any recommendations for legal representation?

    Look under his picture in his post. Lists a US number.....YOU do not need VOIP to call it. Call it as you would any US number from either your landline or your cell.
  9. Berry Sellers At LCS

    Haven't seen them outside the LCS main gate in at least a month.
  10. DHL Drop Off Locations

    No, we're getting ready to leave on vacation so I need to do this tomorrow and don't have the time to sit around the house waiting for the DHL truck.
  11. Doctor recomendations for hip replacement

    Doctors do and should take into account terminal diseases the patient has at the time of hip replacement surgery or any major surgery. Not sure if that's what you mean, or if you're saying at age 75 or 80 or 85 or 90 that an otherwise healthy person should not be allowed to have hip replacement surgery?? Or heart bypass? Or cataract surgery, etc? We all have an expiration date but it is not stamped on our forehead. I would not deny an otherwise healthy person (including mentally fit) from having major surgery at least up until age 90. Even then there could be exceptions. My mother and her siblings lived to be 91, 92, 93, and 100. And in each case they were physically and mentally active up until a month or two before they died. At what age do you think a person should be denied surgery??
  12. I need to return something to Amazon.mx. If I use their DHL label it is free. Other than the DHL office on the carretera in Ajijic (between Juarez and Colon), are there any other DHL drop off points in Ajijic or Chapala or points in between.
  13. Toilet paper flushing

    If there is a basket next to the toilet, not the sink, it means don't flush the paper. The basket next to the sink is for paper towels after washing your hands. We travel around MX a lot and that is the rule I follow in ladies' rooms. Maybe men's rooms have different set up.
  14. Does anyone know where you can get bagels around here?

    Occasionally Walmart sells 'fresh' bagels on the tables outside their bakery. Again, a hamburger bun with a hole in it. I'll try the Bagel Place, but no high hopes. Again, it's not a MXN thing, but for those of us who grew up in ethnically diverse communities in the US where there good Jewish delis/bakeries, finding a good bagel in the US is equally futile in many places.