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  1. Athletic Shoe Repair (Rubber Soles)

    Don't know it....can you give some geographical references? Gracias!
  2. While we have them, we did not need to show apostilles to either the MXN Consulate (Orlando FL) nor locally at INM.
  3. American notary

    Does anyone know how quickly you can get a notarization at the US Consulate in Guadalajara? For something that can't wait for their monthly visit to lakeside.
  4. We've done a temporary fix with glue, but looking for either a professional repair or the replacement of rubber soles on a beloved pair of Nike's. Anyone in Ajijic or nearby who could do this? GIA (Gracias in advance).
  5. Pfeffernusse cookies?

    My fave, too. Have never found them here, gave up the search. Over-indulged on them when we were in US for Thanksgiving....went through a large box of Trader Joe brand in a week!
  6. Buying a house in Lakeside

    The real estate agency should have a US bank account and you will wire your money into it as a domestic wire (assuming your bank is in the US). This was the case for us for two home purchases here, in 2008 and again this year, with 2 different real estate companies.
  7. This is the one we bought. In mid-October the price we paid was 3901 pesos, including delivery. It is significantly higher now: https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/product/B006ZGBU9I/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. We installed a propane ventless log set and it is working quite nicely (the chimney is capped). The fireplace was already piped with gas (I think originally it was designed as a gas starter to a wood fire). We got the log set from Amazon Mexico after pricing them locally. It arrived in a week, free Prime delivery and was about half the price of what we saw locally.
  9. Practice using pesos

    There are many many credit cards available that do not charge foreign transaction fees. I get excellent exchange rates as well on these cards.
  10. Practice using pesos

    Perhaps they want to know their cost in USD when shopping for higher priced items to bring back (art, high end clothing, jewelry, etc.).
  11. Practice using pesos

    The OP profile indicates Maryland residency. Most US states have sales tax; Maryland's appears to be 6%. Prices in Mexico include all taxes. While the peso:USD rate fluctuates, it's been running near 19:1. The latest quote is 18.93. Factor in the 6% sales tax, and it's more like 20.06. So for now, I'd suggest the OP simply dividing the peso purchases price by 20. To make it easy, think of a 100 peso note as a 5 dollar bill, or a 200 peso note as a 10 dollar bill.
  12. GO's Phone Number

    Thanks; I got hold of Pedro.
  13. Christmas Eve Dinner

    In the new Ojo, the following eateries are advertising Christmas EVE dinners: La Mision 12:30PM until 9:30PM Arileo (hours not shown) Bar Jamon in SJC Hacienda de Don Pedro (1PM to 8PM) Watch the next few Guadalajara Reporters as they normally show holiday restaurant hours and/or ads. FYI to Harry: Manix's ad in the Ojo shows their 2 seatings on 12/25 but doesn't mention 12/24 specifically as either open or closed.
  14. While not an official government holiday, there is a sign at Multiva that they will be closed for the day.