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  1. Bisbee Gal

    Current Exchange Rates for USD

    Another Schwab user. While the rate is certainly important, if you use an ATM often and do not have a ATM fee-free card you will pay a lot in fees. On average my Schwab account refunds me appx. $25 USD a month in local ATM fees.
  2. Bisbee Gal

    Bambu Restaurant in San Juan Cosala

    That's what we've always heard, too, but willing to take a chance with lunch or snacks just so guests can see the view.
  3. Bisbee Gal

    Bambu Restaurant in San Juan Cosala

    How are they for other meals? With the myriad of waterfront places there, is Bambu recommended for seafood for lunch or dinner. If not, any others along that strip?
  4. Bisbee Gal


    My recollection is I registered with Amazon Mex and it "found" my US credit cards from my Amazon US account, but it's been over a year so I can't be positive. I use the same login name and same email address at both Amazon US and Amazon MX. FYI for other payments in MX that take Paypal, I use my regular Paypal account (same one I use in US) and change the money payment to pesos.
  5. Bisbee Gal


    I know you can use US credit cards for sure with Amazon Mex.
  6. Bisbee Gal


    Also in Ajijic .... on the carretera, south side, west of Juarez. In the little strip mall next to Vinos Americas at the intersection with Aquiles Serdan.
  7. Bisbee Gal


    And a New Day has dawned....and it is Bastille Day. Go eat a crepe!
  8. Bisbee Gal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    On Mexican business practices..... At more than a few businesses over the years here, I have asked business owners, "Do you still carry (insert item name here)." Their response on several occasions has been, "No senora, it was so in demand that people were disappointed when I did not have it for them. So I stopped carrying it." I kid you not (as Jack Paar used to say, if you are old enough to remember). I have never heard a businessperson in another country tell me that they stopped carrying an item because it was too popular.
  9. Bisbee Gal

    Bagels anyone?

    I ordered via Whatsapp a few minutes ago. Immediate response. I like that. Hope we like their bagels as much.
  10. Bisbee Gal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    I saw at least 3 other eateries in town that aren't normally open for 9 or 10 AM games, that put out signs saying they would be open for the game and also showed a limited menu. Very popular for locals to want to go somewhere with a bigger TV screen, have some snacks and watch the game. Restaurants want a piece of that action, even new ones. Could also be a way (in owner's mind) of letting people see what the place looks like (he did a lot of work to it)??? I won't hold it against them, nor will I try to ever fully understand Mexican business plans 👩‍🍳
  11. Bisbee Gal

    Bagels anyone?

  12. Bisbee Gal

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers in Ajijic

    In fairness to them, they have a sign out front before the games saying EXACTLY what they are selling and only for game time. It's not as if they are enticing you inside then telling you no pizza.
  13. Interesting article in NYT. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/14/world/americas/mexico-coca-cola-diabetes.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news
  14. Bisbee Gal


    Did he explain situation at INM when he entered? Or did he just fill out the FMM as a tourist and say nothing at INM? My guess is if he explained it to INM they might have suggested you go alone thru INM, get the baggage and his RP then return to INM with it so your husband could then enter properly. In any case, you need to call Spencer ASAP and see if he can undo what has been done. Going out again as a tourist will only compound the situation.
  15. Bisbee Gal

    Bagels anyone?

    Do they give you a timeframe for delivery? I am interested but not if I have to sit around all day waiting on them.