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  1. Mercadolibre

    I can't see their screen.
  2. Mercadolibre

    I print the page that is on the screen after I select my election to pay at OXXO. I take it to OXXO and hand it to the cashier....there is no conversation about it...s/he enters the code from my printed sheet, tells me what I owe, I give them the cash, they print and staple the receipt to my printed page. That's it.
  3. Mercadolibre

    I used it exactly one week ago and it worked as always, print form, pay in cash at OXXO. Already got my merchandise.
  4. Mercadolibre

    What do you mean by this??
  5. Mercadolibre

    Are you using a debit card from a US or a MXN bank? Mercadolibre and its payment portal Mercadopago will only accept MXN bank cards.
  6. Mercadolibre

    That's all you need to take to OXXO along with cash. Address shouldn't be an issue, but obviously you need to tell DHL there will be a delivery for you. I use HandyMail's (private mail box) address for all my deliveries from Mercadolibre. The page I get to take to OXXO shows the 16 digit code in a series of boxes and it's clear to the cashier at OXXO that it is for a Mercadolibre purchase.
  7. I saw this article online about an event in October 2013. It looks like it was a fabulous exhibit. Has it become an annual event or was it a one-time deal? Here is link: http://www.accesslakechapala.com/gallery/pictures-of-catrinas-exhibit-on-the-ajijic-malecon/
  8. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    We live in Centro Ajijic. We walk to tianguis, stores, restaurants, dollar store, farmacias. If I had to live without a car here, I could. People who choose to live outside of Centro (be it Ajijic or Chapala or SAT), contribute to the traffic and suffer the consequences. If more tourists come here, the upside would be more stores, restaurants, events, activities and most importantly, more jobs for locals. Our US home is in a small town that holds almost weekly events that attract residents of a large nearby city. The money spent by tourists increases the tax basis (local sales tax) and those monies helped buy a trolley that runs for free; it takes tourists from satellite parking areas to the historic downtown where the eateries and events are. I can see Ajijic doing something similar for daytrippers on weekends.
  9. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    I never felt a sense of community when we lived for 30+ years in the suburbs of DC-Metro. Post retirement we moved to two small towns in the US. I almost immediately felt a sense of community and pride. Both US towns where we lived (and continue to maintain a home in one) are funky, artsy communities; we live/d in the historic areas of both with populations of around 2K. Like here in Centro Ajijic, we see and talk to the same people every day. We walk everywhere and greet and are greeted on the streets by neighbors, workers and business people. It's a nice feeling and I don't think it's silly to feel part of a community and be proud of it.
  10. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    Local nationals in Ajijic are very proud of where they live. The impetus to gain this status is quite strong in the Mexican community, and not just with politicians. It really is a source of pride to them.
  11. Need advice / Notary Public

    That is my understanding as well. http://dottyvidargas.com/resources/the-role-of-the-notario-in-mexico The Notario has the power to witness and certify important business documents which require absolute authenticity. The appointment also holds responsibility for the management and secure storage of original records. Notario’s must be Mexicans of at least 35 year in age, they must have a degree in Law, have 3 year’s work experience at a Notario office and they must pass a stringent exam. Those who pass, in time, are appointed as Notario’s by the State Governor.
  12. Pole

    We ate there on a Thursday evening a few weeks ago.
  13. Gringo Anxiety

    Years ago, we returned some non-functioning outdoor light fixtures to Home Depot. No problemo getting a store credit after we explained they did not work. We went to the lighting department to look for replacement items and 5 minutes later we watched them put our returned defective merchandise back on the shelves.
  14. Pueblo Mágico impossible?

    Here is a Wiki link to the program. We've been to 13 of them (14 if you count San Miguel de Allende which was removed from the list after it was granted World Heritage status). Most of them have pavement on one or more of their primary roads and there are indeed farmacias and Pemex stations in almost all of them, as best I recall. My guess is the issuing authority focuses on the historic centers (or natural beauty, cultural riches) when considering the designation. No different than Williamsburg Virginia which has a wonderfully restored area but within its City limits also has strip malls, apartment complexes, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pueblo_Mágico Here is a link to the MXN Government's page on Pueblos Magico. https://www.gob.mx/sectur/articulos/pueblos-magicos-herencia-que-impulsan-turismo#agenda
  15. Proof of Address

    Lo siento. I have CFE on my brain this week