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  1. You will not be allowed to bring in another car with your name on the title until you bring the other car to the border and have its sticker removed by Aduana.
  2. I read that Mexico and Japan are the largest countries not participating.
  3. I'm traveling now. Will dig out the info upon my return.
  4. Yep....here's my old Bisbee kitchen.
  5. Cornmeal for Polenta

    If you mean those rolled tubes of polenta, there is a world of difference. Most people prefer a softer creamier polenta, making it yourself, you can decide how soft, how creamy depending on what you are serving with it. The stuff in tubes is very firm and to me, waxy and devoid of taste. I bought a few times in the US, so can't comment on what's sold locally. I have bought a quick cooking polenta at SL and it's literally 5 minutes start to finish.
  6. snowbird"s lament

    Feel free to pity us in May.
  7. Roberto's Terrace

    Huitalacoche .... mmmmmm, good. In SMA it is commonly seen on menus. Not here. I have asked at the Ajijic tianguis but have never found it there either.
  8. Roberto's Terrace

    Kind of. But with a twist, usually substituting seasonal or local ingredients in classics. Upscale presentations/accompaniments/finishes/garnishes. There are quite a few of these eateries in CDMX and also in SMA.....very very nice interesting stuff. Good luck to Bobby on his new adventure. His place on the lake was our fave when we first visited Ajijic in 2007. The former El Serape location is walkable for us, but the outdoor area on the carraterra leaves a lot to be desired. FYI...anyone know what the deal is with the old Robertos, old Yves on the lakefront....all renovations there have been idle for quite a while. Shame for it to be empty for so long.
  9. ordering from amazon

    Yes, Amazon.mx accepts US credit cards.
  10. ordering from amazon

    I have ordered a lot of items from amazon.mx with great results. I suggest you try to search for the product in Spanish as you may find cheaper prices by doing so. I have ordered a few items from amazon.us to Ajijic and you do have to watch for importation fees...and one item via a 3rd party vendor was held up in customs for months. I have all items sent to my Handy Mail SAT address so I do need to be at home for the delivery. I do the same with MercadoLibre and have had the same good results. I don't have a MXN credit or debit card so when I order from MercadoLibre I pay for it at either Oxxo or Bancomer.
  11. EL ANCLA

    RV....there was (is??) a Cafe Ajijic in Nogales....have you tried it, if it still exists? From Bisbee 2003-2007 before we moved to Ajijic, we used to shop in Nogales and always stopped for lunch at Cafe Ajijic. The owner was from Ajijic.
  12. Another thread said car hit pole at Galeana and the carretera.
  13. Ours came back on 2:30.....Independencia near Pedro Moreno.
  14. Holy Thursday Events

    Today. Over I guess...started at 11. Was there around 12, good crowd, they had some sort of way to amplify audio even though power was off.