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  1. OK, I stand corrected. Honda it is. Probably a couple of Yamahas and Kawasakis in the bunch too- - -
  2. I accept what the OP posted. I do not agree that anyone should accept that as the gospel truth until they hear from the other party. That area is a known gringo trap. Whoever hit the guy made a mistake and paid for it.
  3. We have only have one side of the story. Period. I never posted anything the OP posted was untrue, I only posted that there are two sides to the story. Not All of the facts of the story have been posted until we hear from the other. And we have not heard from the other side. So no rush to judgment until all of the facts are revealed. And if anyone wants my passport number or permanent visa status pm me to make sure I do not own a Range Rover or whatever. I have no secrets. Chill out.
  4. Now we have a lynch mob of Harley riders cruising the area to hang some expat from the nearest tree. They only know what has been posted by the OP who was not at the scene of the accident. I am a motorcyclist for 45 years and I ride daily. I too have been rear ended twice, the last time about 4 months ago in Guadalajara. So my bias rides with the motorcyclist in this case. However, not all of the facts have been posted in this thread. There has been no reply from the other party. Off topic...., but a reminder for expats who are following this thread>>> Piedra Barrenada is well known for being a gringo$/bump traffic opportunity. A moto or car will quickly cut in front of a vehicle at a tope and then slam on the brakes to come to a quick stop. The moto gets rear ended. The rider threatens the expat and claims they work for immigration or they are a govt employee ....blah blah blah. He takes all of the money the expat has on him and then agrees all is good. Then guess what? The next day the extortion begins. He rounds up the valet guys in front of the fish restaurants and pays them off as witnesses to back his version of the "accident". Did this happen in this case? I have no idea. I am only saying there are always two sides to every story. Disclaimer: I am not pissinĀ“ on Mexicans here, all of my moto buddies are Mexican. My wife went thru this twice in Piedra so I know the drill.
  5. Chuy has equipment for rent in Joco. He is located on Vicente Guerrero across the street from the hardware store El Venado about three blocks West of the La Cuba restaurant.
  6. I thought the 763 phone prefixes were in the 387 area codes and not 376. If this is correct, then maybe edit the post. We cannot take another pet at this time, but I can contribute some food or money to help with the vet bills. Thank you for caring for Blonde. Small acts of kindness go a long way.
  7. Urban myth? Maybe in Canada but not in Matheuala, SLP. Been there done that, call any mechanic there.
  8. I am sure most know this, but anyway....Never fill your vehicle up at a station when you notice the tanker truck is filling the stationĀ“s tanks. The debris at the bottom of the underground tanks is oftentimes stirred up in the process- Then this is pumped directly into the gas tank of your vehicle when filling up. The result is your fuel pump filter becomes clogged when you are about 10 km away from the Pemex. No fuel, no go like a Chevy Nova.
  9. No. As seen in the photo only.
  10. 2008 Versys 33000 miles, Jalisco plates. Top and side luggage racks, engine guard. LED M-09 Headlights with double Rigid LED Spots. Yamaha R-1 Shock. New tires and brake pads. 70,000 MXN, OBO Cash only.
  11. 2008 Versys 33000 miles, Jalisco plates. Top and side luggage racks, engine guard. LED M-09 Headlights with double Rigid LED Spots. Yamaha R-1 Shock. New tires and brake pads. 70,000 MXN, OBO Cash only.
  12. So sorry for the loss of life of the partner of your family member. Descanse en paz. I hope your family member will recuperate soon.
  13. Some Mexicans do not have a warm and fuzzy opinion of Texas when it comes to issues like racism and the death penalty laws of that state. Also when they travel on a shopping trip to Texas, they are oftentimes treated like second class citizens by the Mexican-Americans. Just my two cents, I lived there 53 yrs.
  14. I am no techie but my son recently purchased a product "BAM" from ATT that is a wireless device for internet access. The device is 1500p and a one year contract for 10 gb per month is 3000p so total cost is 4500p. Or you can try it for a minimum of 2 months, then the out of pocket cost would be 1500p for the device plus 200p each month so 1900p. The gb at that price is 1.5 gb per month. If you are not satisfied, you can terminate at the end of two months. Pkgs are available up to 16 gb per month at 1000p if 10 gb is not sufficient for you. I am not aware of the speeds available in your area.