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  1. I always appreciate morning posts rather than the usual cranky Happy Hour posts.
  2. Dr. Eugenio Chavez in Guadalajara on Pedro Moreno. Two of the three doctors mentioned in this thread advised surgery for me that would have worsened my vision due to the type of lasik some twenty years ago. There is excellent medical care and specialists available in Guadalajara. Lakeside, hmm.
  3. Hud, I am not the one with the problem. Have a nice day.
  4. The police in Texas should maybe spend more time protecting their schools and churches than harassing American senior citizens on traffic stops. The officer knew I was an American citizen with my TDL. I obeyed all laws. Complete nonsense to demand a Mexican visa of an American citizen on US soil. In the last year stopped once in Webb county and twice in Hays county. YMMV
  5. MY TDL and proof of insurance with my name and address on the policy is sufficient according to current law. Mexican visa and passport demand is out of line. Back in the 70's I rode with a DPS trooper on the weekends, I know that has been a long time ago. Nowadays, some of these guys are overreaching authority.
  6. You can kill the roots with simple rock salt but you will still need to find a way to remove the dead roots. After that some rock salt as monthly maintenance and the roots will not grow back.
  7. Neither officer asked for a bribe. My point is after holding a Texas Drivers License for 50 years I am well aware that the police in Texas have the right to request my TDL, registration, and proof of fincancial liability. Abuse of authority to ask an American citizen for his Mexican visa on US soil in addition to asking for my American passport. I am not a Mexican American, I am as American caucasian as one could be. No probable cause whatsoever on the part of the officer. All of this nonsense on top of the fact that I was pulled over for no other reason than driving a Mexican plated car. So the bottom line of my post is that there are shitty cops on both sides of this border. The DPS in southern Texas have been well documented for overstepping their boundaries, now more so than ever. Corruption does not magically disappear at the Rio Bravo contrary to what some believe.
  8. Mordidas are a prevalent problem in Mexico for all expats and Mexicans. However, just to put this issue into another perspective, I drove to Texas in my Jalisco plated vehicle in October and was stopped by the Texas DPS (highway patrol) for no reason. I was not speeding, my brake and tail lamps were functional. Nor was I drinking and weaving. I was one hour north of Laredo. I was stopped for no reason other than I had Jalisco plates. The Texas DPS trooper (Mexican American) told me so. Documentation requested was valid drivers license, then proof of financial responsibility (liability insurance), then Mexican visa ( I am a gringo born in Texas.. ?), and then also my American passport (?). Since he did not understand Spanish, he asked me to translate my Mexican Qualitas auto policy to him and I did. I also pointed out to him the toll free Mexico phone number on my policy papers with English speaking customer service reps to assist him. There is more to this story but it will go political against forum rules. The Cliff's Notes version is elections have consequences. On the same trip up on my way to Texas on Hwy 57 just North of SLP, a camino federale stopped me. The usual questions, where did you come from and where are you going? He never asked for my drivers license, proof of insurance, Mexican visa, or passport. In Spanish, with respect, I told him where I came from and where I was going. He asked me if I was a gringo. My reply was (con respeto) "Yo naci Texas pero soy Mexicano como ud porque todos los Mexicanos nacemos donde nos da la rechingada gana." I know my Spanish is not perfect, but he got it. He shook my hand and said adelante paisano. YMMV
  9. If you have a cardio event, the Joco hospital will see you. They have a toaster (defribillator) so they can zap you. Quick exam and EKG, then you are punted to Guadalajara. That is minimal care. Obviously private healthcare is the best option, but everyone should have a plan in place for local emergency care so that you can buy some time. Or buy a helicopter.
  10. Beach vs Ajijic

    Please check your inbox, thx
  11. Burglaries

    If you want to hide jewelry, bury the pieces in box of tampons. No self respecting Mexican thief will ever touch a tampon.
  12. Probably Flores Materiales. If approaching from the East into Joco, Flores is on the left (South side) before the first traffic light in Joco. Flores is where the highway median ends so about 50m before the first traffic light in Joco. The store on the North side across from Flores is a tile store.
  13. NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

    Bien hecho Joe!
  14. Curious if your vehicle was Mexican plated?
  15. Bodies of thieves in Mexico with gunshot wounds are found in the mountains far more often than in anyone's home. Just sayin'. This is not rocket science.