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  1. In these difficult times between Mexico and the EUA, I offer this story. Mexico, a vast country of people with kindness, compassion, and respect for all. Todos nosotros somos iguales - -
  2. Yes you are right, I got that mixed up for some reason. Thanks for the correction.
  3. In case you get stuck between SLP and Matehuala, I thought I would mention that there is a nice new hotel open in San Pedro now at the tourist/Pemex location between the North and South traffic lanes. San Pedro is about 1/2 way between SLP and Matehuala. Hotel HsP Express about 1200MXN and I think breakfast is included at the restaurant next door. The last two times I came that way there was a long traffic delay for a couple of hours so another hotel option is nice to have.
  4. Best to go to Guadalajara for medical care for anything outside of tos or gripa. Just my two cents.
  5. Jerry Smith donated many of the KOI in the LCS pond. He had a pond for about 12 years or so. He and his wife are volunteers at LCS. He lives in Ajijic and most everyone knows of him. Ask around, he has been here 20 yrs.
  6. Off topic somewhat but curious since there seems to be a lot of sharp posters here. I normally get about 28 mpg hwy in my CRV with Magna gas on a long trip to Texas. On a whim I put in the gas additive Akron once on the way up to Texas and my mileage jumped to 31. After I arrived back in Mexico, without the additive the mpg plummeted to 21 mpg with local driving. I reset the computer and then after about 2 full tanks of gas the mileage computer rose to around 26-28 again local driving. I am curious if the Akron additive could have caused this wide swing. So whatever I gained with the additive it seems I lost once the mileage computer tried to re-calibrate the fuel program. Clear as mud right? Does anyone have any experience with a fuel additive like this in a newer car with a mileage trip computer.
  7. Seems once a year about this time the state police set up in Joco for moto plate checks and about 20 or 30 motos and quads are impounded, until the trailer is full. The locals will text or whatsapp each other as soon as the first spots the state police with a trailer. If you elect to try to bribe someone that is risky because there will be 3 or 4 officers present so likely to be arrested. Your call, just an FYI.
  8. Sorry I just could not resist...
  9. Off topic somewhat but I thought I would share this. I just read that an American can have more than one passport (booklet type). I did not know that, and the reason, ...some countries will flip thru your passport pages and deny you entry pending which countries you have traveled in previously. For example, if you have an Israel stamp in your passport, some neighboring countries will deny you entry. So the logic for a second passport is to have clean pages so you are not trapped between the political problems of other countries. Nowadays with current world political issues, these issues are hot so if you are traveling be sure to do your homework.
  10. I lost internet and did not have a chance to clarify my earlier post. In the first three incidents, I was engaged in a Spanish conversation with Mexicans in their place of employment. In each incident, an American (s) came in and picked out one or two of the words in Spanish and then interrupted our conversations. Each American was a male and they each assumed I spoke English so they gave me loudly their unsolicited opinions about their politics. Some of my Mexican friends understand enough English to grasp what was said. I listened but only replied "we can agree to disagree, but excuse me I am in conversation with my friend and not you." Unfortunately, they did not want to end the conversation so I turned away and ignored them. Things escalated and the Mexicans had some harsh words with these three men. They were told to leave and in one instance, the store owner threatened to call the police. I won´t repeat what the Mexicans told the Americans because it is definitely political. The backlash was not against me but the others. I am not discounting that there has been backlash against some here. However, some are bringing this on themselves. We are guests in Mexico, if you want to be treated with respect, then learn to be polite and give respect.
  11. Four incidents of backlash I have witnessed. Three incidents were incited by Americans who were running at the mouth with their political opinions in the presence of Mexicans and myself in Mexican businesses. The fourth time I was alone walking and some Mexicans were watching the inauguration on TV at a liquor store. As I passed by one came out and yelled at me some strong words. Only because I was a gringo I assume. I turned around to approach him but before I got there, the other Mexicans in the store who all know me well, jumped the guy. They had my back. He was stunned, he apologized, and quickly left. The trend I see now with my Mexican friends who are storekeepers is if clients are disrespectful with them, they fully intend to call the police and file a report with immigration. I heard this from three store managers in Ajijic today. Many Americans tend to have an attitude that they are doing Mexicans a big favor by spending money with them. That means nothing to them if you are disrespectful. I always point out to my Mexican friends to not take it personal, in fact, the Americans tend to treat each other with disrespect.
  12. Are political discussions allowed on this web forum? Because that is what this has morphed into.
  13. OK, I stand corrected. Honda it is. Probably a couple of Yamahas and Kawasakis in the bunch too- - -
  14. I accept what the OP posted. I do not agree that anyone should accept that as the gospel truth until they hear from the other party. That area is a known gringo trap. Whoever hit the guy made a mistake and paid for it.
  15. We have only have one side of the story. Period. I never posted anything the OP posted was untrue, I only posted that there are two sides to the story. Not All of the facts of the story have been posted until we hear from the other. And we have not heard from the other side. So no rush to judgment until all of the facts are revealed. And if anyone wants my passport number or permanent visa status pm me to make sure I do not own a Range Rover or whatever. I have no secrets. Chill out.