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  1. Robbery Prevention

    I used Vazal Alarm Systems on Mariano Otero, in Guadalajara. My neighbors have a remote to turn off or on the alarm as needed. Since I did not expect any company to show up in time to make a difference, we just went with something that made a lot of noise. Two door sensors, two remote controls, control panel, and 3 motion detectors DSC security system installed complete 9000 MXN. Owner does not speak English if that is an issue for you. Price local was 18,000 MXN for the same specs, same DSC system. I forget the name of that company. For an added layer of security, I have a Trejo Modelo Uno Rafaga.
  2. Quizás esquizofrenia? These threads are like SNL 24/7.
  3. Mexican Ice Cream

    Tocumbo, Michoacan is world renown. There is a guy from Tocumbo who sells on the NE corner of the plaza in Joco. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/9bdzvd/mexico-tocumbo-land-of-frozen-desserts
  4. Frida

    The new location is at the El Pescador Hotel on your right about 100m past the first Pemex on the east side of Jocotepec if driving from Chapala. I think the day this event mentioned in this thread occurred was when a large group of ladies from Ajijic arrived together without any prior notice, a phone call would have been nice so the owner could prepare for the swarm. I was leaving the parking lot when the wagon train rolled in. I am not the owner, just a satisfied customer who has eaten there for 5 years and never had a bad meal. Personally I do not mind much a delay in the preparation of a good meal. I do however find it annoying when I eat at Ajijic Tengo and the meseras are cleaning my table off in 15 minutes while I still have a fork in my hand and a full glass of wine. But, it´s there business so whatever.
  5. Ministerio Publico

    It is not always a waste of time. Take for example when an expat commits a crime and the report is filed. The victim has the option of notifying immigration. Immigration will followup the investigation and deport if the facts are there.
  6. Some cameras have transmitters so you can pinpoint the location of the camera head with a receiver above grade similar to a metal detector. Once you see the blockage, then you would activate the transmitter to pin point the location. Just a view of the blockage is not going to be of much help if you cannot pinpoint the location. You might get lucky if the pipe run is a straight run and then you could measure to the blockage location, but if the piping has turns then the exact location will be difficult without a transmitter attached to the camera. So if you have a choice, hire the guy with both camera/transmitter.
  7. Looking for Rosetta Stone

    A DVD vendor in the tianguis in Ajijic used to have Rosetta Stone. You may want to ask around there. Personally I like Duolingo more.
  8. Superlake ????

    Since the door has been opened to trade wars in the Americas, Mexico has entered into new corn trade agreements with Brazil and Argentina, (owned by the Monsanto lobbyists). Iowa is sucking wind.
  9. Personally I rather ride a bus than fly to the US because I am in no hurry to arrive and I enjoy the conversation and friendship of the Mexicans. On a plane it is different. In a hurry and on gringo time, then fly. I don´t think about the cost difference too much, more so the experience of the trip.
  10. WE retired here because my wife told me so. She was right.
  11. A few years back I went one way on both Turimex and Omnibus to Austin and San Marcos. About 22 hrs. The bus station in Austin was a dump in Southeast Austin on Airport blvd, hope you do not arrive at night. I think the bus lines reserve about 6 seats for DIF card holders. Google their US site phone numbers. I just looked at the Turimex site and they have routes that leave Guad at around 5:15 pm. Better to go to San Marcos in my opinion, or better yet to fly, nowadays the price is about the same with the exchange rate and Volaris flies to Austin, a 2 hr flight. Whatever works for you.
  12. The street light in front of my friend´s house has been out for a few years and we have been waiting for the workers to replace the bulb since. So once a year we get together and have an anniversary party in the street under the blown light. Lot of fun. Mexicans don´t like this stuff either, but they seem to get by without the stress. Sort of like making lemonade out of lemons.
  13. Plumber's Putty

    I may have some. How much do you need? You can pm me if you want
  14. There are no transitos in joco now for 3 months. I do not know the chain of money, but Joco is not paying.