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  1. With my thermal cover my pool is at 84F for the last few weeks on a sunny day. (4 x 8 meter with jacuzzi.)
  2. You might want to contact or visit Sandi´s in Guadalajara.
  3. To locate a gas leak on a galvanized or black iron piping system underneath a concrete slab is a complete waste of time. Especially considering a structure on a the soil that we have here at lakeside. Even if you were able to accurately locate the leak and then try to repair the leak, I think you will find it near impossible to properly cut new threads on the piping for a proper repair. Not to mention cosmetic repairs to concrete, flooring, and the possibility of destroying a structual concrete beam to access the damaged piping. You could install a slip coupling, but then how long will that last? In addition, the remainder of the piping system below grade is compromised due to age. Tops is a 25 year life span of any threaded steel piping system under grade in most installations. If you cannot locate the leakage above grade with soapy water or ether introduced into the piping system, then the best solution is to abandon the existing piping system and re-route a new piping system above grade. Solo mi dos centavos.
  4. Maybe I missed something here, if you are prohibited to transport a gun then how do transport the gun from the military base to your home? Do you get something like a one day pass to transport the gun?
  5. Last time I crossed a month ago at Colombia, same results, one day turn around. Mexicans do a lot better job in immigration and aduana than most expats give them credit for.
  6. Thanks for the link, I bumped into Tony Burton´s wife at the School for the Deaf in Joco a couple of months ago. She donates her time there when she visits this area. Very kind and generous people. We could all learn a lot from people who truly care for the culture and people of Mexico like the Burtons.
  7. Well done. Also a big thank you to all of the expats who adopt pets. I have several neighbors with as many as 5 or 6 dogs, all rescues.
  8. Pemex Interesting Chart, green is good.
  9. Thanks for the update Sonia, once again you have been a valuable contributor to this board.
  10. Hoping all goes well for Charley. Over time I have noticed that you can tell a lot about a person by observing how they treat their dog.
  11. In these difficult times between Mexico and the EUA, I offer this story. Mexico, a vast country of people with kindness, compassion, and respect for all. Todos nosotros somos iguales - -
  12. Yes you are right, I got that mixed up for some reason. Thanks for the correction.
  13. In case you get stuck between SLP and Matehuala, I thought I would mention that there is a nice new hotel open in San Pedro now at the tourist/Pemex location between the North and South traffic lanes. San Pedro is about 1/2 way between SLP and Matehuala. Hotel HsP Express about 1200MXN and I think breakfast is included at the restaurant next door. The last two times I came that way there was a long traffic delay for a couple of hours so another hotel option is nice to have.
  14. Best to go to Guadalajara for medical care for anything outside of tos or gripa. Just my two cents.