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  1. "Iguanas ranas" street slang, similar as igual or igualmente. Not formal, so probably best only if used with close friends.
  2. Renters have a lot of rights in Mexico, best to consult a competent attorney in your area. Sometimes the eviction process may take months or a year depending on the circumstances.
  3. My solar panel system was installed in a parallel manner. 40,000 liters with 1 1/2 hp pump and there was little if any noticeable difference in heat gain between the change of 6 to 8 panels. May have been a pump impeller design problem, I do not know what the flow rates were so then friction loss would be a factor. I called the manufacturer of the solar panels in the USA and sent him photos of the installation, along with the pump specs and head. He told me that there would be little if any benefit to increase the number of the panels after six panels considering the capacity of my pool. I did not do any long term excel spread sheet study though, just looking at the thermometer over a month period and the temp always stayed in the same range within 1 or 2 degrees. About the only time I pump thru my solar is to heat the jacuzzi now, and I can get it to 100F on a sunny day with 6 panels so that is good enough. Full sun exposure on the panels and the pool/jacuzzi probably helps a lot in my case.
  4. A common mistake with the flat black panels is that oftentimes pool owners think they can generate more hot water with more panels but the law of diminishing returns applies. With a 40,000L pool it is not likely that you can generate more hot water with a 8 panel system than a 6 panel system.
  5. From Joco, drive west on Vicente Guerreroto to the crucero and then turn right, about forty minutes later you will find a good doctor.
  6. The law was that a RV had its own TVIP and it was good for 10 years, or at least that was the law when I crossed with 5th wheel a while back. I crossed back and forth with the tow vehicle sin 5th wheel many times since then without problems- (However, I am not current with the law today.)
  7. Thanks for the informative link Alpha1. Denmark and New Zealand did not surprise me. Unfortunately, Mexico at 30 seems to be on target IMHO.
  8. The culture of corruption is transparent in Mexico, whereas in many countries, the péople are led to believe that their country is not in comparison to Mexico´s corruption level. The truth is that those countries just have a different variety of corruption that is not transparent. As Robert Penn Warren eloquently wrote: "Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption and he passeth from the stink of the didie to the stench of the shroud." A quote from his book All the King´s Men, his description of power corrupts all. Plenty of examples of corruption in this hemisphere, the Americas, in all countries.
  9. You probably know this, but just in case, Fridas is moving in June. The new location will be at the El Pescador hotel on the carretera Ajijic-Jocotepec on the East side of town. The hotel is about 100 meters on the right past the first Pemex in Joco on the East side of town. If you hit the first street light in Joco coming from Ajijic, then you missed it.
  10. A real estate agent once told me, it is the wife that wants to come to Mexico and then it is the wife that wants to leave Mexico. Or as they say in Texas, "if momma ain´t happy then no one is happy." If the day comes when my wife wants to leave Mexico, well, I am going to miss her. Happiness is a choice for most people, but at times there are circumstances in one´s life like health issues that make a happy face a struggle, so I try to take complainers with a grain of salt since I do not know their perspective.
  11. A Mexican dicho : .....When the people stop eating meat, the butcher leaves the pueblo.
  12. Three pump options..single speed 115v or 220v, variable speed with chip on board ($), and two speed 220v with manual switch. Single speed uses the most electricity. Variable speed pumps are the most expensive to purchase. The. control boards do not do well here and are expensive to replace. The two speed pumps on low speed use the least electricity. You will need to switch to hi speed if you are pushing water thru roof mounted solar panels.
  13. Esun has told me that they will not service solar systems installed by STI. And nowadays, they are becoming more reluctant to look at installations of other companies. I have talked with 4 solar companies in the last couple of months and have doubts of all of them. It would not surprise me if some of the many posts we see on solar on this webboard are actually posts by solar company sockpuppets. These posters are as easy to pick out of the herd as picking rocks out of a kg of beans in Mexico. Not a conspiracy theorist here, I do not subscribe to Alex Jones Infowars. Just an observation. Not verified fact.
  14. If do not mind, will you pm me the name of the Guadalajara Solar company? I have a bid from a company in Guadalajara on my desk now.