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  1. You can look up WHO top 20 list of causes of death in countries. Violence is #4 cause of death in Mexico. http://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/mexico-life-expectancy Interesting to compare Mexico with Canada and the US.
  2. Radiator repair

    Google up baking soda and crazy glue for a plastic repair job. I´ve had two expansion tanks repaired like this in Matehuala and San Luis Potosi. After repairs, pressure tested with compressed air at 80 PSI. Mexican mechanics do this everyday.
  3. Rush hour(s)

    Hora pico.
  4. When you are a fan of the hero. -----Maybe more fake news.
  5. .. I just took this info at face value and did not bother to vet it, please post your info that confirms this as fake news, so next time I know how to research to vet false info. I googled it up but found nothing, so I must have overlooked something.
  6. Seguro Popular

    You may be asked to provide a Constancia de Residencia, proof of residence. This is a letter that you will obtain from the Presidencia in Jocotepec on the plaza. You will need to bring your visa, CFE bill, Curp, passport, and a photo (infantil ?) to get the letter. About 38 pesos. Then you take that to the hospital in El Chante. YMMV, sometimes they ask for this and sometimes not, depende.
  7. pemex trucck stop

    Hotel, gift shop, coffee shop, restaurant and tire shop.
  8. Mexico Takes the High Road Again

    More aid on the way to Hurricane Harvey victims. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/09/03/americas/mexico-aid-texas/index.html With dignity and respect for human life. Rooted in the Catholic faith of Mexico, faith alone is not enough if without works. It is the culture of Mexico.
  9. Mexico Takes the High Road Again

    Well that did not take long, the advance team of Cruz Roja in Dallas working hard to help with dignity and respect for all. En route to Houston tomorrow. Good news for Texans. You need to tap the unmute to listen in.
  10. Mexico Takes the High Road Again

    https://www.dallasnews.com/news/weather/2017/08/29/mexico-awaits-abbotts-response-offer-hurricane-harvey-relief Gov of Texas to accept Mexico´s help. How about we just accept this for what it is. Mexico offers Hurricane Harvey assistance to Texas. Texas accepts. Period.
  11. Mexico Takes the High Road Again

    The worst is yet to come in Texas, that will happen when the residents return home to find their insurance policy and call in the claim. The major insurers own the Texas Dept of Insurance so the available policies will have dozens of ways to avoid payment to the homeowner, or you may not have a separate flood policy, or your deductible will be the largest portion of your claim payment. Don´t expect the feds to provide much other than a photo op with a selfie stick. There will be a lot of talk, but it will be as they say in Texas, "all hat and no horse."
  12. I vividly remember when Mexico sent a convoy of Military trucks to the US to provide food, shelter, and medical supplies for the victims of Katrina. Google it up sometime. Once again with Hurricane Harvey Mexico takes the high road despite all. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/weather/2017/08/27/mexico-offers-help-harvey-soaked-texas Not a political statement but rather a snapshot of human dignity.
  13. Dental implants

    When looking for a reference for an implant dentist, best to heed advice from someone who has had the implants in place for 4 years or more. No shortage of horror stories when someone went on price and chose a dentist or a peridontist who placed a short implant in a top molar space only to have it fail within a couple of years. Some of these professionals will place a 6mm implant in lieu of a 10mm to avoid the necessary surgery for the bone graft. When in doubt, go with a dental surgeon, Cirujano Maxilofaciales. Just my two cents
  14. Mario´s Inn and Four Points Sheraton on Ramos Arizpe in Saltillo (libre between Monterrey-Saltillo libre) allow pets. Three more hotels in Matehuala also, Google Search is your friend.