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  1. Kiko

    New Auto Insurance agent

    I remember when I was in Punta Gorda Florida after Hurricane Cat 5 Charlie blew thru, the funniest image in my mind was a refrigerator out in the front yard of a home with a chain and padlock wrapped around it. Spray painted on the door was "Adjuster inside, Do Not Open."
  2. Kiko

    New Auto Insurance agent

    There is a Qualitas office in Chapala if you want to buy direct. Edit: Spanish only
  3. Kiko

    Ilox Update

    Are there any plans or agreements made for Ilox to provide service to the Racquet Club?
  4. Kiko

    Going to Texas - Carmax - to sell car

    My friend went to San Antonio Carmax and they offered him 1700 for his Range Rover. He put it on Craigslist San Antonio and sold it for 5000 in one day. You have options.
  5. Kiko


    The road from Joco to Mazamitla is all good, even the topes at Tepehuaje are all gone except a couple of very small ones after you pass Tepehuaje. The current road construction is between Tuxcueca and Tizapan El Alto. If you are bored, a new pueblo magico is Jiquilpan, Michoacan and it is only about 20 minutes East of Mazamitla via San Jose de Gracia. Take 110 from San Jose de Gracia and you can avoid Sahuayo altogether. Not as touristy as Mazamitla.
  6. Kiko

    No Bullsh*t Coffee at SuperLake Grocery

    Best of luck in your business venture. I never ever have a problem spending a few pesos more for great coffee.
  7. Kiko

    Matching Interior Paint Colors

    Efren is the mgr at Prisa. Carla is also very good at matching paint colors there.
  8. We were in Mulhouse (sp?), France on a vacation some years ago and while walking around the city I was very impressed with their attitude to public pet poop management. Throughout the walking area of the city we would find small sections of the sidewalk cordoned off with a tiny fence for the pets. Inside the fenced area was either sand and/or grass. These areas were about 1 meter x 1 meter and a low wood fence about .5 meter high to keep the humans out. The sidewalks were wide something like 2.5 meters. I know with the narrow sidewalks in Ajijic this option is limited in scope, but something to think about. These areas could be strategically placed around the pueblo, for example at the malecon. If nothing else, it will increase awareness of the problem.
  9. My French mom always told me when I was growing up that in France it was good luck to step in dog shit with your left foot. For some reason I keep stepping in it with my right foot. Probably does not apply to Mexico though.
  10. Kiko

    Tinted film on skylites

    High quality corrugated plastic sheets in colors work well and are available here. Best result is to not lay it flat like glass. I would suggest that the installer put a curve into the shape of a dome for rain runoff. The installer will make a sheet metal frame/flashing to attach to the skylight opening. The air pockets in the plastic sheets will add insulation value to keep the heat out. A tinted/colored plastic sheet will keep out the direct rays of the sun. We have used a light grey sheet with excellent results. The darker tints may not work well for some since they will block much more light.
  11. Kiko


    A good Mexican friend obtained a great job with Intel (Android software) in Guadalajara through Kelly Services, a contract 2 year gig. He was unable to advance after two years because he is not bilingual. I would google Kelly Services Mexico for the Guadalajara office and start there. Best of luck, Hope that helps,
  12. My Qualitas policy for my Mexican plated care provides liability coverage in the US. You should check the required limits as required by the states in the US that you will be driving in. Read the fine print.
  13. Kiko

    Bring in a crated 250cc motorcycle

    Of course a Japanese motorcycle will be of higher quality than an Italika at this time. However, that being said, Italikas 125cc and 250 cc models recently completed an IBA. http://italika.mx/MundoITK/ITALIKA-rompe-record-de-1000-millas-en-24-horas/ Now that is impressive. Personally I am a Honda guy.
  14. Kiko

    Bad water odor

    Or the anode rod in tank type Wtr Htr is depleted.