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  1. Sandrita

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    Although I live in San Antonio can I go to Joco to sign up? Muchas gracias.
  2. Sandrita

    Creepy Island of Dolls

    It is pretty amazing.
  3. Sandrita


    Maria Esther in San Antonio is very, very good. Contact info is: Colon #123; 333-179-3999.
  4. I definitely 2nd Dr. Carla. I don't believe she iis affiliated with Quality Care anymore but since she used to be she is familiar with most of the doctors there. Her office is actually in San Antonio. Contact info is: 376-766-4846 & 331-000-7777. If you contact her please tell her that Sandra referred you. Buena suerte.
  5. Sandrita

    Neurologist and possible MRI

    Thanks to all for your responses.
  6. I have made an appointment at Quality Care to see Dr. Miguel Valle. Have any of you seen this doctor and if he referred you for an MRI, where was it done and what was the approximate cost in pesos? Muchas gracias.
  7. Sandrita


    Dr. Daniel BriseƱo did my colonoscolpy last year and I was very satisfied (if one can be after that procedure).
  8. Sandrita

    domestic air travel documents

    May depend on where you are going My attorney has always told me if I am going to be out of the Lakeside area that I should carry both my passport and visa card
  9. I did a search for couldn't find anything. I would just like to know what original documents and how many copies of each are needed when you go to sign up? Muchas gracias.
  10. I agree completely...totally irrelevant and nasty comment.
  11. Sandrita

    Hardware store in Chula Vista

    Muchas gracias.
  12. Does anyone know the name, and by chance the phone # of the hardware store next to Sunrise Restaurant? Muchas gracias.
  13. I have misplaced the receipt I got from the consulate when I applied for my passport renewal last month. Will I have any problem getting it tomorrow? Muchas gracias.
  14. Does anyone know if Zarazoga is still torn up and if so what is the best way to get to the vehicle emission testing place? If anyone knows the exact address please let me know. Also, what is the cost this year and what time do they open? Muchas gracias.
  15. Does anyone know the name of the lab across from Quality Care Clinic and their phone #? This is not to be confused with the lab Dilabim which is next to the old Integrity Clinic. Muchas gracias.