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  1. I suggest that you take a deep breath and avoid doing anything to upset the apple cart, which would cause a serious glitch in the orderliness of the Mexican governmental systems, and personal panic for you, with the need for the worlds best lawyer to coordinate the merging of data between two heavily bureaucratic countries with under-educated and intractable civil servants with delusions of unlimited power over mere mortals. 🌧️ I would call Spencer and ask for an appointment.

    Custom Tile Place In Chapala

    Go south a block. On the west side of Madero. It is easy to see.

    Crossing to the US

    "They" were correct. They will not have a problem; you could have a big one, if unable to return your car to Mexico, for whatever reason; wreck, theft, fire, etc. Mexico will not care and will not take that car off your record as still in Mexico. They can even make you pay tax on its value, as they can assume you sold it in Mexico illegally. It can get nasty. Yes, that is rare, but it only takes a few minutes to do what is required, and avoid the possible consequences, just for convenience.

    Do You Buy US Dollars?

    Press 1 for English Press 2 for Spanish No other options?...........Not even close to the Québec border.

    Crossing to the US

    Be sure to stop at the banjercito booth to get your car sticker removed and your receipt, which you will keep forever. You will need a new Importada Temporal if you return with a car. If you fail to do this, and happen to trade, lose or be otherwise unable to return with the same car, you will never be able to bring in another. At US customs, simply stop and show your passports. There should be no problems.

    Do You Buy US Dollars?

    The USA also lacks an official language. However, there is a requirement, by treaty, that assures the continuation of Spanish culture and language in the USA after it absorbed half of Mexico and the people in it, who speak Spanish to this day.

    Dna testing

    Very true! On my French, and Québec side, many names are just descriptive, not necessarily indicating blood lines. Many contain more than one "dit", or "called" name. Those may simply refer to an occupation, looks, geographical origin, etc. My French Canadian-Mohawk line includes lots of "Jolicoeur" folks, and that is really not a last name. In Northern New York and New England, it became improperly anglicised to "Hart". On my Scots-Irish side, which goes back to the 3rd Chief of Clan MacIntosh, in the early 1300s, the names are also affiliations, not necessarily blood relationships. Scots from a certain glen, became Glenn or Glennie, or even Glynn, etc., in Itreland. As Presbyterians, many made it to the Americas and scattered with time and events. Only when last names and family lineages were more accurately recorded as literacy improved, were we somewhat more certain of our bloodlines. There are, however, always secrets and surprises. DNA is revealing more and more of those.
  8. Yes! Esteban is prompt, efficient, very economical and we used him for over a decade; not just for garage doors, but also for other ironwork, which he did beautifully. Really nice guy!!!!

    Ajijic to Guadalajara RT bus questions

    Yes, or you can go to the Ajijic bus sttion, on the carretera just north of Colon, and catch a “directo“ to Guadalajara. Otherwise, you will probably jump on a bus and go to the main bus station in Chapala. Buses go from there to Guadalajara about every 30 minutes.
  10. Dr. Valenzuela also did mine, and secured the corners of the mesh, in order to prevent migration. It has been about 4 years, and all is well. No problems.

    Closet Designer

    It is early yet. Some of those designers may still be in the closet.........

    just sold my home up in usa..

    Bluntly: Don‘t do it. Use your US Banks debit cards at Mexican bank ATM locations for your cash needs. You will seldom use a credit card in Mexico, and I recommend against it in most cases. If you are buying a home or car in Mexico, you can arrange a wire transfer to the seller‘s account, or the realtor‘s escrow account in the USA. Keep your major funds and investments in the USA. Also, have your income from the USA directly deposited into your US bank accounts. Maintain a US mailing address through a mail forwarding service, or close and trustworthy relative.

    Dna testing

    Yes, that “shipwrecked Spanis“ myth has pretty well been debunked. Ther werent very many survivors, but there was a great northern migration, over time, all the way from Portugal, and even North Africa, to the far reaches of the north. Then, there were also those Vikings, who really liked to take slaves and even lost a few now and then. The very word “slave“ comes from “Slav“, & they were popular as servants and soldiers everywhere in the known world, then, and beyond. Hence, our blue eyes, etc.

    Dna testing

    It could be true. As a MacIntosh descendant, I can go back to the 1300s, but things get fuzzy fast, since second names are a rather recent thing. The “Mac“ simply means “son of“ in its original context. When second names came to be adopted, bloodlines were more easily followed. Before that, affiliations, as with clans, were used, but did not signify actual genetic relationships. Your family ancestors, or mine, could have included some Slavs, or even esclavos, which were common for centuries. Though Scots-Irish-French-Native American by history, my own DNA includes Central European, English, Iberian, North African and Nigerian traces. History makes all of this quite plausible: England supplanted Portugal as colonists in Nigeria, North Africans were notorious slavers, Coastal Portugese migrated north to become “Black Irish“. Irish migrated to Scotland, etc., Both Scots and Irish, along with English, ended up in the Americas...some transported, some as explorers or colonists. Mine helped build Québec before migrating southward. Loyalists vs. Rebels, then Yankees vs. Confederates, Catholics vs. Protestants....Really disfunctional !!!!! Mongrels, for sure. It is fun though.

    USA notary

    The only way to get legal US notary service is to go to the US Consulate in Guadalajara, where you will be on US territory. US notaries are not legal outside of their local jurisdictions in their county and state, in the USA. They know that, but will cheat & take your money anyway. It could be challenged later. It is also quite legal to use a Mexican Notario for US documents. There is a treaty.

    Southern Sisters Restaurant

    Pssst: Bassa is a large Vietnamese catfish, but two wrongs don‘t make a right.

    New Auto Insurance agent

    I always understood that “theft“, in a Mexican insurance policy, means theft of the entire car. If wheels, doors, contents, radios, or other items are stolen, they are not covered. Read your policies very, very carefully.

    Mexican Restaurant - Los 5 Potrillos

    We always enjoyed stopping for a meal there. We hope that the family can succeed and suggest that some of you get together, make a reservation and help them to continue. Good memories.
  19. Perhaps it is because you did not say that you would be moving to look after your mother, rather than just putting her in one of those places. Will your mother have a residency visa? Lots of other concerns that did not encourage me to answer your first post either.
  20. I purchased the computer I stll use from Hall Microcomputers in Guadalajara. They have a website, and the jefe, Hugo, has a weekend home at Lakeside. They also come to Lakeside twice a month, to provide service or deliver products. Hugo brought this iMac 21“ desktop, with wireless keyboard (English option) and trackpad directly to my house, set it up and transferred my files. The warranty was good in Mexico and the price was not more than in the USA; actually a bit less with a favorable exchange rate at the time. That was in 2011, and I have had no problems with this, or previous Apple products. I have updated the software, free, a couple of times, and continue to use the computer daily. Go for it! They are just off Glorieta Minerva, on Yañez, on the right, should you want to stop in. Yes, they speak English. Ask for Clarisa, who is the most fluent.

    Internal Server Error

    Yes, frequently. The board‘s server cannot seem to respond very quickly to commands.

    Local Dr. for Blood Pressure Issues?

    Yes! BP is heart related and Dr. Briseño is the specialist to see. Take a complete list of your medications & supplements with you. He took pleanty of time, was very patient and precise in evaluating me, my history, and in prescribing my medications. When I move NoB, the MDs were impressed and changed absolutely nothing. I remain on Dr. Briseño‘s regimen, years later, and continue to be stable.

    Renewing Perm. Resident card

    Residente Permanente cards also lack an expiration date; they are permanent. 🙄

    Noisy Restaurants bad for you

    I would have used the term, “expats“ or even “estadounidenses“.🤬

    Seguro Popular Deficiencies

    With evacuation requiring stabilization in hospital, air evacuation was of no interest to us. After stabilization and intervention, I was OK and needed no further hospitalization. I could go home, or fly commercial to the USA, if I wanted. That is the usual corse of events for heart attacks, intestinal blockages, etc. However, being more than a decade beyond 70 and having compared SP to private care and hospitalization, we had to make the choice to return to the USA to use VA and Medicare benefits. Part of that choice was also dictated by my COPD need to live at a lower elevation.