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  1. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    Our ROI was about 14-16 months.
  2. Asking about hot water heaters again.

    We replaced our on-demand heater with a solar hot water, 18 dry tube, insulatyed stainless tank, by Sharp. It cut our propane usage in half ! The on-demand unit was plumbed to be available at the turn of two valves, but was not really needed when just the two of us were at home, as the solar unit would last for a few cloudy days. We did wash with cold water and used showers, not tubs. Loved it! Talk to your local solar supplier/installer, who will design a system to your needs.
  3. DNA testing

    The DNA results do not depend upon other records; just upon the DNA markers in the sample. That will determine the percentage of ancestral origins reaching back a very long way; probably before written records. The indigenous portion might be strong, along with the Iberian portion, which might also include North African and/or even Jewish content due to the 700 year Muslim occupation of the Iberian peninsula, with its Jewish population included. In my case, which was heavily UK-Irish-Scots, there were traces that went all the way back to Iberia, North Africa, and Nigeria. I found that England usurped Portugal as the dominant colonial power in Nigeria, which had heavy slave trade with North Africa. Yes, the results will lead you to study history in more detail. My native ancestors turned out to be French immigrants in the 1600s, who lived with the Mohawks in New France; now Quebec, around the Isle de Montréal. Tracing DNA can be more interesting than trying to build the family tree back to the middle ages, when surnames were vague or non-existent. They were often descriptive, could change, or were just the name of the last place the person came from, etc. The mists of history get very thick with the passage of time. The common man was seldom written about, and it was an uncommon man who could even write.
  4. Fingerprinting

    Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos.
  5. Auto Emissions Test

    All Jalisco vehicles are required to have the sticker each year. The cost is about $450 pesos and it only takes a few minutes at one of the inspection stations. There is one in Chapal and another in Jocotepec, for example.
  6. Crohn's

    I have also had successful surgery by Dr. Valenzuela and can add my recommendation that he be consulted. He is an excellent diagnostician and surgreon, often being the actual surgeon doing operations for older surgeons who are no longer able to do them. He is also a very nice guy, with US experience/training and perfect English.
  7. Interesting that it might have a new name, but is the same place that has been in the same location since I last used it in 2001; La Floresta Storage. It is not in Ajijic, or the fraccionamiento of La Floresta, but nearby in San Antonio Tlayacapan: Carretera Chapala-Ajijic #40 (Junction with Libramiento) San Antonio Tlayacapan, Chapala, Jalisco. México C.P. 45915 So, when I saw a reference to an Ajijic location, I was puzzled and curious. But, I was correct.
  8. tennis

    There are courts in Parque Cristiania, in Chapala, with active players. Go there at about 10AM. Perhaps other players can give you more current details.

    It may “work“, but both you and the “US notary“ will be committing fraud, as they have no authority to act outside of their issuing jurisdiction, and they know it! The document could be challenged. Then what? Be legal and correct. Use a Mexican Notario or the US Consulate in Guadalajara.
  10. Whole house surge protector

    Does your house have a grounding rod from your meter? Lightning must have a place to go and will seek the most direct path to ground.
  11. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    I do not know of any suitable places to perform ocular surgeries at lakeside. However, there are several excelent eye clinics in Guadalajara with the most modern equipment, technicians, anesthesiologists, etc. My preference is Clinica Santa Lucia near Plaza Terranova.
  12. Notario In Villa Nova

    He, Sr. Macias, is a Notario and the photo is of the office (la oficina), as indicated by the sign, NOTARIA.
  13. Notario In Villa Nova

    The vast majority do seem to be males.
  14. Notario In Villa Nova

    A Notario is a male, while the physical office (la oficina), or a female are spelled Notaria.
  15. I want to move to Lake Chapala

    On his own, he would definitely need all of his cognitive skills intact, as dropping into a new culture and language, in spite of the availability of other expats, might be a daunting task if he is at all limited. To visit Mexico is easy, for up to 180 days as a tourist, but then one must leave. To reside longer will require a residence visa, for which there are financial income/resource requirements to meet. Application would have to be done, in person, at a Mexican consulate in Canada. Their website will probably give you the details and appointment requirements. If approved, he would have 6 months to enter Mexico, then another couple to process the actual visa with Immigration (INM) within 30 days of arrival and with proof of residence address in Mexico. Could he handle that alone? If so, a rich social life might be possible for him and you could look forward to joining him later without too much worry.
  16. Pay attention, Michael. Learn how to handle the situation without committing a felony yourself, and adding to the problem for others.
  17. Walmart de Mexico is what you are asking about. There will be a lot of Mexican brands and a few imported brands. You may have to adapt.
  18. Propane gas leak detector alarm

    RVs use LP gas detectors and alarms. If you search for those, in the USA, you might find what you are looking for & could possibly have a friend bring one down for you. Here is an example: http://www.adventurerv.net/safetalert-series-gas-alarm-brown-detector-p-13609.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAwp_UBRD7ARIsAMie3XYliWcDjJh_GGyXKV2k-qzkgVAOl3R7Aa5XYEWZbsNhPPY04ETwZv4aAkJyEALw_wcB&utm_campaign=partsfeed_ppc&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=Froogle
  19. Colonoscopy questions

    I recommend Dr. Hector Valenzuela, at Quality Care/Medicos Especialistas. They have a website. Everything will be done safely in a Guadalajara hospital. Having such a procedure done at Lake Chapala is not a good choice IMHO. Nor would I respect any physician who would recommend that it be done outside of a full service hospital, where immediate emergency surgery is available.
  20. Getting out of DAC

    I assume that the CFE bill is in the landlord‘s name, and that the previous tenants were heavy users of electricity. As such, their consumption put the house in the dreaded DAC rate structure, where it will remain until reduced power consumption is maintained for some long period of time; maybe a year. That can only be changed by a change in the “ownership“ of the account. Your landlord would have to agree to such a change, but might hesitate, since the quick departure of a tenant would create problems with getting it returned to his name. So, you might just have to be frugal with the kilowatts and have patience. Good luck.
  21. If you do not find a source, choose the photo of one you like, with as much detail as possible, and have a chat with your local ironworker. Most of them are very talented & could make just what you want.
  22. DIF Cards

    Whenever we return to the USA, on foot, from Nogales, there is a special, always shorter line for ancianos approaching USA customs & immigration from the Mexican side. We use it, and we are expected to use it.
  23. voltage/electrical problem?

    Some years ago, in Ajijic, there was a surge which destroyed all of our next door neighbor‘s TVs, refrigerator and computer. They were all appliances from the USA. Ours survived without difficulty, and all of ours were purchased in Mexico. We were on the same connection, from the same transformer in the street.