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  1. How happy are you with Netflix?

    Look for the MENU button, then on the screen for something like SETTINGS or PREFERENCES, where you should be able to select CHANNELS, AUDIO or SOUND, and other things. Usually, you then move to the right and you will find adjustments that you can make. Once done, you can back out the way you came. It took awhile, but I finally managed to create a channel list of favorites, which eliminates having to scroll through unwanted channels.
  2. fiberglass

    Actually, fiberglass insulation may be quite difficult to find. I looked at the Lopez Mateo Home Depot website and could not find it. It may be there, but you would have to go and ask for it. There is almost no NoB type construction in the area, and that is the application for that type of insulation. You might consider solid foam, or spray foam, depending upon your application. Otherwise, maybe someone would squash a bit into a box and bring it down for you from NoB.
  3. fiberglass

    Puffed up, or squashed?
  4. Superlake

    His return may depend upon the seriousness of the rift. It might even be possible that a Super del Lago might be on the horizon; a more modern supermercado with parking galore and loaded with “expat food“, available via online ordering and delivered to your door; or, maybe even a lakeside alliance with Aladino, or another Guadalajara importer of NoB goodies. Who knows? Could he be in talks with WM and take over the local store? there is a real fantasy for speculation.
  5. Restaurants and lobsters

    You are really trying hard to be picky, since homarus americanus is the scientific, biological species name for the atlantic lobster, in the common terminology that you seem to prefer. Note that the European relative, still in Atlantic waters, is a different species with smaller claws, etc. Here is an article that will explain it for you: Atlantic Lobsters, Homarus americanus ~ MarineBio.org marinebio.org/species.asp?id=533 Description & Behavior. Of the 30-odd types of clawed lobsters worldwide, Atlantic lobsters, Homarus americanus (H. Milne Edwards, 1837), most closely resembles Homarus gammarus, a related European species with slightly less robust claws, or chelae.
  6. It seems that, if you live long enough, you will eventually get cancer. Note that we are living longer than previous generations. However, those being born now are said to have a shorter life expectancy. Does that make them less likely to get cancer; or does it mean that they will get it at a younger age. I am sure there are statistics that will prove it either way.
  7. Restaurants and lobsters

    YES! Real lobster, homarus americanus, and not the cheap false substitutes: What is commonly sold as a lobster tail is really the abdomen, not the tail. The vast majority of "lobster" tail is from the "spiny lobster" which isn't a lobster at all! It's actually a form of crayfish and isn't even closely related to "true" American lobsters, and certainly does not taste the same, or have the same texture. True lobsters have huge claws, which are very tender and tasty. The spiny lobster, langosta and other crayfish are clawless, warm water creatures. The true lobster is found in cold, northern waters and I have seen one that reached 42 pounds! Once upon a time, they were so abundant that they were fed to slaves and the excess used as fertilizer in the maritime provinces of Canada and northeastern coastal states of the USA.
  8. I think the poster was looking for the best inexpensive way to get to the airport. He did get an answer: The bus will stop near the airport access road, if asked, but it is a long walk to get to the terminal, especially if one has luggage.
  9. Meeting with Transito

    Now, the vagueness is getting very cloudy.
  10. New wheel needed on luggage

    Suitcase Wheel Replacement - Official Site - amazon.com‎ Adwww.amazon.com/home-storage‎ Compare Prices on Suitcase wheel replacement in Home Storage. Ratings:Website 10/10 - Quality 10/10 - Shipping 10/10 - Service 10/10 - Selection 10/10 How To Repair Luggage Wheels - YouTube ▶ 2:32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DISiek4mNDo Jan 3, 2014 - Uploaded by Carey Lai How to repair the wheels on your suitcase or luggage.
  11. Enforcement of that requirement is virtually nil, but serious consequences could arise in the event of an insurance claim, theft of the car & use in a crime or accident in your absence, or by you after your return. Yes, the odds are in your favor, but.........read the law carefully.
  12. Meeting with Transito

    Chapala cannot issue Jalisco license plates, as that is a state function and they are issued by the office of the SAT Recaudadora, on Degollado in Chapala. Your friend may have been the victim of a scam and have not protection at all. It would be interesting to see if she has a “Tarjeta de Circulacion“ in her name, and which describes the golf cart as the vehicle. That document is issued with every set of license plates, along with a sticker to be displayed in the rear window of the vehicle.
  13. I would not place my faith in a “conversation“ which flies in the face of the written rules, as quoted above by RickS, from Mexican government official sources. Hearsay will not solve the problems that might arise. Sonia‘s advice is usually excellent, but I do take exception on this point.
  14. I took a couple of seconds to find the answer, including a map and links: https://www.google.com/search?q=carnes+sonora+guadalajara&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  15. Ah, yes; but they are famous for having widespread distribution.....We even get it here.
  16. Sonora is a northern Mexican state, famous for beef.
  17. Check your Telmex bill

    Could Telmex be trying to go out of the “wired“ business. After all, Carlos Slim can also fix you up with celular service. Can satellite internet be far behind?
  18. Keep it up, JRM. I have maintained that approach for 80 years now, and am not inclined to change.
  19. We have used both crossings, depending upon our destinatiions, etc. In your case, Nogales would definitely be my choice. The Mariposa truck crossing is the quickest and avoids going through downtown Nogales, if you do not want to stop there to visit a bank ATM, grab a meal, etc. We are now in Tucson and go to dentists in Nogales, Sonora, by just walking across the border from a parking lot on the US side. Rt. 15D, southbound all the way to Guadalajara, is quite good and there are a lot of towns with good hotels or motels and restaurants along the way. You will make good time and a three day trip from AZ to Chapala is quite comfortable.
  20. Washing Machine Recommendation?

    I think the store that you refered to is Muebles America, on the east side of Madero in Chapala, with steps and display windows on both sides. AV. FRANCISCO I MADERO 443 C.P. 45900 CHAPALA, JALISCO, MÉXICO TEL: 1404-8036
  21. Cake!

    Beng, Since you are in San Juan Cosala, may I suggest that you go to Augustin at his restaurant west of the plaza, and ask if he would cater; cake and all. His cuisine is fantastic, yet reasonable. Otherwise, just ask around in town for the local pasteleria. Restaurante Viva Mexico Tia Lupita, San Juan Cosala - Restaurant ...
  22. Insurance- What to get????

    If you live long enough, you may develop chronic conditions, yet not be terminal. Those chronic conditions can get very expensive to treat, especially if surgeries are involved. It happened to me and forced me back to the USA, where I have VA medical care, as well as Medicare for my wife and myself. She recently developed two cancers and those surgeries and oncologists would have been a financial disaster in Mexico without insurance, but Medicare has made it economical in the USA. Yes, we would prefer to be in Mexico, but our resources would no longer support our medical needs at our advanced ages; 69 and 80. Keep your US coverage, including Part B as soon as it is available with Medicare at age 65. Your current ages and a few pre-existing conditions may make it difficult to find affordable insurance in Mexico, beyond the Seguro Popular public plan for residents; which is useful but may not meet your needs.
  23. We? I didn‘t know that you were included, until you jumped in just now.
  24. used mexican plated vehicle purchase

    Go to the recaudadora office, prefferably with the seller, to be sure there are no leins or tickets against the car. If all is well, pay him and pay the recaudadora fees to get the transfer done and all of the correct papers, including the original factura. The plates stay with the car. It is wise to insist that the seller get a current anti-pollution sticker, if it is not already in evidence and the paperwork provided to you. The recaudadora will issue a tarjeta de circulacion in your name. It is all quite easy.
  25. I would not be surprise to find that English may be the most confusing language to learn, as it is such a mixture of so many other languages, with little rhyme or reason and an abundance of exceptions to its “rules“. No wonder the official language of the English court was French for so long. In my school days, it was expected that you would take French, German, and/or Latin, if you had any aspirations to a University education.