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    In other words: You need a residence visa; Temporal with INM permission to work as a freelance musician, or Permanente with notification to INM that you are working. You will also need your CURP, RFC, and maybe even an accountant. Local musicians may want to meet you.....later....in the dark......👹 It is more likely that you would work for tips; the occasional 10 peso coin, or 20 peso bill from the more affluent and generous, plus the possibility of a plate from the restaurant kitchen.
  2. We always paid for our housekeeper to stay in our home when we traveled. She had other jobs during the day, but stayed at our home and looked after the pets, plants and everything else, as needed. Back then, 2004-2014, we paid her $100 MN per day for such 'house-sitting', even though she said whe enjloyed her 'vacation' from her kids and grandchildren. On her workday, she was paid $200 pesos and paid her own bus fare from Ajijic to Chapala. She frequently brought family members to help her, as she was obviously training them to be able to support themselves.

    CFE deposit?

    Yes, if that is the case. CFE bills stay with the house, not the person. So, if it was not paid, the new owner gets stuck with it.
  4. Yes. And to change your address, too. You will also have to change your address with INM at your new location, within the specified time limit.
  5. If you have Jalisco plates, you are OK. Puerto Vallarta is in Jalisco. Do you? However, if you were really in Nuevo Vallarta, you were in the state of Nayarit

    Last Will

    Zeb, Notarios are attorneys with special qualifications, and are appointed by the state. Regular attorneys do not prepare wills or real estate documents.


    hors d'oeuvres

    Directions to Home Depot

    Use several balls of string, or yarn. Dogs and birds will eat the bread crumbs. 🌧️ Rain will wash them away, too. However, the rain may shrink the string, so you may not get all the way home, after all.

    International Fax

    In Chapala, at the barber shop between the main intersection and city hall.

    Kitchen stove repair

    Does the stove care?

    Chicken mole

    When we lived in Chapala, we bought mole at Soriana, where they sold it in bulk, or in jars.

    vehicle legalization

    It will depend upon the manufacture of the vehicle, and if 2007 is still eligible. You will have to contact a broker to determine the eligibility, if it is a NAFTA car, as well as the cost to export it from the USA and import it to Mexico. Then the fun begins. Consider selling it in the USA, and buying another one in Mexico. It is much easier that way.

    Where to sign up for Seguro Popular

    There are too many variables. Single or family? Rent or own? Dirt or tile or cement? Bathrooms? US red or blue? Speak 1, 2, 3, or more languages? Is a Pinto animal or vegetable? Just go, apply, hold your breath, wait...........

    Pet Peaves

    In New Jersey, a left turn signal means you will make a left turn. On a highway in Mexico, a left signal means it is OK for the car behind you to pass you on the left. How do you like your T-bone? In Mexico, to make a left turn, you pull to the right shoulder, or use a lateral. Then, when traffic is clear in both directions, you can cross to accomplish your turn.....unless there is a yellow line. In that case, you must travel further, until you find a proper place, or a 'retorno', then return and turn right.

    Pet Peaves

    As a kid, I learned how to manage a peavey thing, but it was too much for me, as I was still quite small. Some peaveys were kept in museums, as their use declined, and most just stayed quietly in a corner, as a well behaved pet would do. I never did have one of my own, though I did have a dog.