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  1. If you have sufficient financial resources/provable retirement income, etc., you can be approved for Residente Permanente. Go to your nearest Mexican consulate, in your home country, to apply.
  2. None. Just have your registration with you, as well as the insurance for the USA. You, as a resident of Mexico, can drive your Mexican car in the USA for up to a year. There are no formalities at the border.
  3. I suggest that you chat with the gardener and see if he needs another client; YOU. If he works for you in your garden, you will be in a position to give him some dunks, chlorine tablets or even oil in a flask, along with a small propina that will insure that he uses them regularly during his work next door.
  4. Make it a sport; like skeet shooting. The drone pilot may then revel in their evasive techniques as they photograph oncoming projectiles from slingshots, bows, cohetes and an occasional shotgun.
  5. Talk to Dr. Hector Valenzuela at Quality Care/Medicos Especialistas.
  6. Since there are surrounding mountains, your chances of getting even one clear signal are pretty slim.
  7. I think there are regulations in most places to separate drones from aircraft. Drones must not be flown close to airports or high enough to be at the lowest aircraft altitudes. Still, they should not be flown too low over private property; say 150 ft. minimum. Lower than that and they may be fair game for slingshot or archery practice, etc.
  8. Stop by any one of the door & window shops with your dimensions & have them cut a piece for you, smooth the edges and put in countersunk holes for the screws.
  9. How good are you at aiming a cohete? They are old technology, but might be effective. Of course, you would “just be celebrating“, and that drone came by to look.......
  10. You need a Retorno Seguro for the car & stop to get its sticker removed and receipted, but you don‘t need to do anything with INM.
  11. Less than six months before I make it to 80, and there is no water under the bridges here in Tucson. What should I do now? I can‘t mow the lawn either, as it is all gravel and cactus.
  12. It seems that it is only appropriate when flying, in order to satisfy the airline requirements. I saw the video and those INM gals seemed uncertain too. If you are planning on naturalization, just get the passports stamped out and in. You will need that information later for SRE.
  13. A hanging nest sounds more like wasps than bees.
  14. If it is generally at the same time in the afternoon, could it be the time of the day when the sun is shining upon the junction box and the expansion of the wires is causing brief disconnects? Stranger things have happened. When we first had service in that neighborhood, on Lopez Cotilla, we had a similar situation and I identified it as loose connections being the only cause. A conversation with the folks in Mexico city resulted in two tecnicos being sent to visit. All our connections at the house were new and tight all the way to the pole. They checked all the way to the junction box at the street and then on to the Telmex location on Morelos. For the next ten years, we had perfect service with no interruptions. They have to be encouraged to twist those wires more tightly.
  15. And.....who will be the professional judge to assign ratings?