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  1. Poutine Place closed?

    It has been there for many, many years.
  2. We went through that game many years ago. It took 8 months and finally some other methods before we ever got the INAPAM cards. They do not get sufficient cards and favor local old folks, of course.
  3. shipping household to mex using moving company

    When in Mexico, you are a Mexican. When in the USA, you are a US citizen. It isn‘t a good idea to try to have it both ways. Much better to put your stuff in storage, fly or bus to Mexico and buy a car in Mexico as soon as you have an address; even a temporary one. Then, you will have transportation to search for a permanent place, and then to go back north to fetch your stuff. Whenever you enter Mexico, use your Mexican passport. Don‘t complicate matters which could backfire on you later. To come down as a US citizen would seriously delay and then complicate buying a home, as part of the process will require a visa......you cannot do that. Don‘t even try. As a US citizen on a tourist permit, you can‘t register a car......Catch-22 ! Only Mexican citizens or expats with residence visas can get the CURP, RFC, etc., that are required for most all official acts these days, as well as enrollment in Seguro Popular, purchase of property that states your status, etc, etc, etc.
  4. Something? What might that be? Maybe large parking lots east of Chapala and West of La Canacita, with only shuttle busses running between the two lots with stops every kilometer along the way. Then, small jitney service, from the bus stops, north and south of the carretera. No cars, no taxis and just small delivery vans for commercial purposes only. It would be like magic.
  5. shipping household to mex using moving company

    Re: Daisy‘s post....... A Mexican citizen with dual citizenship cannot bring in a US plated car; cannot claim US citizenship in Mexico.....ie: can‘t have it both ways. See post above. Therefore, they would have to come down, buy and register a vehicle locally, then go back for their belongings at their convenience.
  6. Considering the terrain involved, and the need for ramped intersections and maybe even turning lanes.......I doubt that it is possible, short of destroying the area. Imagine: A four lane higher speed highway.......with a bike lane and sidewalks. Then imagine multi-story parking garages and anything else your heart may desire. Not in our lifetime.
  7. Hmmm.......A new cyclopista AND adjacent sidewalk would require about ten feet; the width of another traffic lane. Those “renovations of storefronts“ would probably be moved back at least ten feet, off the state right of way, I‘ll bet. If the expat group favors it, there will certainly be a push-back from the merchants involved.
  8. shipping household to mex using moving company

    If you hold Mexican citizenship, you must consider buying a Mexican car. You are not permitted to own or drive a US plated car in Mexico as a Mexican citizen. You cannot claim to be a US citizen while in Mexico. The only way you could drive a US plated, or other foreign car, would be if it were temporarily imported by an immediate family member, who was eligible to do so, or with an owner-importer present in the vehicle. There are other rules for US green-card holders who are resident in the US, but they do not apply to your situation as a dual citizen.
  9. shipping household to mex using moving company

    Shipping an entire household will be extremely expensive; probably prohibitive for most people. Mexico has everything you will need and you will probably find it more economical to sell all you can and replace with new stuff in Mexico for near the cost of a commercial mover. If you are going to get a permanent residence visa, a US vehicle will not be permitted for you beyond the first 30 days, and you would probably have to hire someone to remove it from Mexico while you were in process with immigration authorities to actually get your visa processed, which can take a couple of months. If on a temporary residence visa, you can keep your car up to the 4-year limit with renewals through the initial immigration process and annually thereafter. Have you visited a Mexican Consulate, or their website, to see what visa you may qualify for? That is your first step in the process.
  10. An emissions inspection is also a good idea.
  11. Wow! Maybe you could have had the dinner delivered for considerably less, and fully catered too.
  12. Mercadolibre

    Yes, we also used Mercadolibre.com.mx several times and always had good results. Sellers would give us their bank clabe number, and we would simply go to the bank and make the payment into that account. The seller could check his account online, see the deposit confirmed, then acknowledge it by an e-mail to us. He would then ship & send us the tracking information. Easy.
  13. How dare you call me old. I am still below 80 and will remain so for several more weeks. I do not drink and drive; in fact, I can no longer drive at all. Well, not legally. So, I may not drive, would be a more accurate statement. I remain young at heart. All those stents and medications do help, though. Now: What was the question?
  14. If it has Jalisco plates: Take the original factura and all of the annual renewal paperwork and accompany the buyer to the Recaudadera office at the far east end of Degollado in Chapala (south side of the street). If the state records come up free of liens and tickets, you and the buyer will be asked to sign documents. Money is exchanged, and that is it. All done. If it is a foreign plated vehicle on an Importada Temporal, you are prohibited from selling it in Mexico. However, if some other expat is willing to do the transaction north of the border and insure that you get the receipt for the cancelled Importada, then it can be done with certain legal permissions for the buyer to drive your car to the border, where the buyer will then magically produce a signed title and change the ownership to his own name. If the buyer fails to do this, you could be in trouble if your car were to be involved in an accident or crime, etc.
  15. I suggest that you do it immediately, then probably again when the card is actually issued. I think there is a 15 day time perios involved. Probably better to check with Chapala Law, Spencer McMullen (Intercasa on this board) for a definitive answer or actual help. I think they do it at the Aduana office at the airport.