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  1. Handymail Rip Off

    If you have a US bank account with online banking, you can deposit a check by scanning it. Just follow the instructions on your account at your bank‘s website. The deposit is instant and will show up on your account. You may then destroy the actual check, or mark it void and file it. Even in the USA, there is no longer any need to mail checks.
  2. Tuesday Market

    The huge Monday tianquis in Chapala also had the freshest produce and more economical prices than the Wednesday Ajijic tianguis. More choices, too. I assume that is still the case.
  3. Need to screen in back patio.

    All I remember is “José from Ajijic“, who was hired by my contractor, Pablo Marquez, of Ajijic. Say Hi, if you find them; probably in the Seiz Esquinas area, up to to the carretera, but below Doña Lola...Interior house on the right (east side). It would take some serious tools to cut. A burglar would need a power tool or a hefty axe, etc. A knife or machete would not cut it.
  4. American notary

    If the acknowledgement is made by a Mexican Notario, it is being done in Mexico, in accordance with the laws of Mexico, and is legal in the USA, under treaty. Please read more carefully, Pulelehua.
  5. American notary

    Ignorance is bliss.
  6. Need to screen in back patio.

    In a similar situation, we had an ironworker use the sturdy iron screenwork in frames made to fit. Ours were spray painted black and were as good as new ten years later, when we sold. They cannot be cut by burglars, damaged by pets, and can be hosed off or scrubbed with a brush, etc. Loved them! Such screening is sold in the USA as “security screening“.
  7. American notary

    It would be an invalid notarization, as a US Notary Public cannot operate outside of his home area; except for the consular official. Use a Mexican Notario and be legal and not have to worry about the document being contested. Yes, there are US expats in the area, who will take your money and wink. Avoid them. They know better!
  8. U.S. Notary..electronically

    A Mexican notario is perfectly legal, by treaty, and will be accepted by all but the most ignorant or prejudiced bumpkins NoB. We have used them for real estate transactions and deeds for property sold NoB and had no refusals of the documents. We did not ask them first, either. It is not their choice to accept or refuse.
  9. Cardiologist Recommendation?

    Eacellen post & I have had similar service from Dr. Ramon Garcia, who has placed some of my stents; but that was before he “retired“. It seems that he is coming out of retirement. I suspect that he got bored. I simply liked Dr. Briseño‘s personality and the avialability of his father as a partner in the procedures, and used him most recently. Both are top notch, for sure.
  10. Any book exchanges Lakside

    Check with the American Legion in Chapala for library and book exchange.
  11. USA cell phone in Mexico

    Consider Ooma, which you can get in the USA for $99 and plug into your internet anywhere. It has either basic or premier services to meet your needs.
  12. Cardiologist Recommendation?

    I have had multiple interventions, over the years, by Dr. Ramon Garcia, and most recently by Dr. Briseño. I prefer Dr. Briseño, who has placed several of my stents, and has saved my bacon. I remain stable, thanks to him and his prescribed medications. US cardiologists have reviewed his work on DVD and admire it. None have changed any of his prescriptions. You may trust his jusdement completely. When I needed emergency abdominal surgery, for a gastroenterological problem, performed by Dr. Valenzuela, also of Quality Care, Dr. Briseño was right there for cardiac consultation.
  13. Bed in a Box

    It sounds like a coffin.
  14. Chimney

    You could make it worse, by restricting the draft with glass doors. The fireplace need a suficient source of air to provide draft. You could try adding some height to your chimney and even adding a wind cap, which would prevent direct downdraft, as well as rain, from entering the top of the chimney. Yes, that higher neighboring house could also be the culprit in certain wind directions.
  15. New Car Battery Required

    I always found better prices for LTH auto batteries in Ixtlahuacan, at a small place with an LTH sign, on the right, just inside the city gates. They will install and give a guarantee card. You will need Spanish, though.