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  1. Looking for cloth patches for jeans

    In Soriana, they used to be with the ironing supplies, as was the distilled water for irons; while the irons themselves were with the small appliances in other stores.....sometimes.
  2. Do you pay staff for sick days, and how much?

    From these posts, I gather that the gardener feels that he has been insulted, and the housekeeper feels short-changed, while the employers admit to inconsistencies in their directions to both employees. As such, it would seem that the employers have a serious discussion with each other regarding the responsibilities of their employees. Once that is settled, it would make sense to calmly and politely clear the air with the employees; even admitting that they may have been unclear, or inconsistent with their directions, and/or unfamiliar with the local methods, customs and procedures. If that proves too difficult, or if it does not satisfy all parties, then there should be a formal dissolution of the employer/employee relationship, with finiquitos, and a re-evaluation of whether or not to consider having employees, and of how to manage their duties. Since “small town rules“ may apply, we found that having a housekeeper from Ajijic and a gardener from Chapala worked out very nicely, as they had not known each other and had no “history“. That was a lesson we learned early on, from experience in both towns.
  3. corn beef for saturday

    Time in the brine........with those corns of rock salt.
  4. Salvador's closing April 1?

    So; to recap: Salvador had Jorge and Salvador, two sons who split up, and Jorge ended up with Salvador‘s, all by himself, while Salvador opened Doña Lola, where he still serves diners every day, but without the “table of knowledge“. There! Now all the newbies have a clear understanding of the situation, while some of us oldies may have been lost in the mists of time and change. Oh well........
  5. Salvador's closing April 1?

    Salvador‘s was Jorge‘s, while Doña Lola is Salvador‘s to this day. Posted just to confuse newbies and several others.
  6. Seguro Popular

    One can lie in the hall on a gurney until......................
  7. Superlake going downhill??

    We always found the freshest vegetables at the Chapala mercado publico in the morning, every day. For those of you who are not within walking distance, as we were, it might be worth a bus trip. The buses arrive from Ajijic right in front of the mercado, and return from the opposite side of the street; easy enough if you have a suitable bag for the trip, and the energy to carry it.
  8. Payment for Cleaning Lady

    Before you hire her, be certain that you get a copy of her finiquito as acknowledgement that she has been paid for all those years by the property management company. Otherwise, you may have some very expensive surprises coming your way. You might even want to consult Spencer, at Chapala Law, to check those details, and to prepare her new hiring contract for you.
  9. Cataract Surgery : Mishaps

    Dr. Roig is excellent, and I also suggest Clinica Santa Lucia in Guadalajara. It is easy to find, has a website and is a highly specialized eye surgery clinic. Contact Dr. Roig at: enriqueroig@retina.com.mx
  10. Mercado?

    If you mean José‘s Mexican-American Restaurant, on the southern, outside wall of the Chapala mercado publico, yes, it is some of the best food you can find on the north shore of Lake Chapala.
  11. I installed safety bars in our showers. They were available at Home Depot in various lengths, stainless steel about 1.5 inch diameter, with mounting flanges. I drilled for the nylon anchors and used 2 inch stainless screws. Never a problem in 10 years of daily use.
  12. Lakeside increased population?

    Testing your mettle may be a good idea, but do not meddle.
  13. Selitre expert?

    There is no affordable cure, short of razing the structure and rebuilding. Everything else is just a stop-gap measure to try to slow down the formation of salitre. It is best to learn how to live with it, and how to scrape it, dig it, and re-plaster and re-paint it. It is quite simple, but it is a nuisance in any masonry home built upon an absorbent foundation without any impermeable barrier between the foundation, walls and floors. The common use of incompletely washed sand does contribute unwanted minerals to all of the masonry products used in the construction and finishing.
  14. Colonics, colon hydrotherapy ?

    Ella de la Manguera? No number listed.