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  1. Note that the four major US channels were never on the official line-up of channels in the Telecable list for many years past. They were only available at Lake Chapala; not elsewhere, and were pirated by the local Telecable office through their large dishes. That analog system is now seemingly obsolete and unavailable. Those large dishes are very old & connection often failed on weekends, when there were no technicians available to service them. As such, I doubt that it would be worth the effort for anyone to protest & demand a refund for unofficial, bonus, local pirated channels that no corporate official is likely to acknowledge ever having existed. I would suggest upgrading to the digital service and using the SAT feature to maximize the number of English programs. Other English language news sources are available on the internet.
  2. We were very happy with our Mabe for over 10 years. It was a model with a glass oven door, two oven racks, a broiler below and six burners with a heavy cast comal. It also had a child-safety shut-off, which I eliminated myself for our convenience. It maintained temperatures just fine and one of the top burners was even thermostatically controld; a feature we did not use, however. It did have an electric clock and timer as well. Usually, those better models are not easily found & may have to be ordered, or found in better stores in Guadalajara. We got lucky at a grand opening of a new Walmart, when they wanted some better models at the Guadalajara location. Mabe also makes Easy, GE & other brands.
  3. Are you all leaving soon? I didn‘t think so, since you still write home that you are “living in paradise“. Wish we were still there !!!!! But.......we did have two cars!
  4. Put the following into your Google search engine: origin of indian clubs You will get the history, and why they have that name, etc.
  5. It is hard to jump out if there is no window, or for your screams to be heard. Ugh!
  6. Yes, call transito & they will have it towed away.
  7. Google can help you: https://www.google.com/search?q=Hoteles+en+Chapala%2C+Jalisco&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  8. I have some carbon-steel European knives that I have had since 1959, and keep them sharp with only a two-sided “Arkansas Stone“ purchased in the same year. Both are worth having.
  9. ACTA = Official document or certificate; an official act, action, certification, etc.
  10. If she is also a legal resident of Canada, you both should be able to do it there.
  11. Good poing, Ferret. However, an electronic “sniffer“ may also be rather ineffective in finding a small underground leak. That said, if a leak is found by any method, in accessible lines, it can be fixed easily. If there is still a hidden leak, in the walls or underground, it is definitely easier and more economical to run new lines above ground from the tank to the closest possible location for the stove, heater, BBQ, etc. Our bulk tank was on the roof, near the street, and all of the gas and other plumbing, TV cable, etc. were on the roof and easy to get to. Tht made for very short drops into the interior to service the stove or other appliances, or into a patio for BBQ or water heater, etc.
  12. Lacking an instrument, there are two effective procedures: Your nose & soapy water brushed on suspicious connections.
  13. It may cost more than the value of the contents, or could vanish at customs if it is used clothing. It may not be worth the gamble. Can it wait until you visit; or he does?
  14. The paints that last are very special products; often thermo-plastic formulations which are applied hot by special paint application machines. They are probably not available in most Mexican jurisdictions. Back some 50 years ago, I was really impressed when I saw my first reflective cat eye inserts down the middle of a road in Greece. Now, there are even highway striping paints that glow in the dark, in Europe, not North Americas as far as I know. That would be great for topes; or maybe lights that only illuminate when a vehicle approaches too fast. We can dream.......
  15. Topes are often coincidental with the shade of a single tree, making them very hard to see. There is a reason: A single tree provides shade and shelter for pedestrians. Such a comfortable spot makes for a logical bus stop location. People gather there and get hungry, so someone locates a portable snack-bike at certain hours. Of course, that attracts even more people; some from the opposite side of the road, who must cross to catch either a taco or a bus. For safety, a tope is built; soon to be followed by a more substantial eatery....then, a village. So, there is progress and logic alive and well in Mexico. Expats just need to slow down when they see a tree casting a shadow across the road. It probably hides a tope. If there are pedestrians under the tree; no doubt at all.