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  1. It found a mate. Now he is resting.
  2. If I were you, I would check online and/or stop in at the INM office in person with a copy of your e-mail letter. They will advise you on the next step.
  3. Even worse; there was a time when lobster were used as fertilizer in those parts. That tells you what the town fathers thought of the poor.
  4. I feel an affinity for Pappysmarket and Bdington, who know the real thing. The rest of you need to wash your mouths out with soap for using the word “lobster“, for those langostinos & other tasteless relatives of the crayfish. You will be forever banned from New England, and probably be incarcerated in a Maine town square, confined in an old lobster pot.
  5. Those tails are not homerus americanus, which is LOBSTER. Just ask anyone from New England, especially Maine (where they may even have a law against calling them lobster), or the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. Those South African “lobster tails“, and other such langusta, “spiny lobster“ or langustinos just are not the same taste or texture. They are tough, and lack the best part; the large claws. Only if you have never had the real thing, will you think that they are worth buying.
  6. We like that tradition too, but couldn‘t find any place in Tucson; not even Red Lobster, so we bit the bullet and had a pair flown in from Boston. We tracked the delivery and had a large pot of boiling water ready when UPS arrived. I wonder if any of those lobster firms will ship to Mexico????? You could ask. We may have to give up the tradition, as I never paid so much for a lobster dinner. But, we did have lobster in the desert.
  7. Why not just switch to a Mac, and be happy & secure? You will never go back to a PC.
  8. Inside, it is much more likely that you have powder post beetles. They are usually in the wood originally and getting rid of them will probably best be done by removing the wood and burning it; then, replacing with new, treated pieces.
  9. Even some Buicks are now built in China. However, we remain loyal and happily drive our Japanese car, which was made in Aguascalientes for the USA market.
  10. It seems that you have your answer. Now you can just go there and see what they have.
  11. Fleet cars are traded in by Mexican companies, sometimes when just two years old, and can be good buys if you can catch one at your favorite new car dealership.
  12. The visa card does not have an address.
  13. Italian food? Authentic? Not at that place; not even close! Not even up to Italian-American home-cooked standards. If they are capable of accomplishing that cuisine, they certainly don‘t seem to care to try. His son, Alejandro, did much better with his pizzas, when he went out on his own and opened the “yellow house“ location, but finally lost his friendly manner too, and left the area. He also made good pasta dishes, in addition to pizza. Whenever I go to an “Italian restaurant“ for the first time, I always order spaghetti and meatballs. Only a few can pass the test in either Mexico or much of the USA. I was spoiled, terribly, by a Sicilian mother-in-law for too many years. She started her sauce for Sunday on Wednesday afternoon, and tended it constantly as it developed unbelievable depth of flavors. Enough of that, or I will salivate into the keyboard........
  14. San Luis Potosi still has that Ford monument; a huge steel framework for a new Ford manufacturing plant, which was abandoned early this year, to the cheers of some in the USA, who were sure that Ford would be keeping those jobs in the USA and making their smaller cars domestically. Well, that euphoria did not last long. Yesterday‘s news announced that Ford will now build the Ford Focus in China, for export to the USA, at even greater savings than building it in Mexico. I see a trend.
  15. I vote for Doña Lola with their much larger selection and consistent quality. I particularly miss their Huevos Motuleños for breakfast, but they would also be good for an economical lunch, as they contain meat and vegetables too.