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  1. Mexican Hat Dance Made Easy Instructor: Griselda Alcantar (Ballet México Folklórico) Course Fee: $300 MXN Course Date(s) and Times: August 10, 11 AM – 2:30 PM Course Location: Gazebo Min/Max Students required: 12/20 Enrollment ends August 3 Description: Mexico is not Mexico without its dance styles. From prehistoric to modern times dance has been an artistic staple of creative expression throughout Mexico. Known collectively as Ballet Folklórico, this Prueba will teach the beginner about this wonderful Mexican tradition. With deeps roots in pre-Columbian spiritualism dance has gone through phases of adaption due to colonialism and nationalism resulting in a remarkable array of sound, color and movement. In this Prueba Mexico be prepared to learn about the evolution of dance in Mexico from prehistoric times through today. Understand the regional differences in costume, music and steps. You will learn two dances during the experience, both a Pre-Hispanic Dance as well as perhaps Mexico’s most famous dance, now known internationally and adapted by many Latin American regions, the Mexican Hat Dance. The Mexican Hat Dance has it’s origins here in Jalisco and is called the Jarabe Tapatío. So put on your dancing shoes and join us for this energetic and informative Prueba! Griselda Alcantar Contact: grisalcantar.e@gmail.com The desire and enthusiasm of a group of young dancers to bring a sample of the great wealth of folk dances from Mexico to different places but, above all, their great desire to dance, motivated the integration of the Ballet México Folklórico in the year of 1998. The energy and great joy of the dancers in each of their presentations as well as the varied colors of their costumes were characteristics that distinguished this group from the beginning. Little by little they expanded their vision regarding their original objectives: not only to make known or spread the great wealth of customs and traditions of Mexico through music and dance but also to show the greatness of the human spirit of a people. Having as a priority the arduous and constant preparation of his entire cast in different dance disciplines (such as classical ballet, contemporary dance, flamenco, etc.), Ballet México Folklórico has been consolidating as a professional group of great artistic quality. Ballet México Folklórico has choreographic productions from the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Nuevo León, Michoacán, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chiapas and Concert Dance as well as special programs such as: ✓ Mexico is Jalisco ✓ Estampas de México ✓ Day of the Dead: Michoacán, History of a Love. ✓ Elements ✓ Mexico Spectacular Pleasure, joy or delight are just adjectives to describe the sensations produced by the Folkloric Mexico Ballet because when we see these dancers we see ourselves inside, our joys are recreated and our courtships are revived, we shout and sing, all of our senses.
  2. LCS Prueba México Program 2018.2 Temazcal: Ancient Mexican ritual. (Purifying Spirit). Instructor: Ricardo Yohualoceloth & Cesar Mata Course Fee: $650 MXN Course Dates: Aug 31, 2018 Course Time: Wednesday, 2:00 -6:30 pm Course Location: Tlatonal Community (Nearby Ixtlahuacan) Min/Max Students required: 10/12 Enrollment begins Jun 28 from 10:00 to 14:00 at de LCS Office Enrollment ends Aug 24. Description: According to Ricardo Navarro, leader of the community Tlatonal, the temazcal is an alternative for purification in different ways. In the past, people were born, prepared and healed in a temazcal. At present, this ritual has different contexts. Usually, it is a way of entering into introspection, different from psychiatry and psychology. Besides entering the psyche, it makes people touch their skin, touch their interior and express their thoughts in a single excursion, that is, they unite body, mind and spirit to transmute some physical circumstance or discomfort, or to transmute some psychological circumstance that is spinning in your head. And why does it transmute it? Because steam, heat and isolation cause you to enter a different way of thinking and act accordingly when you go back to the outside world. It is an encounter with Mother Earth. The temazcal is a ritual of Pre-Hispanic Mexico that consists of a steam "bath" with aromatic herbs and songs. The price includes round trip transportation. It is necessary that to participate men wear only shorts or swimsuit and women a long skirt and a blouse (all natural fibers). In the Tlatonal Community there will be a place to change clothes. At the end of the ritual, we will be served a naturist dish. Please Note: · The fee to participate in each Prueba México Program is payable in cash at the LCS office, or on-line via credit card, or PayPal. On-line payments are subject to a 7% surcharge to cover processing and foreign exchange fees. · All Prueba México Program courses are limited to Lake Chapala Society Members only. If you are not an LCS Member, you will be assessed a one Month Membership fee ($250 MXN), in addition to the course enrollment fee. · Your LCS Membership must be active on the date of the course presentation. If your membership will expire before the selected course date, it must be renewed to attend the course. · The LCS Office should be notified at least 5 days before the course begins if a cancellation is needed. There is no refund. · A waiting list will be created for each course where member interest exceeds the maximum enrollment.
  3. LCS Personal Enrichment Program 2018.2 Introduction to Creative Writing. Instructor: Rachel McMillen Course Fee: $400 MXN Course Dates: Sept 03 - 24, 2018 Course Time: Monday, 2:00 to 4:00 pm Course Location: South Campus Board Room Min/Max Students required: 11/20 Enrollment begins July 09 from 09:00 to 14:00 at de LCS Office Enrollment ends August 29. Description: Creative writing is considered an art, a door to express thoughts and emotions with imagination. We’ll learn how to use language and ‘voice’, character development, dialogue, narration, backstory, theme, point-of-view, plotting, how to create the story Arc, and, of course editing and critiquing. Rachel McMillen, BA (Hons). Contact: rjmcmillen@shaw.ca Work Experience English Language & Literature (University of Melbourne) Dip. Ed. (Melbourne) Adult Education (Vancouver College) Rachel McMillen is the author of four books, with a fifth scheduled for release in 2018. Two of the books were nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award. She has also written articles for various publications including Pacific Yachting and Seasons Magazine. Please Note: These programs are limited to LCS members only. Membership must be active to enroll and must remain active for the duration of each class. The LCS Office should be notified at least 5 days before the course begins if a cancellation is needed. There is no refund. A waiting list will be created for each course where member interest exceeds the maximum enrollment.
  4. Thursday, 26 July Galerias Mall/Costco Major retailers including Best Buy, Sears, Home Store and restaurants Cheesecake Factory, PF Chang and more, also shop Costco, Sams and Mega. Cost 370pesos for members and 470pesos for non-members Bus departs promptly at 9:30am from the sculpture in La Floresta. Wednesday, 8 August Tlaquepaque Forum Mall/Home Depot Visit and shop Tlaquepaque and find upscale retailers and fine dining in an historical architecturally significant, pedestrian-only zone. Cost 370pesos for members and 470pesos for non-members *****For those who wish to shop the Forum Mall and/or Home Depot, accommodations will be made***** Bus departs promptly at 10 a.m. from the sculpture in La Floresta
  5. Ellie


    Prime real estate location but there have been problems with a clean deed to that property from the beginning. I'll try to remember the details 'cause I don't believe that they were ever resolved - just like the old hotel Ricon del Gustavo on the lakefront at Pedro Moreno and Independencia. I"m a direct neighbor of both... vamos a ver. I'd be very cautious. Maybe 14-15 years ago the hotel was being landscaped and renovated, large signs for a literal horse and pony show... The new "owner", a lawyer from Guad, who I met supposedly paid two million dollars for the property. He was gone in record time and the caretakers are still there. As far as I know, the deed is still held in Mexico City.
  6. "INSURANCE & EMPLOYEE CONTRACTS" Topics included: Claiming insurance Issues with insurance companies Maximum time companies have to comply Contract and Insurance for employees Register employer and employees at IMSS Presented by Ma de las Nieves Solbes Luis (Neus) & Diego Solbes Friday, July 13, LCS Sala 12:30 PM LCS MEMBERS ONLY, Bring membership card
  7. LCS is launching the second part of its Personal Enrichment Program and Prueba México Program. So stay tuned for August courses. We will learn what types of taxes we must pay in Mexico, and in what areas the government applies them in our community as part of the services. What activities a municipal delegate carries out; also, we will know about the mysticism that surrounds a traditional Temazcal ritual, and we will live it; Let's travel through the evolution of dance in Mexico, from pre-Hispanic times to the present, and learn some dance steps. And finally, we will have a special course to know the traffic regulations, and we will take you to complete the procedure to obtain or renew your driver's license in Guadalajara
  8. Ellie

    Outside thermometer

    In past years, I have found them at the dollar store - and bought two. First one finally died and the replacement is in it's place.
  9. Ellie

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    Seating area is outdoors and roofed over...service, decor, landscaping, etc are delightful. I've never had a problem with smokers. Service has always been good and I've enjoyed to breakfast and lunch there. It's one of my new go to places. The eating area is an L shaped area.... so a wall on one side with a roof....
  10. Ellie

    Fabric on menaje

    And I shipped boxes of fabric with all the supplies (quilter) and had no problems at all. Fabric was folded and packed but still not enough for a store or resale....which is what they are looking for....
  11. Ellie

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    Seating area is outdoors and roofed over...service, decor, landscaping, etc are delightful. I've never had a problem with smokers. Service has always been good and I've enjoyed to breakfast and lunch there. It's one of my new go to places.
  12. Ellie

    Consulate exchange rate

    No the rate is not yet announced. US Warden is expecting the information on Monday morning.
  13. Ellie

    Social Security problem

    IF your address with SSA is in the U.S, there is no problem... The only difficulty is if your registered SSA address is in Mexico and regardless of what country where your bank is located, your will then receive the "are you alive?" letter.
  14. Ellie

    Social Security problem

    This phone number goes to an SSA employee in the United States and is what you would use calling from a Mexican landline. The US warden here has confirmed with the Consulate in Guad that there is no person in Guad that you talk to..... only communications locally are thru the FBU.guadalajara@ssa.gov. The return phone call mentioned above comes from an office in Monterrey.... I did though receive ONE return phone call from the 883 phone number above. And as I am the volunteer submitting the info from LCS newletter.... I called at 10 P.M. our time and after a few menu selections got a real live person who was quite helpful. I did also receive a prompt reply from the email address above.