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  1. Unfortunately, this is so typical of restaurants here. Many of them can't manage to be consistent. One of the main reasons they go broke. Just when someone says it is great, someone else says its terrible. We were supposed to go there to try it with friends tomorrow, but I hate to recommend it after reading what I just did. Maybe they need some time to try to get their act together.
  2. I must say, that place sounds great and we'll be sure to try it! Thanks for the detailed review.
  3. Why kill them? Were they attacking you or just living their lives up in that tree? I have found the bees here to be really relaxed and I can stand right by them and they just buzz around in a very non-aggressive manner. What a horrible death, in a plastic bag in the hot sun. I wouldn't wish it on any creature.
  4. You can "consider yourself" to be anything you want, but that doesn't make it correct. As dave0415 said, CRA decides whether you are a resident or non-resident. After 10 years living here do you hang on to your Canadian healthcare illegally too, as numerous people do, since you "consider yourselves Canadian residents"? Dropping in to see the doctor once a year when they visit their kids, to maintain a semblance of Canadian residency? People do that too, but that doesn't make it right and if they ever get caught at it there will be penalties to pay. You're right that here is some bad info on this web board, but what dave0415 said doesn't fall into that category. The fact that you own property in Canada doesn't make you a resident. If you don't "live" here, and only spend winters here, that's different.
  5. If you are interested in a gated community, make sure you understand the difference between a condo and a frac as far as access to it goes.
  6. Just Google it. There are lots of options. here's one.
  7. Yours looks great too, C.G.!
  8. More Liana, how do you get the cheese to brown so nicely? Do you have a broiler or do you use a super high temperature?
  9. Tell her to go to the realtor who has the listing and register for her severance pay when it sells. Maybe he or she can explain the situation. The snowbird might have died and the kids are selling the house. Who knows?
  10. Maybe insect eggs like in one of these photos? I often see little flat black dots in orderly fashion on leaves in my garden.
  11. Operation Feed in San Juan Cosala hands out clothing twice a year to the poor people of the village, and they would love to have your donation. They will even pick it up from you. You can contact them through the website for pickup.
  12. His friend spoke to him this morning on that number. Maybe he was out of range of a cell tower when you tried. Did you know you have to dial 045 from a landline before the cell number?
  13. I just checked with a personal friend of Geovanni's and he says that is the correct number for him. Maybe you can keep trying or don't understand what the message said in Spanish, perhaps? Maybe he is late in paying his bill? His email address is
  14. That's what we buy too and we find it quite similar and very good.
  15. I can donate one very soon and will be in touch later today.