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  1. Tipping Disagreement

    An Uber to the airport right now quoted me 222 pesos, so if I was being charged 600 pesos I wouldn't feel a tip is required on top of it. The Miramontes family has become very expensive compared to other drivers.
  2. Do you pay staff for sick days, and how much?

    In 12 years I have never had a housecleaner or gardener ask for time off for medical appointments or for IMSS coverage. I don't think you are obliged to pay for sick days but you are obliged to pay for "vacation" days, which most workers never actually take, so maybe you could make the days he takes off his "vacation" days so that you don't have to pay them out at the end of the year with his aguinaldo. Instead he gets that one day a month with pay. I sure hope that when you bought the house the realtors made sure you got finiquitos for the years they worked for the previous owner.
  3. La Mision

    Now they are called "Casa Linda". I had lunch there this week and found the service to be lacking, as it always has been. Food was ok but nothing to write home about. Waiter was nice but looking after a group was not something he was ready for, and he was confused constantly about who ordered what, etc.
  4. I am sharing this message from a Facebook page. If you know Dallas please have him contact Tina: Wallet found by Tina Dawn Leon. Her phone number is below.OK who knows a retired Navy officer named Dallas Nelson??? I just found his wallet in the back of a cab but didn't feel comfortable giving it to the cab driver to return So I have it. Please share - he can call me at 331-439-5412. Thanks!
  5. Lakeside increased population?

    Mopsy, there is a government program that allows employed Mexicans to buy a house and make payments on it. Maybe your workers are unaware of it. http://portalmx.infonavit.org.mx/wps/portal/infonavit.web/trabajadores/!ut/p/z1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zijSwMDNydDAz93C08LAwc3Vw9XS19jI3cDQ30wwkpiAJKG-AAjiD9UWAluEwINYQqwGNGQW6EQaajoiIA0SbkSA!!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/
  6. There is a guard at the gated entrance however they are not allowed to stop you from entering because the roads are publicly owned by the municipality of Jocotepec. The most they will do is record your name and license plate number, if that.
  7. Chili cook off - is it free?

    I agree entirely. Are the local families who can't afford entrance interested in talking to vendors of solar panels, buying high quality knives, or relatively expensive ornaments and artwork of all kinds? Not to mention buying food at prices they can't afford either? The good thing is that the Mexicans will benefit from the funds raised by foreigners from foreigners, and what is wrong with that?
  8. Wedding Present

    In our experience we found this tradition of pinning the money to their clothes to be followed at a wedding of local village people from San Juan Cosala, but when we attended weddings of city people, they didn't do that.
  9. Taxi to Airport for Thurs a.m. Feb 22

    Here is a list of recommended drivers from a Facebook page I follow: Private Taxis // Tours // Vans // Guadalajara - Airport- Border Runs Juan Pablo Chavez G R 331 159 3486 https://www.facebook.com/Magnificen... Manuel Castillo Castro 3316997202 Rafael Aguilar Dueñez 331 216 5892 Juan M. Rosales 376 766 3575 Miguel Lemus Martinez 3316591017 or 3316591017 Luis Miramontes 3313078289 Ricardo 3321596409 https://www.facebook.com/Agencia-de... Cesar Beraud (Guadalajara-Chapala) 3319927123 https://www.facebook.com/Private-Ta... Laura Martínez Sarabia 331 147 8936 Andrea Rose 331-705-1629 Carlos Diaz ‭331039 843 Jacobo Romo 3314010266 Martin Solis 33131211176 Samuel Reyes 3334820167 or 3312895209
  10. DIF Cards

    I have to just say that I am surprised at how many foreigners will go through this whole procedure, to try to get a 50% discount on their 200 dollar property taxes, from a municipality which desperately needs their tax money. I am only guessing but I bet the staff who weren't very friendly were thinking the same thing. When they see foreigners living what is "the high life" compared to theirs, travelling, eating out in restaurants often, buying all kinds of things those workers could never afford, simply even owning a home which many of them never will, and then wanting to save that $100 because they have heard that they too are "entitled" to this discount, it might make them somewhat upset, don't you think?
  11. House Sit Mexico has only 9 active listings, and I've never seen more than 12 active at a time there, so the odds of finding anything there are very slim and you have to pay just to find out that there is nothing for you. A lot of people here hire pet sitters though so once you are here , in time you could get established and probably find lots of jobs at the current rate of 200 pesos a day in most cases, which is about $10.70 USD. That's about the same rate I pay to have my dog groomed, by the way. Vets here charge very reasonable rates, and there are so many of them that they don't use Vet Techs the way we do up north. They do all the work themselves. A really good groomer who knows all the proper cuts for the different breeds could probably make a bit of a living. Mobile groomers who come to your house can be quite busy and one guy who did a lot of business recently left town. Your skills will be wonderful for the animal charities if you are willing to donate your time, as so many of us do, but if you need to make enough money to support yourself here, please think about how little you will be paid anywhere you work. The wages here are abysmal compared to up north.
  12. Alex Peterson January Delivery

    He is here now. We picked up our items today and you should hear from him soon about yours if you haven't yet.
  13. Alex Peterson January Delivery

    Yes, leaving Lakeside Wednesday morning.
  14. Alex Peterson January Delivery

    Alex and his friend were leaving early yesterday morning. By the time he gets back and sorts through what everyone owes him it should be delivered next week some time.
  15. Good French Fries

    My Irish mother made them just like that for us. When the lard cooled the chip pan and basket went into a cupboard, not the fridge, for next time. Best chips ever!!