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  1. The Instituto Internacional offers grades 7 through 12 only.
  2. I spoke with Alex about this and he has changed the rate to 100p per hour so I trust that will be considered a reasonable rate to more people. Please keep him in mind if you can use translation services.
  3. No, it would not be exact. For that you can contact Natasha on this board, who is a government certified translator and could deal more specifically with the nuances of both languages.
  4. I wouldn't think that he would be doing any 8 hour days for anyone. An hour or two here or there when they need some help would be more likely. Anything that took that long I'm sure he would give a better price for. I have seen bilingual people advertise similar help here in town for 200p an hour and get people who are very interested, even for things like helping them learn how to use their cell phone. I agree that almost no one would want to pay 1200p for a whole day. In a case like that I bet he would do it for half that and be happy to do so. I don't know if his written skills would be as good as his verbal skills for translating a manual but if perfection wasn't required I bet he could do it. I think his help at medical appointments would be good since he is familiar with the medical terminology. He is just in need of some work over the summer, not a full time job because school starts again in August, so I suggested that he could maybe find a bit of work with his English skills. If anyone has a job that takes all day like a hospital visit, please make him an offer and he can decide for himself. I'm sure he would be reasonable about it. If he could do a small job and make 300p in a day it would really help him out.
  5. I would like to recommend the services of a fourth year (upcoming) Medical School student who would like to make some money over the summer break. He is an outstanding student who speaks excellent English so is very easy to understand. His name is Alex Ortiz and his cell number is 333-597-5369. He lives in Riberas and does not have a car , but will accompany you if you wish to appointments, if you provide the transportation. If you need any help communicating with Spanish speakers, in any capacity, please keep him in mind . You will get a good translator and at the same time help him put himself through university. He could also come to you by bus if you are in the Lakeside area. His rate will be 150 pesos per hour, from the time he leaves home until he returns home. This is a really nice young man.
  6. Isn't a bit of a non event unless you live near one? Any small savings in gas fill-ups would easily be burnt up by what you would spend to drive to one of the two Costcos in Guadalajara, even if you live in Guadalajara.
  7. That's what we do too.
  8. Although I haven't seen it in awhile, it used to make me crazy when people would ask questions about Quadalajara. Not a typo, because those letters aren't even close on the keyboard.
  9. This store has high end furniture.
  10. Oh that's awful! Happy Mother's Day. All those creeps have mothers and I wish they knew what their beloved sons were up to. I would donate 500p for her, to help to make up for what she lost. Will anyone else join me?
  11. My experience at Home Depot here was that no, they made me take the item back to the location where I had purchased it. They told us the stores were individually operated.
  12. I would like to give her number to a Spanish speaking friend, if you can post it please. Maybe she can help her with some work. Thanks
  13. Unfortunately, this is so typical of restaurants here. Many of them can't manage to be consistent. One of the main reasons they go broke. Just when someone says it is great, someone else says its terrible. We were supposed to go there to try it with friends tomorrow, but I hate to recommend it after reading what I just did. Maybe they need some time to try to get their act together.
  14. I must say, that place sounds great and we'll be sure to try it! Thanks for the detailed review.
  15. Why kill them? Were they attacking you or just living their lives up in that tree? I have found the bees here to be really relaxed and I can stand right by them and they just buzz around in a very non-aggressive manner. What a horrible death, in a plastic bag in the hot sun. I wouldn't wish it on any creature.