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  1. Jorge - physical therapist across from Mom's Deli - 766-0395
  2. Diatomaceous earth, you can make it into a spray and it's not toxic unless you are an insect.
  3. It's cut worms. They eat the grass at the root line. You can be conservative and sprinkle diatomaceous earth, in the evening when they are active. I just had them and had to use malathion and that finally did them in.
  4. I looked up the carpet cleaners on this chat group and was just wondering if anyone has had a good experience with a large wool area rug. I've called Spring Clean but haven't heard back yet, and I understand a fellow who washes cars at Walmart might be OK at it. Anyone have a good experience they want to share. Thanks in advance.
  5. I had a friend helping another friend with medical stuff at Puerto Hierro and they had an armed guard and told them they could not leave until paying. And they said they could not produce a factura as the person or doctor was not available. This person was also covered under medical insurance and would recover the cost but not without a factura. They waited the whole day while this woman was very ill until they could produce a factura. They got home late that night. And I am referring to the one in Zapopan next to the Andares Mall.
  6. Friend in west Ajijic just had it. No one had keys to her house. She couldn't get out of bed. So make sure a friend has you key and you have several friends on speed dial.
  7. Volaris goes direct to Houston. However in Guadalajara you have to walk up the steps to the plane and then down when you get home. For disabled people they get two strong guys to carry you up and down. You can pay a little and reserve a front seat which has lots of leg room. The Houston part is easy. Just be sure you reserve a wheelchair all the way.
  8. Your doctor should have helped you. I had surgery a few years back and got reimbursed by my US insurance. But I had to pay via credit card for the hospital. The bill was padded and my doctor went over the bill before I left. He argued it down but said they did not meet the price they gave him and turned in his credentials at that hospital. This was Hospital San Jose. I've heard of the same thing happening at Puerto Hierro.
  9. Dr. Luis Nogueira at Quality Care - one of the best I have been to including in the US.
  10. I can't see a regular mosquito let alone one that is smaller!
  11. Thank you Wookie!
  12. Beware! PM me for details.
  13. Wookie which doctor did your surgery? I've heard the best doctors do the surgery at Puerto Hierro. Didn't know only they have the laser equipment. Thanks for the heads up and let me know the name of your doctor and contact info. Thanks
  14. Does anyone know the new shop location for Alma Gutierrez clothing since she moved?