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  1. Is this at all Farmacias Similares?
  2. I ate lunch at Bruno's today and noticed they have some new items on their luncheon menu, shaved ham and cheese sandwich, luncheon salads, and a new cheddat melt. I had the hamburger and it was outstanding. Thick, cooked the way I wanted, cheddar, bacon,and all the fixins plus a side of fries or salad. Burger plus side were 85 pesos. With ice tea just over 100 pesos. I forgot this is my favorite burger in town.
  3. Lexy I've bought some blown glass glassware at the store at the bottom of Colon - same side of the street as Opus Boutique but on the corner on the right across from Opus. Their prices are fair. But the best selection is at the tianguis in Ajijic.
  4. One fractured rib is terrible! Several must be horriffic. You can't breathe without pain and that means no sleeping.
  5. I saw the pipa truck coming down hill - lost his brakes and kept speeding up. A minute later I was on the libramento making a right and a large van was on it's side crushed against the Walmart side of the cement blockade. I couldn't see the pipa truck because it obviously jumped over the cement median and into the Walmart parking lot. People were in the intersection trying to get people out of the van but I moved on so as to not block traffic. Bomberos were coming in from the West through Ajijic with their sirens on.
  6. Oh no! I'll email her. Hopefully well enough to reply. Thanks for the info.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to Dt Lupita? I head she has been in the hospital 8 days so far.
  8. Does anyone know what happened to Dt Lupita? I head she has been in the hospital 8 days so far.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to Dt Lupita? I head she has been in the hospital 8 days so far.
  10. Mexico's second largest airport, they should be able to do something permanently!
  11. Still going on yesterday, Monday afternoon. I was picked up and walked out to an island where I know the driver could pick me up, drop off her other rider and turn around to get out. Ejidos had a tent at the entrance of the airport doors and again blocking the entrance to the parking lot. And the middle of the road in front of drop off has two lanes dug up the full length of the terminal in repair. If you don't know how to circumvent it's a mess. I advise drop off at Oxxo if the people can walk that far.
  12. Dr. Barragan is the best!
  13. Profeco -
  14. I understand he has broken into two houses in Las Fuentes when the owners were not home. A friend said he even knocked on their neighbor's door. Las Fuentes has started a neighborhood watch program. They take turns in the guard booth and take turns driving around the development. So far this guy uses three different cars and two motor cycles.
  15. I've seen it happen even with people I know. They go into a hardware store where no one speaks English and if they don't understand him he starts getting angry and talking loud. Needless to say don't go anywhere with this person any longer. What is it with some of the older gringoes here?