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  1. NEW CAFE IN SAN JUAN COSALA OPENS SEPT. 30. ACROSS FROM THE PLAZA IN TOWN ON PORFIRIO DIAZ Volunteers from the Token Store in San Juan Cosala have been working for months with a group of five village ladies. Nora, Jonnie, and Nancy have helped these women learn how to start a business, how to keep records, how to create a budget, and how to bake foods for the Expat community. A large part of of start-up money was from a grant provided by Saint Andrews Church. The ladies have also been making and selling items to add to the fund. The ladies are very excited to announce that Cafe La Canasta will host an Open House on September 30, from 3:00-5:00 PM. Guests will be asked to taste and rate muffins to determine which ones the cafe will offer. Please join us to meet these five delightful ladies and be entertained by the well-known musician, Paul Brier. The cafe will open the following Thursday and will also serve french-pressed coffee, juices, and breakfast burritos.
  2. Much safer here than in Houston.
  3. I tried the new Indian food restaurant in the food court of Centro Laguna yesterday. Loved it! He let me taste all the curry sauces to see which ones I liked. Had the chicken curry and butter chicken, both delicious. Served with basmati rice and condiments help yourself to the raita and chutney. I even liked the roti which was more like Pakastani roti I get in Houson. Of course I used the sauce from the curries to flavor my rice and dip the roti and used a fair amount of raita along with the curry sauces to cover my rice and dip the roti. I had the mango laasi and loved that too. Definitely planning to go back.
  4. THESE CATS AND KITTENS NEED A CHANCE! Since Anita's Animals will be closing soon, there are 42 Cats and Kittens who will have to be euthanized if we cannot find homes for them. The only shelter here at Lakeside that offers Cats is already full and there are no available shelters in Guad for them. Some of these animals have been vaccinated and are either neutered or spayed. if you would like to have a Purrfect Pet and can help, please visit Anita's Animals in the Racquet Club between 9 am and 1 pm. Just drive in the entrance and look for the sign before you get to the gate. Thank You!!! Any questions, please call (387) 761-0500 or 333 400 3327. Anita's Animals website https://www.facebook.com/AnitasAnimals
  5. Tickets will be on sale at Roberto's restaurant starting at 12 noon. The restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday. By the way several people have asked in Bobby has insurance. Yes he has IMSS but would have to wait until August for chemo therapy. I understand he is having fairly intensive chemo this week.
  6. Sorry for the lack of ticket info. You can buy tickets to the dinner event at the restaurant for 500 pesos each - set price for meal and includes 2 bottles of wine per table of 8. And I updated the title to say Roberto's Restaurant. Hope to see you there!
  7. Harry Bublin in Hospital

    Harry hoping for a speedy recovery!
  8. Benefit for Bobby Snyder (former owner of Roberto's Restaurant) Saturday July 8 from 6pm to 9pm at Roberto's Restaurant. Dinner includes a large hors d'ouvre buffet, choice of steak or fish dinner entre plus desert. And 2 bottles of wine per table of 8.Live music by Jimmy Barto, Sergio, and Paco. All proceeds go toward his cancer treatment.For reservations and information call (376) 766-1616. Tickets available at the restaurant for 500 pesos each.
  9. If you need a relaxing or the best theraputic massage ever try Lili at Hotel Perico. She was formerly an orthopedic doctor and comes from Guadalajara on weekends. With her past experience she finds all the spots that need work. She only speaks Spanish so call Tom at Hotel Perico for your first appointment at: Tom and Jan Cell: (045 from land line) 333 142 0012 Hard line: 376 688 0998 If they are not there they will get back to you.
  10. Tickets are still at Mia's and Diane Pearl. Now it's a buffet with beef, chicken, and veggie dishes. 300 pesos with half coming to support a summer program for Operation Feed kids.
  11. What fund raiser April 28? Do you have information?
  12. Posting for a friend. GREAT CONCERT IN JOCOTEPEC – MAY 6TH, 2017 The Rotary Club of Jocotepec-Chapala is organizing a gala concert on May 6th at 9:00 PM at the restaurant El Patio, Hidalgo Norte #89, Jocotepec. This concert will be held in a magnificent garden with old trees and gorgeous lights. We will have an orchestra of 13 musicians including violins, lower strings, oboe, piano, a soprano and a tenor, interpreting classical masterpieces (Bach, Vilvaldi, Mozart, Bizet) and modern melodies, including Andrea Bochelli y My Way (Frank Sinatra). The benefits of this evening will be donated for the construction of a new pet shelter in Jocotepec and The Rotary Foundation. Tickets are sold 400 pesos per person, which includes white/red wine services and canapés. For reservation, please write to moniquedeblois@yahoo.fr or call Lorenzo de Blois at 331-359-7519.
  13. Phone for Juan propane

    Hi is with Los Altos, I think he has been there for awile now. He is the only one that comes right away.
  14. Phone for Juan propane

    Yes Oatsie he has that number and came right away. thanks
  15. Does anyone have the phone number for Juan who delivers propane. He changed companies. Thank you