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  1. Tickets are still at Mia's and Diane Pearl. Now it's a buffet with beef, chicken, and veggie dishes. 300 pesos with half coming to support a summer program for Operation Feed kids.
  2. What fund raiser April 28? Do you have information?
  3. Posting for a friend. GREAT CONCERT IN JOCOTEPEC – MAY 6TH, 2017 The Rotary Club of Jocotepec-Chapala is organizing a gala concert on May 6th at 9:00 PM at the restaurant El Patio, Hidalgo Norte #89, Jocotepec. This concert will be held in a magnificent garden with old trees and gorgeous lights. We will have an orchestra of 13 musicians including violins, lower strings, oboe, piano, a soprano and a tenor, interpreting classical masterpieces (Bach, Vilvaldi, Mozart, Bizet) and modern melodies, including Andrea Bochelli y My Way (Frank Sinatra). The benefits of this evening will be donated for the construction of a new pet shelter in Jocotepec and The Rotary Foundation. Tickets are sold 400 pesos per person, which includes white/red wine services and canapés. For reservation, please write to or call Lorenzo de Blois at 331-359-7519.
  4. Hi is with Los Altos, I think he has been there for awile now. He is the only one that comes right away.
  5. Yes Oatsie he has that number and came right away. thanks
  6. Does anyone have the phone number for Juan who delivers propane. He changed companies. Thank you
  7. I bought one at Steren across the street from Walmart
  8. ASA Artwalk starts tomorrow, Saturday at 10am. Remember to get your ticket which includes a map of all the studios at Diane Pearl and LCS.
  9. OK Harry here is some info about treatment at the hospital in the Las Fuentes area. My friend has Seguros Popular and needed surgery for a severe bunion on her foot. She had seen a Seguro Popular orthopedic surgeon and was scheduled for surgery. She asked me to come stay a few hours with her since I speak Spanish and it was their requirement that she have a companion. So I showed up and the surgeon had not yet arrived. They were having trouble getting her blood pressure. I stayed 2 or 3 hours and still no surgeon. So finally she told me to go home and she would call if she needed me. About two hours later I called her home where her friend was waiting for her, and I got her on the phone. I asked what are you doing home already and she said when they administered the sedative her blood pressure sky rocketed. The surgeon said they could not do it with her pressure over 200 so she was sent home. She went to the SP cardiologist to see what is going on and turns out she has a heart problem, they did charge her some money for the Holter monitor test. She has returned to him and is on medication, but also got a second opinion from Dr. Brisena, another private cardiologist who confirmed the heart diagnosis. So for now surgery is on hold, and thanks to the doctor who stopped the surgery she is still alive. There was some difficulty with her understanding the cardiologist since she doesn't speak Spanish. But otherwise she had excellent service.
  10. MARDI GRAS ..... at the American Legion 114 Morelos , Chapala. Feburary 28 2017Cocktails at 3pm. Dinner 4 pm. Tickets are 175 pesos. Available at the American LegionEnertainment by DJ Howard. Menu: Jambolyia , candied carrots, choyote , tomato vinigarette, corn bread and pineapple wegdes and iccream. Fund Raiser for The Little Blue School. Tickets available at The American Legion Bar.
  11. I will buy you a birthday lunch if you come!
  12. Jus Chillin Ajijic is their Facebook name. They drop the T. And I corrected Daniel's spelling - thank you. The rally was on Jan. 21 and they handed out 700 bottles of water for free to the people who attended the rally. So this luncheon is to thank them for their generosity. Please come and join us at 2pm for lunch!
  13. FEB - 20 - Music by Daniel Cordero during lunchMuchas Gracias Party for Jus ChillinMon 2 PM · Constitución #32 Ajijic centroHey everyone, come celebrate with us at Jus Chillin on Monday, Feb. 20, at 2pm for lunch.... and Happy Hour starts at 3pm. Jus Chillin provided the 700 bottles of water that were distributed at the rally, and we could not have done that without them. Let's show them our appreciation by showing up, and filling up their place for lunch. Location: On Constitucion east of Colon, where Tom's Bar used to be.
  14. One day tour for to visit the beautiful hacienda Sepulveda (XVII Century) and Cheese Factory (French Style)Feb. 23 2017All inclusive.Tour and Lunch Buffete in Hacienda-Margaritas-Tasting of more than 15 varieties of cheese, accompanied with wine and bread.Transportation first class.$ 1,500.00 pesos per person.Information