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  1. San Miguel Allende Forum or Group

    By far the biggest group is the (in)famous Civil List on Yahoo (known by many as the Snivel List given the amount of whining that occurs). Definitely worth joining: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Civil_SMA/info
  2. Tony's "Campestre" Now Open

    Yeah, but no place here is gonna make it on expat business alone. Someone recently pointed out that a 3 course meal at the new place Elegante - which given its hours and menu is about as purely gringo-oriented as a place can be - is 245 pesos. Tony's has never been anything special but it's hard for me to see why (other than sheer convenience if shopping at Super Lake) anyone would go there now with Adelita's and Mario's just a few blocks away - among many nearby options.
  3. Tony's "Campestre" Now Open

    Not to hijack the thread but we ate at the original Tony's in SAT the other day and didn't recognize any of the staff. They were doing almost no business at what should have been peak lunch time. The lady who was always there making handmade tortillas wasn't there, and prices are up sharply. The arrachera, for example, is 199 pesos - more than we paid at Restaurante Lu's in Morelia last week (a renowned restaurant that has no equals anywhere around here). Still a nice atmosphere though.
  4. hotels/B&Bs with good extended stay rates

    El Pequeño Suites in Chapala has great long term rates. The owners are wonderful, you get kitchen access, are steps away from the main market, malecon and buses and taxis and there's strong and reliable wi-fi. It does live up to it's name though - only 6 rooms - so you need to book well in advance. http://www.elpequenosuites.com
  5. Two iPhone 5C’s for sale. Factory unlocked, less than 2 years old, original owners. Both in excellent cosmetic and functional condition - kept in their cases (included), no drops or dings. 2800 pesos for the white one, 2500 for the blue (due to slightly imperfect “feel” to its volume up-and-down buttons which still function perfectly). Priced well below comparable phones on Mercado Libre. 765-7347 or ekknox@gmail.com for more info.
  6. Morelia restaurant recommendations?

    Thank you all very much! I really appreciate all of the suggestions and will definitely follow up on all of them. More Liana, I hope it goes without saying that when researching restaurants there my first stop was "Mexico Cooks!," but I didn't find recent posts on restaurants there and certainly wasn't going to bother you with my question given all you and so many others are dealing with after the horrible earthquakes. Thank you for responding anyway!
  7. It's been years since I've spent any time in Morelia but I'm headed up for a few days and would greatly appreciate any reasonably current restaurant recommendations. Anything from high end to good taqueries would be useful. Thanks!
  8. Keureig Coffee Maker

    Honestly if you like flavored coffees and are living down here you're better off buying instant flavored or looking into the flavored creamers. Capsule and pod systems are very expensive on a per-cup basis, the coffee is lousy and the whole point of those systems is to lock you into buying the company's refills. Mexico is Nespresso and Nescafé territory, not Keurig so if you go that route I suggest buying a cheap Nespresso machine at Wal Mart and buying their capsules. Flavored coffee (other than café de olla) isn't popular here, but on the other hand Nescafé quality is easily as good as much of the brewed coffee you can buy. More on coffee options on my blog post about it here: http://eatinglocalatlakeside.blogspot.mx/2012/06/buying-brewing-good-coffee-at-lake.html
  9. Fogon De Charlotte

    12-8, closed Mondays. More info on their Facebook page.
  10. Merendero Lake

    Maybe they're following Bruno's example and opening at 3?
  11. Merendero Lake

    Please post their hours if you can ever figure out what they are. I agree about the quality of the food but have been walking by there between 1 and 2 any number of times in recent weeks and never found them open.
  12. Panaderia Scandanavia

    The health benefits of sourdough are complex and come from what the live culture does to the dough before baking. Here's a link to one good article: http://www.sourdough.co.uk/why-is-it-that-i-can-digest-sourdough-bread-and-not-commercial-bread/ To gringohombre's question, I believe that Panaderia Scandinavia's breads are mostly whole grain with some white flour in most cases, but there's at least one loaf that's 100% whole grain (and very dense). Without a doubt the best, "slowest-burning" breads in our area and we are so lucky to have them here!
  13. Panaderia Scandanavia

    Their baguette isn't sourdough. The French pastry place in West Ajijic has decent (non-sour) breads and of course the Siete Semillas and Costco multigrain sold at Super Lake are other good options. Interesting that you have a problem digesting sourdough though, as the live yeast culture makes it much more digestible for most folks.
  14. This has turned into a really fascinating thread thanks to the variety of insightful posts. Much appreciated! One city not yet mentioned that my wife and I would like to spend extended time in is Puebla. It is every bit as culturally and culinarily rich as Oaxaca but has far better infrastructure and livability (Oaxaca is constantly running out of water and beset by blockades from the teacher's union and others, not to mention horrendous crime due to the extreme poverty of the state). I'd guess we'd probably choose to do as many savvy locals do and live in Cholula, which is now pretty much just a more relaxed suburb of Puebla proper. Plenty of hi-tech and sophisticated manufacturing there, amazing arts and food ( tacos arabe and moles to die for), world-class restaurants, phenomenal hiking nearby BUT- and I think this is going to be the "clincher" issue for any of the places mentioned in this thread except for Lakeside and SMA - very few fellow expats (so much so that we didn't even see any gringo tourists in our time there. Of course there are the admirable few with fluent Spanish, those who've married locals and are thus almost required to "go local" to some degree, but my observation has been that the perhaps the single most viable predictor of long-term success in living down here full-time is the quality and depth of one's friendships with fellow expats. Even at Lakeside and in SMA the "pool" of full-timers is quite small - much smaller than in a typical American retirement town. On the other hand, we have good friends up in Pátzcuaro who are thriving not because they've "gone native" but because the ~150 or so year-round expats there are such a good fit interest and sensibility-wise that they have plenty of friends, while they also are diligent about improving their Spanish and slowly but surely expanding their network of Mexican friends. Lakeside and SMA may well be "expat life with training wheels" but there are good reasons why few ever graduate to riding without 'em.
  15. A Plug for Lake Taco

    Lake Taco is great and I'm glad to see them getting promoted, but as ComputerGuy points out their tacos are far more expensive than the average - though understandably so given that they're fish tacos, which always cost much more, served in a much nicer atmosphere than a typical local taco stand or taqueria. Superb tacos de barbacoa (or chorizo con papas, bistek, etc) at Los Portales here in Chapala are 9 pesos each and an agua fresca is 12. Don Vic in Ajijic, which offers the best barbacoa tacos I have ever had anywhere, charges 10 pesos and loads them up with veggies; I find two to be plenty for a meal. My wife and I eat at Los Portales a couple of times a week and spend less than 90 pesos ($5 and change) including tip. It'd be easy to spend that much on one hardshell Tex Mex taco and a soda N.O.B.