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    I think that might be Ohana. I knew of someone cared for there and understand his wife was pleased with the care, even during unscheduled drop-in visits.
  2. Best Motel/Closest to GDL Airport

    Is this Hangar Inn new? Is it in that new little strip mall on the east side of the highway where Hangar 22 is? Any problems dea of rates? City Express is another hotel fairly close to airport, closer than Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn Express.
  3. Bicycle to lend?

    I never knew such a thing existed! 😉
  4. Bicycle to lend?

    My house/dog sitter is going to do double duty between caring for my dogs in Riberas and a friend's cat in San Antonio for about a week in mid-October. A bicycle to go between the two would be a great help to her. Does anybody have a bike to lend? She is quite petite so cannot handle a larger, heavier one. Please message me if you can help.
  5. My new US plated car

    There has been no such thing as an FM3 for at least three years. A person holding a tourist visa and a Resident Temporal visa can drive a US plated car. A Residente Permanente cannot.
  6. So Drs. Lupita is collecting and distributing things? I didn't know that. I knew about Manic/Rotary and firemen.
  7. I just returned to Mexico so was out of country during earthquakes. I would like to donate goods for victims. I have read about leaving donations at Manix and at the firehouse on the Libramiento. Are these places still accepting donations of goods? Is there a list of what is needed?
  8. Why not use directions feature on map on the web page?
  9. Fabric Stores in Ajijic??

    In my opinion there are no decent fabric stores in this area. You really have to go to Guadalajara. My favorite fabric store that is Mercantil Villanueva on Calle Pedro Buzeta in the Santa Teresita neighborhood. You can find exact address by googling it. For notions I think the stall at the Wednesday tianguis in Ajijic has the best selection. It's about halfway down on the left (east) side of the street.
  10. Fabric Stores in Ajijic??

    Not much there, in my opinion.
  11. Mexican cheese recommendation?

    Today I bought some of the Navarro añejo cheddar at Walmart. It is in the refrigerators between the tetra pack milk and the bakery. It is sold in wedges. There is also a Navarro cheddar sold in ball form in the coolers near the deli section. I had always thought these were the same cheese until I read the previous post about the aged (añejo) version. I think it actually has pretty good flavor. I also checked out the cheese section at Super Lake and noticed about four different cheeses I haven't seen there before. The brand was QuesArte, I believe. Isn't that the brand sold at the Tuesday market?
  12. Next major infrastructure project

    Not sure what you mean by all the taxes coming from Ajijic. You sag "we've been told.". Who is saying that? Property owners in the entire municipal pay taxes. Can you please explain what you mean by your statement?
  13. What happened to summer?

    I have nothing to to with it!!! Trust me!