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  1. bdlngton

    HUGE lump in the road on Joco bypass

    Isn't it the macrolibrAmiento?
  2. bdlngton

    Crocodiles spotted in lake

    But near Tlajomulco. What does this have to do with Lake Chapala?
  3. I am a permanent resident going on a cruise that leaves from San Diego but makes two ports of call in Mexico. Does anybody know the procedure regarding immigration when visiting those ports of call? I do not want to jeopardize my permanent residency by not following the correct procedure when entering and departing Mexico, even if only for several hours.
  4. Was it a young man named Alejandro?
  5. I don't like dog poop any more than the next person, especially when I step in it. I do have a few questions though: 1. When people do pick up their dog poop with a plastic bag, do they deposit it in a garbage can? Does that garbage go to a landfill? Is the runoff from a landfill less harmful than elsewhere because it is contained in that area, often in plastic bags? Is the plastic bag adding to the deterioration of the environment because it will never disintegrate? 2. Is the poop left by street dogs and the dogs owned by Mexicans who let them run free any less harmful? I suspect a lot of the poop we encounter in the sidewalks is deposited by these free-roaming dogs. What about cat poop? Is it also harmful to the environment because of the ingredients in the food they are fed? Granted cats don't poop on sidewalks but rather use flower beds and such and bury their poop, but does it contribute to the runoff mentioned above? Does poopy cat litter placed in the garbage can in a plastic bag and hauled to the landfill contribute to the pollution? 3. What does the law say about collecting dog poop? Do those who employ dog walkers check to see if they collect poop? What is the best way to dispose of poop to do the least harm to the environment? I'm not trying to be contrary or controversial. I'm just wondering what is the best way to get rid of dog poop and poopy cat litter while having the least impact on the environment. Is there a good solution?
  6. bdlngton

    Licensing a new vehicle

    Perhaps we are not talking about the same thing and I did not use the correct term in my original post. Am I to understand there is a one-time registration fee on top of the yearly licensing fee?
  7. bdlngton

    Licensing a new vehicle

    Yes, the original question was mine. Are you saying that the licensing is separate from the original registration charge? Certainly the amount I have been quoted by S&S is much more than the equivalent of $30 US.
  8. bdlngton

    Licensing a new vehicle

    What $30 US???
  9. bdlngton

    Cataract surgery

    Based on experiences of various friends: http://www.chapala.com/dra-claudia-camacho-choza.html
  10. bdlngton

    Licensing a new vehicle

    Daisy has not responded to the question I asked if she hand died at dealerships in Mexico. Experience at dealerships in the US or Canada is irrelevant in Mexico. As far as the discount she says she was able to negotiate at NAOSA dealership, I'd say either she is mistaken or that dealership has seriously jeopardized their franchise. It's possible they threw in accessories at their expense to make the sale. I'm hoping for floor mats.
  11. bdlngton

    Licensing a new vehicle

    All I know is what I have experienced personally recently and what S&S has told me. Prices for vehicles are set by manufacturer and not negotiable at dealership. Prices are clearly stated on the manufacturer's website and at the dealership. Any reduction in price (a bono or bonificacion) is set by manufacturer, usually because of excess inventory of a certain model or color. Any dealership that sells for less will be fined at the first infraction. The fine is doubled at the second infraction. If the dealership does it again it will lose its franchise. The only negotiable thing is accessories the dealer may throw in. Registration and licensing are in addition to posted price. Apparently the initial registration costs more than just licensing. At least that is my assumption based on the estimate S&S has given me for registration and licensing...and it is much more than the $30 some people keep throwing out. And insurance has to be in place before it leaves the lot. That is what I know based on the fact that I just signed papers with S&S yesterday to purchase a new vehicle and what Spencer and Karen have told me throughout this process. If someone has reason to believe I am being lead astray by S&S, please message me because I have no desire to pay more than necessary. Thank you everybody for your input.
  12. bdlngton

    Police Clearance Letter

    I thought that the letter for citizenship had to be done in Mexico City. I know my friend had to go there for it.
  13. bdlngton

    Licensing a new vehicle

    You worked at dealerships in Mexico? As several have stated, prices on vehicles in Mexico are set by manufacturers and are not negotiable. If a dealership negotiates price from stated MSRP the dealership is fined. If it happens several times they will lose their franchise. This is also what I was told by S&S. It appears, for whatever reason, you are an exception to that rule. Anyway, Noasa does not sell the brands I am interested in.
  14. bdlngton

    Licensing a new vehicle

    What fuss?
  15. bdlngton

    Licensing a new vehicle

    Please share your experiences that lead to this statement. When? What dealer? How much discount?