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  1. bdlngton

    Chef Pian's New Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

    I don't see any combination plates on the menu like those offered at Tepetate. Am I mistaken about that? I like a variety of tastes.
  2. Do you mean you lost the half returned to you when exiting the country for you to fill out on return? If so, they will give you another form on the return flight so just use that to enter again.
  3. bdlngton

    cat haircut

    Furry Friends in Mirasol trims cats.
  4. bdlngton

    Getting wheelchair at Guad airport

    Request one through airline for return flight. They will be right outside exit from plane. Getting one to help you at airport for departure is a little more complicated. If someone is taking you to airport ask them to go find wheelchair attendant. Luggage guys should also be able to help get one. This is probably the best eolution-- have sky cap find wheelchair attendant to take you and sky cap takes luggage to counter. If you can walk to counter the airlines will summon one for you. Service is free but be sure to tip. You will not be the only wheelchair passenger. I was once in a flight with at least 20 people in wheelchairs waiting to board!
  5. A new assisted living place just opened in Riberas del Pilar, about 1/2 block North of the Jewish synagogue. I don't remember it's name but maybe somebody else will know.
  6. bdlngton

    Airport parking

    It's on the roof. Enter the parking garage as normal, take ticket. Head up to roof. At gate put in ticket and take new one. Upon return pay at machine on ground floor of garage. When editing put in ticket at gate coming down from roof, take new one to put in machine at parking lot exit.
  7. bdlngton


    Actually it was the rib eye salad but according to the three in the group that ordered it the meat was not good at all, definitely not tender as a rib eye should be.
  8. Was that Smokee's? If so, I think that store has been closed for years. There is another Smokee's in Plaza Bugamvillas. I believe Smoked passed away years ago.
  9. bdlngton

    Restaurants with garden settings

    El Huerto in Riberas, though it's more of a vegetable garden where they grow lettuce for their fresh salads.
  10. bdlngton

    Bobby's prices

    Some of us cannot eat a whole meal at one sitting for a variety of reasons. What is wrong with taking home food you have paid for but not consumed to eat later? I always do that and, yes, one meal becomes two of more for me.
  11. bdlngton

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    I was told by the restaurant that they no longer allowed smokinv. Is that not true? and their quiche is very good.
  12. bdlngton

    Crossing CBX and immigration

    That sounds like what I did but they refused to take the FMM form and told me I had to go to Otay or San Ysidro land crossing to do that. Beats me . . .
  13. bdlngton

    Is she at it again?

  14. bdlngton

    Crossing CBX and immigration

    I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. I had the FMM form filled out in hand. I asked where immigration was and was directed to the opposite end of the baggage area from the CBX entrance. That was where I had entered the baggage area originally. The official there asked if I was a US citizen when I entered. There was a podium there with the INM seal. That gentleman was the official I returned to in order to turn in my FMM form. He is the one who told me I had to leave the airport and go to either the Otay or San Ysidro land crossing to do that. I stood by podium for awhile and another INM official approached me and told me the same thing...leave the airport and go to one of the land crossings, that they did not take the FMM there at the airport. So are you saying I should have left the baggage area and walked out into the airport itself where I would have found another INM desk that would have received my FMM form? It seems odd that the INM officers in the baggage area would not have told me that rather than directing me to a land crossing. One would believe they would know that. I'd like to understand what you are saying for future reference. Would you be so kind as to clarify, please, where the INM desk that does receive the FMM form?
  15. bdlngton

    Crossing CBX and immigration

    Yes, I believe I said that I was told that it you leave and return by the CBX you don't have to follow the normal procedure of checking out and checking back in through INM.