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  1. Singsong Spanish

    Yes, those are Chinese crested. They also come in what is called a powderpuff variety. I understand both can be born in the same litter.
  2. Mexican Citizenship

    Your point is . . . ?
  3. New seafood restaurant across from Super Lake

    I had a fish taco at this place today. The fish was cazón, which the waiter called baby shark. In researching I find it is also called dogfish. The taco was a piece of fish (I had mine battered and deep fried) on a tortilla. Nothing else included but there is a little salsa bar that also includes cole slaw. To me the fish was not that great. I prefer the mahi mahi at Lake Taco. I also prefer the breading there. Some in the group today had other dishes they thought were great, especially the quesadilla Rockefeller.
  4. Mexican Citizenship

    I accompanied a friend recently when she picked up her Mexican citizenship papers. This included her taking the oath as a Mexican citizen. Here are a few things that stood out to me: 1. Once you become a Mexican citizen you must leave and enter Mexico with a Mexican passport, not the passport of the other country you are a citizen of. 2. As as naturalized Mexico citizen you cannot be out of the country for more than five years. If you exceed that time you lose your Mexican citizenship. An advantage of becoming a Mexican citizen: 1. If you are "de la tercera edad" you get a 50% discount on your water bill. I know that it took my friend several trips to Mexico City to get the policia federal document required for citizenship. She still needs to register as a Mexican voter and apply for a Mexican passport. For me, personally, I see no advantage to becoming a Mexican citizen. I am also not willing to give up whatever assistance or protection the US consulate might be able to offer me should I ever find myself in a situation needing whatever help they might be able to offer.
  5. Is the bicycle path going to be on the north side of the carretera? A friend has insisted to me that the work done on the south side was to be the bike lane but that makes no sense to me as the existing bike lane is on the north side and having cyclists cross the highway to continue through Ajijic seems rather dangerous.
  6. Has anybody tried this restaurant? What is on their menu? Do they serve fish and chips? If so, what kind of fish is used?
  7. U. S. Passport re-newal

    The next Consulate visit date has been changed to February 14.
  8. English Teacher Required

    Actually in the school district I worked in it is no longer ESL but rather ELL--English Language Learners. I don't know why the change or if this is the trend elsewhere.

    Agreed! A restaurant review is just that, not a home cooking advice column. There are many reasons why people choose to eat out, even simple dishes that might be prepared at home. No shame in that. No shame in eating pork either. Personal choice. This forum exists for things like this review. If it sounds good, go try it. If it doesn't appeal, avoid it. If you want to prepare it at home, go for it.

    But not already cooked along with side dishes and served to you. That's a basic difference between a restaurant and home--unless you can afford to hire someone to room for you in your own home.
  11. I flew RT GDL-MEX-MAD-BCN in September. Interjet to CDMX then Iberia rest of the way, same for return. Ticket was a little over $1000 USD. Long flight, especially return MAD-MEX 11 hours. But Barcelona well worth it!
  12. U. S. Passport re-newal

    Basically you put your name and address, who check is to made to, and amount. Take a number when you get there but go to a window to get form, fill it out, then wait for your number to appear on screen.
  13. U. S. Passport re-newal

    Consulate was at LCS last Tuesday, January 2. Their next visit is February 20.
  14. Threading for eyebrows

    New Look Studio is between iShop and the iron worker in San Antonio, right next to the church next to iShop. Angela does the threading, I believe.
  15. New upscale restaurant in San Juan Cosala

    What kind of dishes do they offer? What is price range? As chef is from Catalan, is the food typical of that region?