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  1. Looking for Dessicated Thyroid

    Cynomel is available at the pharmacy Christina bought some last week
  2. Libramiento speed advice

    I do what many Mexicans do in most traffic situations whatever we can get away with !!!
  3. Two more hurricanes forming that may join Irma

    It is hurricane season that's all!!!
  4. Buying a new toilet

    I bought one from the hardware store next to Guadalajara pharmacy and got the taller model my old knees thanks me !!!
  5. My Telmex Infinitum down

    Twas the eclipse true my gardener told me !
  6. cardiologist

    Looking for cardiologist in the lakeside area that the U S Veterans Administration would except info from TIA
  7. inversion chair

    Looking for a inversion chair to try out for my back, do any of tne gymn have one i just want to see if that would help my low back any, suffering T I A
  8. pop rivet tool

    Thanks much that is where I will be headed ASAP gracious !!!
  9. pop rivet tool

    Looking to buy a poprivet tool anyone seen them for sale locally ?
  10. mp3 player at Walmart

    My wonderful (not) smart phone has very little internal memory and I want to use it on my motorcycle !
  11. mp3 player at Walmart

    Went to Walmart the other day I'm looking for a small mp3 player with Bluetooth the electronics Dept did not know what I was talking about hmmmm then as I walked thru the store i noticed half the employees where on there cellphones I gave up still looking for a mp3 player with Bluetooth ?
  12. Ordering at Amazon.com.mx

    Is there any place on the Amazon MX. Site to change the idiom to English?
  13. The streets in Chapala are a mess and the road from Chapala to Guadalajara should be an embarrassment to Jalisco terrible !
  14. buying out of state vehicle

    What is the reason for a tax # and why not the curp ??? And does a Mexican CIT need one or have one ??
  15. buying out of state vehicle

    A friend just bought a moto plated in Jalisco and at the Chapala office they required a tax # is this something new?