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    6 of us had lunch today and 5 out of 6 were not impressed, I had to go home to find something to eat. 3 of us had the grizzle arrachera salads with maybe 4 small slices of fatty meat, I had to spit it out it was so bad. Lettuce, orange peppers a couple of tiny grape tomatoes and hot zucchini. $75p for iceburg lettuce, not even a fancier lettuce, no dressing. Menu limited. Service boys were good. Our group won't go back, I felt bad because it was my idea.
  2. Garage Sale Rain or Shine Saturday 12pm - 2pm Only Upper Riberas above ORMA autoparts store Sta. Cristina #88 Many More Items too many to list. 1 Day Only Sale Saturday 12pm - 2pm Saturday, June 23, 2018
  3. Do you still have this and can you tell me how many watts it is? Thanks I think it is too small, thanks
  4. hensley

    Pond Filters

    Took us a few days but we are all set up and will put the turtles in manana. Weird photos loaded backwards.
  5. hensley

    Pond Filters

    Those of you that have ponds what kind of filter do you have and where did you purchase it? Thanks
  6. hensley

    Pond Filters

    Ok thanks
  7. hensley

    Pond Filters

    Ok and where did you get all your supplies.
  8. hensley

    info needed

    Yes Furry Friends in Mirasol.
  9. Any updates on this thread or should I go to the lake to get plants for my new turtle pond? Anyone have a turtle pond?
  10. hensley

    Eyelash extensions

    Gloss in San Antonio New Look in San Antonio
  11. hensley

    LG Mini Split A/C

    And that is why they say we are having so many power outages, hope you have solar.
  12. hensley

    Peeping Tom

    How do you say that in Spanish?
  13. hensley

    Private health insurance

    Yes I pay upfront and then they reimburse me. There is a list of hospitals that will direct bill the insurance and they will give you that list. Oh another thing, this policy covers worldwide EXCEPT the US.
  14. hensley

    Private health insurance

    Hey Rony, I just signed up for WEA through Blue Angel in the plaza behind Pemex on the Libramiento last Oct. We are the same age. Here is what I paid. I paid $880 usd for the year. My deductible is $250 usd which I already met, I submit my facturas by email and they deposit money into my account, which takes about a month. I have been very satisfied with the service. Vicki in the office there is very helpful and will help you submit the facturas the first time to get you all set up. Hope this helps!
  15. hensley

    Peeping Tom

    Boy that is short.
  16. hensley

    ISO of MIO

  17. hensley

    ISO of MIO

    I use to buy this at Walmart but have not seen it for a while, anyone know where I can find it? It is a small bottle about the size of your palm. You add it to water to flavor it.
  18. hensley

    Shaw ellipitical dish

  19. hensley

    CPAP Machine for Sale

    CPAP Machine for Sale $5,500 Used but in excellent condition. Includes NEW mask and hose. Your choice either a full face or a nose mask. Also includes traveling case. https://www.directhomemedical.com/cart/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=pr-systemone-remstar-auto-ds560-philipsrespironics&Store_Code=DHM&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_-3d4peh2gIVHrjACh3F-wxrEAQYAyABEgJp1PD_BwE
  20. hensley

    New TOPES - beware

    I don't know where you get your info about house values, but someone just posted on Facebook that they removed them already, they must have put them in the wrong place.
  21. hensley

    New TOPES - beware

    Yup we passed them as they were putting them in today about 1pm. They are just past La Cristina in front of the Pemex.
  22. hensley

    Licensing a new vehicle

    Your information is not correct unless you are talking about used vehicles, then you can deal.
  23. Call Miguel at Electro Domestico 333-153-9868
  24. Good to know, thanks so much!
  25. hensley

    ISO CD Envelopes