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  1. Say you have an new neighbor, elderly and you haven't seen him out and about, he hasn't visited his regular breakfast and lunch places and there is a light on inside his house day and night. What would you do and please don't say ignore the situation! Because like what if he was injured inside or even dead. What would be the next step. Just asking because someone asked me what I would do. The last thing I would suggest is NO, don't call the police!
  2. What Would You Do?

    It started out Hypothetical, so we could find out what to do. The person in questioned has been found today. He fell in the bathroom at night and waited until the housekeeper came the next day and she helped him get to the Dr. He did not stay at the hospital at Maskaras, they took him right to Casa Nosotros. He said he couldn't get to his phone so he dragged himself to the bedroom and grabbed a blanket and wrapped himself in it for the night on the floor. The neighbors finally saw the housekeeper and asked her about him yesterday and that is how we found out where he is, they put him in Casa Nosotros for a couple of weeks while he heals from a cracked rib and banged up knee. Now to give him hell about letting his neighbors and friends know what is going on and get him some crosswords, where do I find some for him, he loves them. So he went missing for about 9 days before we heard anything.
  3. TV installation jobs

    I send a lot of people to him. I use him.
  4. What Would You Do?

    Calling the police is definitely something no one should do. Bad advice!!!! The neighbors called the Consulate, they sent a warden out and he looked through the gate and said lets give this a couple of weeks and see if he shows up and off he went. They were a big help.
  5. What Would You Do?

    Ok no one knows his last name. So how could LCS help? There is no office anymore so can't find out who the owner of the rental is.
  6. What Would You Do?

    Can't get to the house. Only see lights on.

    Laser printer? Does it scan?
  8. Got there in Chapala at 7:45 and there were lots of people in line already, at a little before 9am they starting letting us in, which there were well over 300 people in line. The policeman at the door was handing out the numbers we got 101 for the 2 of us which was a big mistake, get a number for each of you. Then we had to ask to please let us both get our renewals and they finally did as the policeman had only given 1 number for about 5 couples. They arrived from Guadalajara at 10:30am and then people starting to form another line according to their numbers. Since we were 101 we stayed seated until they were in the 80's. They were asking to check out paperwork and they wanted copies only, unless you had a carta de residencia they wanted that original, and your old drivers license. We got through the line about 11:30pm and they had told the first group to come back at noon, we went back about 12:30pm and they were calling names for photos and signatures. They called you by name for that, then you sat and waited for your laminated Drivers License. We were all done at 1:30. So 6 hours of a lot of standing and sitting and we are all done for another 4 years. The auditorium that they sat us in was very comfortable and sat over 200. Here is the kicker, they only took the 1st 120 people with numbers and sent all the rest away until they return March 6th. We think they were giving them another 120 numbers for those standing in line.
  9. Mexican car imported to US?

    2 years ago friends bought a brand new Nissan, they brought it up to CA and tried to import it and they had to turn right around and bring it back to sell it here, they would not let them do it in California.
  10. Dog Crates Needed

    There is one in our yard sale tomorrow in Upper Riberas. 10am.
  11. Renewing Drivers License Today

    I wasn't complaining and I didn't have time to go into Guadalajara since I have been going every week for other things.
  12. TOP 5 Restaurants

    Lety's Adelita's Ajijic Tango Lake Taco The New Tony's C.
  13. Before we moved here we were told by realtors that we could only live in La Floresta, Ajijic or Villa Nova, well Villa Nova had water problems for years when we first moved here.
  14. What Closed Restaurants Do You Miss the Most?

    Where and when was Chili Bang Bang?
  15. sewing needed

    I go to Concha on Colon #5, just a few doors up from Diane Pearls, she always says 1 week and the items are always ready, she hems for $30p. She always has done an excellent job for me and my friends.
  16. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Pete where do you get the 200mg?
  17. Waffle House

    We went 11 years ago and decided to try it again 1 month ago, we had the country breakfast and it was good, so last Sunday we went again and Wayne had a spinach omelette with no flavor and I had the country breakfast again and the gravy this time was like sludge. We go at 8am when there is no crowd, so probably won't go back again for a long time again. Like Min Wahs eggs Benedict but our weekly or more is still Sunrise after all this time. Always consistent!
  18. Well for the last 3 days someone has parked a car on our street and I think it might have been stolen, so instead of calling it in and having it impounded I thought I might advertise it here. White Buick Century with MX state plates. Is it yours?
  19. Orchid sale across lake

    Ok I asked my friend and she says they do no advertising, just word of mouth, she goes every year for Many, many years. Yes it is in San Jose de Garcia, it is always the 1st weekend in Feb. Hotel reservations need to be 1 year ahead. She bought a whole truck load this time and hired someone to drive her and her new plants here.
  20. I second Claudia and she is not working but 2 days a month at Bellon, they will tell you their price per your needs.
  21. MRI Disc

    Ok you smart people I need some help please. I have an MRI I need to send the Dr. I have it up on my computer but when I click on File it doesn't say save. It says Open, Import, Export. If I go under Import then is says DICOM and DICOM CD, I don't want to click on something and mess this up, has anyone else done this, I need to email it to him. Thanks as this is kind of important.
  22. Anyone Lose a Car

    Daisy, what app are you using?
  23. Satellite tv with USA channels

    Jose and Cruz work on their own. No overhead or gringo bosses.
  24. Brisis great breakfast restaurant

    Breakfast at 10am I would be dying, 8 am for us or we don't go. Their lunches were good but got smaller and smaller every time we went.