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  1. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    It is the same street as the bus station is on heading to the main drag, I don't know my streets in Joco, I just know how to get around.
  2. PLEASE HELP Ayuda por favor!! We need your grocery bags, like Walmart size. Please bring them with you on Saturday. Garage Sale Saturday (sabado) 10am - 2pm Upper La Floresta above the stoplight. Paseo del Prado #311
  3. Toilet paper flushing

    The cat box smells worse than the toilet paper trash, empty it daily!! Don't cause the city and lake anymore problems than they already have. No big deal!
  4. Crackdown on Golf Carts

    You can license them in Joco, at least years ago you could.
  5. Using credit cards in Ajijic/Lakeside

    Don't many places charge extra for using a credit card?
  6. 2 Items for Sale

    Wireless headphones, paid $279 usd these are only $2000p new in the box. Antique loveseat, paid $700 usd yours for only $4000p.
  7. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    So I guess it is going to be a mystery which one he ordered.
  8. End of Chapala weather (sad)

    Man most of us looked at this site a couple of times a day, we will miss it also!!!
  9. buying a tv at Costco or WalMart

    Pedro it is for other people, we have 1 TV, smarty.
  10. buying a tv at Costco or WalMart

    We have bought 9 or 10 TV's of all sizes and kinds from the Zenda store in Guadalajara and they by far have the best prices for brand new TV's.
  11. Requested same info via PM.  Thx.

  12. Seguro Popular

    Ok thanks
  13. Seguro Popular

    Also I have heard from many foreigners that the Chapala location does not like the foreigners and sometimes the Dr.'s are not very nice to them.
  14. Seguro Popular

    What do you mean your CURP card, we don't get hard copies, you can only print it off the computer as far as I know.
  15. Where is pizza disco? Don't understand where the other pizza place is on Colon? I want to try them all.