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  1. Eye glasses in Chapala

    If that is the place neat DIF I would not recommend, he made me glasses and 1 eye was going 1 direction, I brought them back and told him they weren't right and he said you will get use to them, then the window tint they put on them peeled off. I have had glasses since the 5th grade and even in the states once in a while they would make them wrong when 1 eye felt like it was being pulled and they would check them and say yup and fix them. He wouldn't. I have heard good things about the one on the main drag in Chapala before the bus station, but I have never used them. I finally ended up getting new ones in the states.
  2. Long John Shirts

    Thank you!!
  3. Gary Matson Passed

    I was shocked to hear this RIP but he owed me money, oh well. We were gone in Nov. so I just found out today, how sad.
  4. Lexy you don't have to panic ours expired on Halloween and we are just going to do renew in Feb. you can let it expire for a year, they don't care.
  5. Long John Shirts

    Oh I will check there again.
  6. Long John Shirts Long Sleeve Does anyone know where to buy them, I am looking for either med. or small. Thanks
  7. Yes I have a king with wood base, brand new right now for $5000p. Harmony brand. Or just mattress only. Actually we can get any size you need but might take a week or so. I am placing 1 more order and then that is it.
  8. Endocrinologist needed

    Not good for me either, I ran like you know what from her. Also went to Dr. Marilu Sanchez at Quality Care, she changed my meds so much I felt awful for over 2 weeks until I went back to the dosage I was using for over a year. I have been to Endo's locally and in Guadalajara and I have not found one yet.
  9. Costco by Galerias had them for $2499 with no tank, tanks were $699. We were there on Tuesday last week.
  10. Pancho's new venture

    Well he better be checking on Super Lake, Pancho usually opens everyday pretty much on time, today some other guy finally showed up at 8:20am to open, all the employees and tons of customers and some Rest. owners waiting to shop.
  11. They're Back

    I bought 2 packages just to be safe.
  12. Thank you everyone for the kind words and referrals!!
  13. I would recommend Vicki from Blue Angels.
  14. Flu Shot

    Which new medical center?
  15. Subway Sale

    They did it for Wayne's Birthday!!!