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  1. Best place to meet Guadalajara Airport?

    Here is a great link to check for flight arrival times etc. http://www.flightview.com/
  2. Gas Stove Problem

    Refrigeracion Real Gilberto Real 3310265450
  3. Tire for golf cart?

    Goodyear in Chapala.
  4. Using credit cards in Ajijic/Lakeside

    Costco gives a 2% discount when you pay in cash.
  5. Travel insurance

  6. Telmex Infinitum Modem

    We were able to use a Canadian credit card.
  7. Telmex Infinitum Modem

    Canmex87 that's an excellent price. Can you possibly send me the vendor? As I see you had no problem with delivery. I am sure I can do a search and find $349 modems but as an added layer it would be nice to order from a supplier known for delivery. I haven't taken the Mercadolibre plunge yet. May I ask how did you pay? Deposit in Oxxo? Or with Card. I've thought about getting one of those Oxxo refillable Credit Cards "Tarjeta Saldazo" a Visa Citibanamex and using it for online purchases. There are many suppliers selling these modems and the web site shows the reputation of the supplier. We used a credit card.
  8. Where to go to buy a computer printer

    Many types of printers available on Mercado Libre.
  9. Telmex Infinitum Modem

    It is a "Modem Technicolor Tg788vn V2 Nuevo Telmex Repetidor" Its identical to the current modem I have from Telmex. Its new in the package and cost $340 pesos plus shipping.
  10. Tony's "Campestre" Now Open

    We have eaten there three times and Tony was there each time. He was doing the cooking and even singing once.
  11. Telmex Infinitum Modem

    We have purchased a new Telmex technicolor modem from Mercado Libre.
  12. Telmex

    I'm not interested in purchasing your land line but am just curious as to how you switch the land line service to a new owner?
  13. Renew Driver's License in Ocotlan

    We live in the Chapala area and renewed our driver's licenses in Octotlan approximately one year ago. As Ezzie points out it is a Jalisco office not a municipal office.
  14. Telmex Line for sale

    This is the result from the reverse telephone directory for Mexico. Phone number in Manzanillo, Mexico: +52 - 314 - 3586209 Country: Mexico Country code: 52 State: Colima Area Code 314: Manzanillo, Pena Colorada Capital of Mexico: Mexico City Local Time: 09/21/2017 09:02:48 PM Time Zone: Central Standard Time (CST) Mexico Yellow Pages and Email Address Lookup Major area codes in Mexico Mobile codes for Mexico: 1, 44, 45 +52-314-3586209 Mexico reverse phone lookup 52-314-3586209 phone number Location: Manzanillo, Pena Colorada