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  1. canmex87

    Caffè Mediterraneo in Riberas

    They will have more customers now.
  2. 765-2308 or 765-2553
  3. canmex87

    Airport parking

    So how much did they charge you for the four days?
  4. Yes, they have mini vans available.
  5. canmex87

    Kitchen stove repair

    We had the situation where Electroventa couldn't repair our stove but Gualberto and his son were abele to correct the stove problem.
  6. Another vote for Puertas & Sistemas Automaticos.
  7. canmex87

    small appliance repair

    Refrigeration Camarena Colon # 38A Ajijic 766 2256
  8. canmex87

    Outside thermometer

    Amazon (U.S.) have a large selection that ship to Mexico.
  9. canmex87

    fridge repair man needed

    His cell phone is 33 1026 5450.
  10. Aldo Aragon Garcia Morelos # 172 Chapala 765-3252 Makes house calls.
  11. There are several houses built with this system in Vista Del Lago. The architect/builder was Alan Signoret Martinez Guadalajara.
  12. canmex87

    Aeromar Airlines- Which terminal at GDL

    Terminal 1
  13. canmex87

    Shoe repair

    Its on Degollado in the second block on the south side.