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  1. Looking for cloth patches for jeans

    A couple of years ago we found iron on patches at Soriana. I believe that they came in blue and black. I can't remember where they were located in the store but it was in a "strange" location and not where you would expect them to be located.
  2. La Mision

    Is there a change of ownership?
  3. Mexican car imported to US?

    I asked our friends what was required other than proof of insurance and they advised that Florida required the "factura" to be translated into English. Once they provided the translation and proof of Florida insurance they were issued Florida plates. No vehicle inspection.
  4. Satellite tv with USA channels

    Mario Jimenez, Satellite Systems of Ajijic 766-1117
  5. Car emission test locations

    Zaragoza is now fully open as the construction is finally finished.
  6. Mexican car imported to US?

    We have friends who purchased a 2015 Honda CRV in Guadalajara. They moved to Florida and all they had to do to register it in Florida was provide proof of Insurance.
  7. Car emission test locations

    We renewed ours last week at the location on Zaragoza in Chapala in Chapala and the cost was only $400 pesos.
  8. Travel advice, San Antonio Tx. to lakeside.

    You can make it from San Antonio to Lakeside in 12 to 13 hours.
  9. Eyeglass Frames

    USSUAL Servicio Express Degollado # 333 Chapala 765-3436

    His English is very good.
  11. Amazon MX - Impressive!

    You can use a non Mexican credit card.
  12. Looking for health insurance agents

    cel (0133)31066982 edgardo@lakeside.mx