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  1. Looking for a piece of foam rubber about the size of twin mattress. Anyone any idea where to get it in the lakeside area?
  2. Factory Direct Custom Furniture right here in Ajijic on the Carretera #49 immediately adjacent to El Barco. Ask for Bob. He makes custom rustic furniture to your specifications. It is excellent. I have several pieces made by Bob. Cell: 333-954-6411 Bobcatlett@live.com
  3. Protest

    This is truly brilliant, Harry. The single most effective protest there is against an unscrupulous government or corporation is to screw up their cash flow. Done long enough and well enough, they will come to realize who really has the power. It is the consumer. We do not have to stop buying or go without gas for instance. But if we buy in a way that interrupts their cash flow and they don't have enough cash on hand to pay their bills when they are due, that will get their attention and cooperation faster and more effectively than any other form of complaint or protest. Keep up the good work, Harry.
  4. Gas Shortage

    Right you are about that! if anyone is interested, here is how Sidney Australia launched its "Earth Hour" global warming boycott. Same principle, same approach, can work with almost anything that needs to be controlled. https://www.leoburnett.com.au/Sydney/Case-Studies/earth-hour And the "gas shortage / price hike" is certainly going to need to be controlled.
  5. Gas Shortage

    Here it is from Reuters: Mexican gas going up by 20% http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mexico-gasoline-idUSKBN14G15M Want to stop this nonsense? Persuade people to join a rolling boycott: This week, nobody buys gas on Tuesday and Friday. Next week, nobody buys gas on Monday and Thursday. The next week nobody buys gas on Tuesday and Saturday. Keep switching the days. Screw up their cash flow. Watch what happens. Now please, every one pile on and tell me why it is a bad idea and won't work.
  6. Gas Shortage

    You don't suppose that this is somewhat like what happened in the early '70s when the Arabs said they would flood the market unless the U.S. raised its gas prices to the level of Europe?
  7. Spring Air Mattresses

    Check out San Francisco Mattress Company at the SE corner of Madero and Morelos (the main traffic light corner) in Chapala. Great mattresses and good prices. Other on this board may agree.
  8. Great cell phone deal

    I am VERY confused by all this information. I will be going up to the states in June. Usually what I do is buy an ATT sim card there to use for the duration of my stay. However, I would be much more pleased with using a Telcel deal such as Rony suggested. However, I have several questions; if anyone can answer them simply and directly, I would be VERY pleased. Does the Paquete 100 deal require you to sign a contract? If not, how exactly does one go about getting the deal? Does the Paquete 100 deal require you to get a new sim card? Does the Paquete 100 deal allow you to make calls to Mexico as well as the U.S. and Canada when you are in the U.S? How do you renew or recharge your phone with this Paquete 100 deal if you are in the U.S? is there a Paquete 200 deal? If so, how exactly do you get that deal? Again, anyone who can answer the questions above simply and directly I will be very grateful to.
  9. Automotive News

    "Many times people have old clunkers and expect repair shops to turn them into Cadillac's" The problem frequently seems to be that "mechanics" take in Cadillacs and turn them into old clunkers. There is no authorizing or certifying body that I know of down here such as ASE in the states. Consequently, anyone can hang up a sign that says they are a mechanic. And they do. Horror stories abound. Ron Young is a certified mechanic from Canada. Pablo (Pablo's Garage) is a certified mechanic from the states. Other than the two of them, I don't know of ANY other certified mechanics in the Lakeside area. With a non-certified mechanic, it's a crap shoot as to whether or not he actually knows what he is doing. Even if he has done it before. My suggestion to anyone looking for a mechanic at Lakeside is to use a vehicle like this web board or TOB (The Other Board ((Inside Lakeside)) and seek out experience with people who have actually had the kind of problem you are having and who have had a successful fix by a local mechanic. Asking for and getting a generalized recommendation for a "good mechanic" at Lakeside can be devastating to your Cadillac and to your wallet.
  10. Under the hood invaders

    Ammonia - pure ammonia, not laundry detergent with ammonia - in a pan with a sponge in it and placed under the engine compartment or IN the engine compartment will keep just about anything out of that engine compartment. Two things, however: you must refill the pan periodically and you may have to remove the pan before driving the car. Walmart and SuperLake usually have ammonia in the laundry section.
  11. An Ugly American

    Yes, I think you are right. For example, on three separate occasions in the last 2 months, I have been in restaurants when a flock of snowbirds landed. The cackling and cawing, quacking and squawking just drowned out the conversation at the rest of the tables. We couldn't hear each other three feet away. We thought that once the flock had settled the volume would go down and it did to an extent. But every time some one of the flock would stretch it's wings and come out with a cock-a-doodle-do, the whole flock would join in with a cacophony of bird calls and we would have to stop talking again. They are certainly a rude presence - but then what could you expect from wild snowbirds?
  12. An Ugly American

    "Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig." - Mark Twain
  13. An Ugly American

    I rest my case.
  14. An Ugly American

    Hmmm . . . Sounds like it might have been Conrad Black.
  15. An Ugly American

    Is the issue here nationality? I don't think so. The issue is overtly hostile behavior. And what we have here is covertly hostile behavior being used to identify and discuss it. Using the behavior of one ignoramus to exemplify all members of a group by implication is just another form of the same behavior - just a little more cowardly and insidiously. Haven't we got enough bias and prejudice north of the border? Do we have to bring it with us down here?