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  1. Chemicals

    Is there a place for recycling or getting rid of household chemicals and paint? Please advise...Thank you...Mick
  2. Sky number

    Does anyone have the local number for a Sky TV distributor/installer? Thanks...Mick
  3. Need to send Harry the dog to Guad from Seattle. Having trouble finding a shipper. I think I can get all the necessary vet docs. Anyone with a positive dog shipping experience? Thanks...Mick
  4. Need help finding homes for my two dogs. Can't take then with me. Nicky is 7, a lab retriever mix. Very loving, large dog. Cody is 1, small terrier type, feisty and fun to play with. If you know someone who wants a good pet, give me a call. They don't need to go to the same home. 765-2290 Thank you...Mick
  5. VHS Videos

    I have 100 VHS video movies for sale. Sold as a lot. 1,000 pesos. Call me at 765-2290. Mick
  6. Looking to buy a used laptop...preferably no more than 5 years old. Not for me but for some kids that I help support. Needs to be in good shape; I'll pay a fair price. Thanks very much, Mick
  7. Soriana

    The changes were made several months ago...the Chinese food is very poor quality...customer service hit and miss...still, my favorite store...
  8. Light in sky

    Curious about a bright light, flashing red/green and white...due east not too high in the sky...noticed around 10 PM and watched it for over half an gour...no movement...other stars and planet(s) looked normal...what type of phenomenon might it be?
  9. "safe passage letter"

    Not true...
  10. Need bug and mosquito zapper

    I have a used one (hanging type)...just plugged it in and works fine...PM me for details... I now use lethal injection...
  11. 1887-Getting to Chapala

    Bought 2 copies (One as a present) of a book entitled Estampas de Chapala, Vol. 1, by Manuel Galindo Gaitan. Purchased in Guad last Nov., can't remember the name of the bookstore, but I don't believe they had other copies. A good history (In Spanish) intro and many pictures of the area, beaches of Chapala covered with tourists (Covered with oil), train station with a train in front, the malecon underwater, large fishing boats and much more.
  12. Your opinion of Schwab checking account

    Have had checking with them for years...no problems
  13. Dodge P/U

    Quad cab...very roomy
  14. Dodge P/U

    112 K Miles $6,500 (USD) Wash. State plates
  15. Dodge P/U

    For Sale...2004 RAM1500...good condition...PM me if you are interested Thanks