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  1. Jose Miramontes invites you to explore and discover memories to last a lifetime! Mexico a World of its own! Enjoy a two night adventure to one of the most beautiful cities Queretaro, with a midday stop in Leon and Guanajuato on day one. A cultural experience you won’t want to miss! On a luxury bus we will leave from Black Coffee in Centro Laguna (across from Walmart on Hidalgo) on: Friday, September 14th, 2018 at 8am (Please be on time) returning late afternoon on Sunday the 16th of September. The trip includes: *Roundtrip transportation from Chapala/Ajijic *Two nights at the Hotel Mirabel *Breakfast buffet both mornings *Tour of Queretaro *Tips for bus driver and tour guides *Boxed lunch on bus as well as water and snacks Cost: $5,500 pesos per person/approximately $277USD/$356CAD Payment methods: *cash pesos *Paypal *USA bank account bill pay to USA bank account *If you are driving by Ruth’s home in Riberas Del Pilar (Catholic Church) you can stop & buy a ticket *If Jose is driving by your home he will stop so you can buy a ticket from him Hosted by Jose Miramontes (Bilingual) 331-862-6888 cell/WhatsApp Ruth Schaffer (English Only) 332-254-2489 cell/WhatsApp or home 376-765-7266 or rhschaffer@yahoo.coom How often have you said out loud, “I would love to see . . .“I need a change of pace and need to get out and see some of the country I live in”. Now you can stop talking about it and do it! You can see the places in the world where history was made. See the places you’ve only dreamed about or have seen in pictures. We make it easy to have your travel dreams come true, with expert planning and the best resources in the world! Yes, now you can travel worry-free (Ruth has OCD tendencies) and have the adventure of a lifetime! So, after you pay for your ticket contact Ruth . . .she needs to know how many people are in your party and there are some limited rooming options. First come first served as they say. For example, a single person can have their own room with a king size bed until they are filled. A couple can also have a king size bedroom. My friend and I are sharing a room with two queen beds. There is walking, shopping, fun, free time, eating great food, learning, being patient, wearing comfortable shoes, exploring new areas, and our great personalities. Remember pesos are the currency and not every place takes the famous credit card. Leon, Mexico – Shoe Capital of the World! Many people may not be aware of it, but the city of Leon in Guanajuato, Mexico is indeed considered the global shoe capital. Find out here why. You think it’s somewhere in Europe? Not! Ever wonder where the famous brown loafers chosen by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as retirement shoes came from? If your guess is Italy where most of the shoes worn by the Papacy were handcrafted, you are wrong. They came from Mexico and were given to him by the local shoemakers of Leon, during the Pope’s visit in 2012. Leon is one of Mexico’s largest cities. It is located in the state of Guanajuato with a population of over two million people (2010 census) with leather working as its major industry. This wonderful city not only manufactures shoes of different kinds but also leather goods such as belts, bags, or leather jackets. How this city became a ‘Shoe Capital of the World’ with its rich cultural diversity is quite interesting. Falling in love with Guanajuato, it´s easy. With its amazing places full of color and history, its warm atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and the beautiful people that live there, you’ll feel that your dreams are coming to life. Perhaps this is why UNESCO has named it a World Heritage Site. Guanajuato is a land where you can walk through its picturesque magical villages, learn its history through its four archaeological zones, and let your senses loose with its colorful festivals and artistic events (like the world renowned International Cervantino Festival), or marvel at the impressive mummified bodies, which are one of the most famous tourist’s attractions there. It’s a place full of magic, with a unique energy, located in the heart of Mexico that allows you to discover its traditions, culture, and unique architecture with various buildings and houses which are a great example of colonial architecture in neoclassical and baroque style. Querétaro is considered to be one of the "cradles" of Mexican Independence and much of the credit is given to Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez. She was the wife of the city's mayor, called a corregidor, at the beginning of the 19th century. She used her prominent position to gather intelligence for the nascent insurgency. The foundation of the Spanish city of Santiago de Querétaro is pegged to 25 July 1531 when Spaniard Hernán Pérez Bocanegra y Córdoba arrived with the allied Otomi leader Conín (later named Fernando de Tapia) who was the administrative head of the Otomi peoples living in Aztec controlled territory. Querétaro has been recognized as the metro area with the best quality of life and as the safest city in Mexico and also as the most dynamic in Latin America Abbreviated Itinerary Leave 8am Friday, September 14th 2018 from Chapala/Ajijic travel on bus to Leon about two and a half hours. Visit the main leather and tannery district Zona Piel. 1pm, return to bus, receive boxed lunch and travel to Quanajuato about an hour or so. Here you are free to wander on your own and enjoy the city. You will receive a list (and possibly a map) of the most popular places to visit. Time of operation and if there is a cost. 6pm return to bus and travel to Queretaro to check in to the hotel and they have prepared a special dinner menu for those who wish to partake-dutch treat as they say. Buenas Noches Saturday, September 15th at 9am meet at the bus for our four hour tour of the city which is a bus and walking combination. We are trying to connect with a couple of highly rated local fare restaurants for lunch that can accommodate us (pay your way). Our tour guides are from the area; life-long residents. Then again we will provide you with a list of area attractions you are on your own but you DO NOT WANT TO MISS the Independence night, which I am told is like the fourth of the July in the USA. Dancing and music in the square with time honored traditions. Fireworks and games and so much more for us to enjoy! Buenas Noches Sunday, September 16th we enjoy our breakfast buffet and pack up our goodies we bought or didn’t buy and head back home. The bus leaves the hotel at noon. We had a great time together!
  2. I just went through this and used Diego Guzman 331-880-4487 in chapala
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    I love my dentist Maria Lourdes in Chapala 765-2800 very reasonable priced
  4. ruth

    Costco trip w/driver

    I use Jose Miramontes 350 pesos an hour and he also translates when I need it, carries everything for me and is just a delightful personality to spend time with when shopping. 331-862-6888
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    city water in Riberas

    I just had the plumber here for the same reason and he said there is a great deal of sediment in the water. I am changing the UV filter and the water treatment system filters and hope it is the answer.