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  1. Does anybody know of an authorized Apple repair center in Lakeside or GDL? My iPhone 6 needs the battery replaced under Apple's battery recall program.
  2. Getting out of DAC

    I am moving into a 2 bedroom home with a real jacoozi bathtub. What is the extra cost or surcharge for this dreaded DAC and about how many pesos per month would be a good estimate of my bill if we use the whirpool for an hour every day? Assuming we conserve elsewhere as is recommended but with no solar panels.
  3. Where is this Tuesday organic market in Ajijic? Is there not also a Wednesday market somewhere in Ajijic? I know of a Monday market in Chapala near Soriana's but not the location for any in Ajijic. Thank you for the tips!
  4. I am moving to Chapala and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any healthy organic grocery stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts in Guadalajara? I found one called FRESKA on line but am not familiar with it. I am familiar with Soriana's and Walmart and Super Lake and have read all about Poncho's new store... what ever it is named? I'm willing to drive 45 minutes to an hour once every week or two if anyone has any recommendations.
  5. Satellite TV Provider

    Any suggestions as to a "local dealer"? I spoke to one in GDL but they want a year prepaid service for Shaw
  6. What choices do I have to order satellite television in Chapala with the usual US chanels. I just call Shaw direct and was told they do not legally offer services in Mexico. Dish network told me the same thing. Does anybody have a local installer or company that can provide American television channels?
  7. Paying bills with pesos

    This is very usefu information! There is a 5% difference from the Best buy rates to the worst with CiBanco and HSBC being the best. On $500 USD you will get 500 more pesos there than at the worst Mexican banks! Thats about 5% more!
  8. Paying bills with pesos

    Where do you exchange your money for 40 pesos and is the exchange rate high?
  9. What are the most common and least expensive methods to pay my bills and rent in pesos? My funds are currently in a bank account in the United States. Should I set up a Mexican bank account and can I do so with a tourist visa? I saw some online currency exchange website but I'm not for familiarv with how they work. I know the ATM machines at the local bank in town gives you a terrible exchange rate and the cutrency exchange place on the Cartera in Ajijic was much better but is inconvenient as I will be living in Chapala. I'm sure some of you have figured out the best methods for this as it must be a fairly common occurrence.
  10. Someone commented that Las Redes is tbe bario on another site... really?
  11. Does anyone have experience or information about Colonias las Redes. It is a neighborhood in Chapala behind Sorianas. I found a very nice home for rent there and am going to see it in January.
  12. Does anyone really know if or where I can purchase no salt added or low sodium items such as tomato sauce. canned diced tomatoes, chicken stock and cheese? Maybe Soriana's or Walmart? Or in Guadalajara? I am coming for an extended visit to look for housing and am wondering about the availability of these kinds of items.
  13. Telmex Internet Speed

    Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated. Riberas and Chapala are both doable if I can find a decent rental for $800 or less. I am coming back end of Jan. to look for spring 2018 if anyone has something. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  14. Telmex Internet Speed

    Are there any alternative providers for internet besides Telmex such as satellite providers? I would like to be able to stream US tv using my Amazon fire stick, or is that not possible? Also is it true that overall the speeds are better in Chapala centro as apposed to Ajijic or San Antonio?
  15. airport taxi rate

    Uber is around $200 pesos and picks up by the OXOX store outside Terminal 1. It helps if you speak Spanish as many of the Uber drivers in Guadalajara do not speak English