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    Castillo & fireworks

    would you mind posting the schedule for Friday as well? gracias!
  2. Chavah

    Yoga classes

    Hi! Vastu Yoga center is happy to announce a new schedule for October 2017! All our classes are 100% by donation (pay as you feel) and adjustable for beginners! Hope to see you soon!
  3. Namasté everyone! I am happy to announce a new schedule of Vastu Karma Yoga Center in Ajijic (12B Calle Carratera) for the month of October You are welcome to join our by-donation yoga classes to reconnect with yourself, get new energy and make the world a better place!!! All classes can be adjusted to beginners or advanced level according to your needs. If you have any further questions feel free to ask! OMMMMMMMMMMMMM