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  1. I enjoy serving European cuisine. If, you wish Caribbean or Asia cuisine I can cook for you and of course, what else you suggest too . If, you need to keep diet I can advise you. I am very creative. I have cooked mostly in private homes where I served as caregiver, companionship ( excelent references). The people liked very much the taste of my food , the art of healthy cooking and presentation. My rates are 100 pesos/ hour, of course it is negotiable. Looking foward to hearing from you. Thank you
  2. Very sorry, for does of you who sent me message last year here and I could not be helpful . I truly checked out, just my private message and not the forum La Cocina, where interested people was sending me a private message. I am back in Ajijic and if, one of you are still interested for a private cook please, PM me. Thank you, Happy New Year for all of you!
  3. I love to cook healthy and tasty, and is a hobby of me. Female, well educated can come to you and inspire you or, your guests for a good international meals.