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  1. Intraocular Lens

    Do you know what it like trying to find Dr. Santo in Guadalajara without a first name? It is kind of like trying to find Dr. Smith in Chicago. hahaha I found Dr. Arturo Santos - Centro de Retina Médica y Quirúrgica. Maybe that is him.
  2. Intraocular Lens

    I guess I need mine done too. hahaha Thanks
  3. Intraocular Lens

    If you may, where did your wife have it done?
  4. US Driver's license

    I will rent my address for a real big fee. hahaha
  5. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    And I started all of this conversation by just mentioning poutine. ROFL
  6. Similar plan at AT&T for 199 pesos per month. Unlimited within Mexico but not sure if it is unlimited within US and Canada. US 800 numbers does not work. That is why I use Skype.
  7. Toilet paper flushing

    Be back later. I have to go wash and hang to dry my tp.
  8. Breakfast at Poutine Place

    Don't forget the cheese. HAHAHA
  9. Skype has a $2.99 per month subscription for unlimited call to the US, including 800 numbers. Voice quality has been very good.
  10. Toilet paper flushing

    Now the question is "Will it get backed up?"
  11. Berry Sellers At LCS

    No, son.
  12. Toilet paper flushing

    A house I had years ago in the States had a tree root problem. Every 3 or so years the roots would work in the pipe connections, looking for water. It was a very healthy tree. The person who did the work said that pipes should be cleaned every 5 to 10 years to help avoid problems on your end.
  13. Toilet paper flushing

    It hope it is deposited. hahaha
  14. Alert

    I have a couple in my neighborhood that I like to volunteer. hahaha Just kidding.
  15. Toilet paper flushing

    Or install the toilets that washes.