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  1. Tiny

    Attracting Techno Tech

    Interesting reading. "Is Mexico the next Silicon Valley? Tech boom takes root in Guadalajara." https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/is-mexico-the-next-silicon-valley-tech-boom-takes-root-in-guadalajara/2016/05/13/61249f36-072e-11e6-bdcb-0133da18418d_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.542b4bb59915 http://jllcampaigns.com/jlltechspec/articles/guadalajara-mexican-silicon-valley https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/how-guadalajara-reinvented-itself-technology-hub-180969314/
  2. Tiny

    Attracting Techno Tech

    What does that have to do with tech centers?
  3. Tiny

    Attracting Techno Tech

    Why would you want to attract more people? What benefit to the community? Do you want more demand on housing, utilities, services and policing. Possible more noise. Somebody mentioned call centers. There are several in GDL. One of my in-laws have worked at a couple. Let me tell you, they don't pay that well. Interesting.
  4. Tiny

    Peso free fall

    The price of chicken will go up
  5. Tiny

    Peso free fall

    Oh good, another 4 pages of guesses and negative comments. HAHAHAHA
  6. Tiny

    rain amounts so far this year

    The "Wazard of Lakeside".
  7. Tiny

    rain amounts so far this year

    And with this information you are going to do what?
  8. Tiny

    Lake Chapala water

    I used Roundup before, where is my millions?
  9. Tiny

    Sea Salt Express

    camillenparadise cannot receive messages. I was trying to PM you about your eye surgery.
  10. Tiny

    Computer Keyboard

    I ordered one from Amazon Mexico. It showed and said it was an English version when I order. I got the Spanish version. In my case I can use either one so I didn't send it back. You never know.
  11. Tiny

    Bone Soup

    I make chicken stock of the bones and skin from a whole roasted chicken purchased at Walmart or Sam's. I make beef bone broth in a crock pot from bones purchased at a butcher shop.
  12. What latest intrusions are you talking about? FATCA has been law for 8 years.
  13. Sorry that you became concerned that the writer missed that little point. I think they were trying to say that you need to file, if required, even when you live abroad and you need to report overseas income.
  14. Tiny

    Anti dog barking devices

    With rock salt shells.