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  1. So a consumer does not have to feel comfortable with a retailer? MOLW
  2. Isn't a retailer just a consumer on a bigger scale when it comes to buying for stock? They want to save time not having to scroll pass wording over and over.
  3. Let the merchandise talk for itself.
  4. To add to this comment, I looked at web site on my cell phone. I was not sure if you were trying to sell the company or sell merchandise. In my experience, when I am browsing I want to see merchandise. Not company info, ordering info, etc on each page where I have to scroll down to get to the merchandise. Just my opinion as a user and former designer.
  5. Tiny

    Peso dips

    And the sun came up this morning.
  6. Tiny

    Ilox Subscription Update

    If there are no problems, why is the funding not done? Maybe 200 customers (investors) are too many to convince. If it is such a great proposal, why isn't there a small group of investors jumping at the proposal to make money for themselves.
  7. Tiny

    Beautiful Popcorn

    My experience is it does not make very good popcorn. It looks nice for display.
  8. Tiny

    Ilox Subscription Update

    I know I can upgrade but we are not Ultra HD junkies. In one case I have gone back to cable from wi-fi. I still drive a pick-up.
  9. Tiny

    Ilox Subscription Update

    This is from experience. I have one family member doing on-line shopping and another doing on-line gaming. I just turn down the transfer rate so there is no stopage of video. And this is in the city.
  10. Tiny

    Ilox Subscription Update

    People forget that these speeds are for one device. They think they can also use the internet on other devices at the same time.
  11. Tiny

    Lead free spray paint

    How big of a cage do you need? Many of the new cages are not painted but powder coated and baked.
  12. Tiny

    Lead free spray paint

    Now the worry is VOC toxins.
  13. Tiny

    Squash seeds - pepitas

    I would first check around the markets and see if it is already being done. Maybe not offered at that market but they may know others that are selling them.