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  1. Canadian butter tarts

    I have haha. But I'm not in the market yet, I'm leaving for a month with my family and plan to launch in to action when I get back.
  2. Canadian butter tarts

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA, when i read this to my dad he just cracked up, by the way, do you do graduation parties?
  3. risk

    I really would like the risk board game, if anyone has it or knows where to get it i would love to know, thnx
  4. Canadian butter tarts

    Thank you very much for all your words, I am really glad I asked your advice, I would go bonkers if I had to figure it all out my self!
  5. Canadian butter tarts

    Thanks everybody for your encouragement and advice. Today I surveyed a few passers by and sugar free is popular; I was thinking probably sugar free brownies, and the perogies sound very good. I would like to appeal to both American and Canadian pallets, so I appreciate your suggestions. Many thanks!!!!
  6. Canadian butter tarts

    Hi, my name is Derek and im seventeen. I'm about to put a stand in the Monday food market , in the Sunrise restaurant. I will start by selling Canadian butter tarts, which i like very much, but have not seen here at Lakeside. I am researching other dishes to prepare, and any suggestions or observations that you may have would be appreciated.