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  1. Are you sure you can't just go to 'Settings' and change the language setting there? I did that to a friend's laptop (Windows 10 - English - originally French) She was given the laptop and wanted it in Spanish. It worked without a hitch. Maybe I just got lucky?
  2. Dave W.

    Has Anyone Flown on Calafia Airlines?

    My sister and her husband flew with them from PV to San Jose del Cabo at the beginning of March and said that they were very good.
  3. Dave W.


    We are visiting from the coast and just had an outrageously delicious and large rib dinner at Bruno's. Started with a nice fresh simple salad.....then lookout....the ribs came. Very tasty and tender, served with a couple super crispy onion rings, a cold 1/2 cob of corn (on purpose), and a baked potato to die for. Service was fantastic and everyone was super friendly. Way too much food for 1 sitting (for us, anyway). Glad my wife doesn't want the leftovers. I get them all. Time for a nap.
  4. Dave W.

    Shaw Direct missing channel

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but if you do lose your satellite channels you can still view them using Shaw's 'free range' app. on your computer. You have to use a VPN, though, so that Shaw sees you as being in Canada. I only use it on a computer and it works well, but, I suppose, you could connect a computer to your TV via an HDMI cable and watch that way. Not sure how clear the picture would be, though. Maybe someone has tried this?