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  1. Ian Greenwood

    Ice cream maker

    Cuisinart ice cream maker. Makes up to 1 1/2 quarts. 800 pesos 766-5896
  2. Ian Greenwood

    2005 Mercury Mariner

    Mercury Mariner Premier 4 dr. SUV, 100,000 miles, leather interior, Jalisco Mexican platted white, new tires, V-6. $4000 US or best offer 766-5896
  3. Ian Greenwood

    Moving from Costa Rica to Ajijic

    lnitially transport may be a problem so I would look in San Antonio, there are properties within your price range....the area has become central with the best shopping ,decent restaurants, far more cultural possibilities than Chapala...the proximity of Ajijic ,traffic is better. Public transport is good and almost everything you need is close by ....less local tourism on the weekends .. Please note I live in Las Salvias on the edge of Ajijic and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else but the property prices and rentals here have risen lately .
  4. Ian Greenwood

    Tacos al Pastor - where?

    It would of course taste much better with a charcoal, wood fire rather than indirect gas heat, hence the difference between rotisserie chicken and chicken el carbon
  5. Ian Greenwood

    Passport Photo

    Genesis just did my photos for my U.K. passport , the specifications were of course $%&/()ic....finally sent two sets...almost identical, just received e mail from London....good to go ! Used him for my U S travel docs too... not expensive ..professional.
  6. Ian Greenwood

    Tacos al Pastor - where?

    No he was keeping the edge of the cone just over the edge of the flames and rotating it
  7. Ian Greenwood

    Tacos al Pastor - where?

    Left a big party in the village last night at about 10 pm,walking back to our car, came upon the most atmospheric cafe. .littlle or no light ,every table full. As a chef I was immediately interested ,as I watched the cook was carefully rotating a full pastor over a charcoal fire..the smell was amazing...can’t wait to try. Location....2..3 doors...west of....5th Febrero..on Hidalgo. “”Long time no see”...no name !
  8. Ian Greenwood

    Real estate quandary

    Sorry Bandol perhaps I was a little lax on details the purchaser did use a notario, it’s my friends who want to record the tax ramifications etc...thanks
  9. Ian Greenwood

    Real estate quandary

    Friends of ours sold their house in the latter part of 2017, they would like to do the right thing and register the documentation .Apparently the rules and location for this process have changed this year, obviously they are receiving numerous contradictory suggestions and information from all and sundry .They have tried their realtor, various lawyers and accountants to no avail Has anyone “ out there” managed to accomplish this...details would well appreciated. Please could the usual trolls...you know who you are or should ...keep their powder dry.....”just the facts please”
  10. Ian Greenwood

    La Pacena Restaurant

    Ian Greenwood....four of us had dinner last night, the fish—.swordfish and roballo were excellent.The salsas and side dishes were also great and the service was attentive....it’s not cheap but neither is fresh fish .The wine pour was a little light ,but all in all a really enjoyable dinner. We now may have two Chefs who know how to cook fresh fish !
  11. Ian Greenwood


    Champion juicer 1/3 HP Heavy duty The Cadillac of Juicers 1500 pesos 766-5896
  12. Ian Greenwood

    Pasta Machine

    Marcato Atlas deluxe model 150 pasta machine 1000 pesos 766-5896
  13. Ian Greenwood

    Salvador's closing April 1?

    Ian Greenwood...better breakfasts,..better bloodymarys ,great staff..much better location. for just a few pesos more El .jardin in the square...not even close ,
  14. Ian Greenwood

    Wine Refrigerator

    Haier wine refrigerator-holds 30 bottles. Red and white zones. 2000 pesos Email ianandjen88@gmail.com or 766-5896
  15. Ian Greenwood

    New pizza base crust

    Perhaps when I said. “ you get what you pay for” I should have mentioned a little uncommon sense ,ingredient knowledge and a modicum of intelligence .One of my criteria for moving here ten years ago as a professional Chef for fifty years was the availability of first class ingredients. The main reason I can still teach such a diverse range of cooking classes are great ingredients at a good price.