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  1. What Closed Restaurants Do You Miss the Most?

    Real restaurants ,with a little atmosphere...a wine list ...” reasonable service “...a consistent kitchen? Somewhat...we’re in Mexico...A bar that can make a good cocktail....a little pizzazz maybe.....Number 4.."..........Manuel’s......and occasionaly. Laurent........
  2. Help With Puff Pastry Dough

    But Dorothy....isn’t the flour industrialised the water too...help the sky is falling !...time to click your heels and get back to Kansas.....but Dorothy your shoes are industrialized ...even Kansas..you’re too late ! ...........I can help you out....really out ! and we will try not to make it too industrialized..
  3. Help With Puff Pastry Dough

    Firstly the puff pastry at Walmart is either kept on the refrigerated shelf with the cakes or in the walk in cooler...same at Costco.Secondly..making real puff from scratch is not an option..it takes at least two days and a lot of skill...believe me I know I’ve made more than my share.Over the past five years I’ve used puff from Costco and Walmart in my cooking classes in dozens of ways from Beef Wellington, salmon en croute to sausage rolls and fruit galettes..are they perfect ..no ..not enough butter..but definitely better than adequate. When rolling take out of cooler for a couple of minutes use plenty of flour and roll about 3 / 16 thick. Freeze the trimmings and use for things like pot pies and cheese straws.
  4. details Pancho and Superlake

    Cooking for a dinner party or ten last week I arrived at Panchos with an extensive list. Missing a few items I finished my shopping at Superlake. Noticing a significant difference between a couple of items I checked further...shopping at Panchos had saved me between 200–300 pesos, not bad for one visit !
  5. Pasta Trenta

    Consistently good food and service...priced right...great asset for the village..have dined there over a dozen times...never disappointed .
  6. New Pizza Place at 16 de Sept. and Donato Guerra in Ajijic

    I have been in the restaurant business for over fifty years..living and teaching lakeside for the last seven and as such have nothing but support for young would be restauranters having had many restaurants myself. However I cannot condone physical or mental abuse on young people in our industry especially women. I stand by my original post and my source is impeccable..
  7. New Pizza Place at 16 de Sept. and Donato Guerra in Ajijic

    A previous post asked why they left Perrys...I certainly wouldn't post a rumor,especially under my real name...but if it makes you feel better...call it a rumor.
  8. New Pizza Place at 16 de Sept. and Donato Guerra in Ajijic

    One of the two cooks was fired from Perrys for slapping the waitress ...the other quit in sympathy which for me makes it a no go!
  9. Costalegre Fish Market near Superlake-disappointed

    I have been a professional chef and restaurant owner for over 50 years. Of the dozen or so fine dining restaurants I owned over the years in Florida the majority specialized in fresh fish. For the past 5 years I have even teaching cooking classes lakeside. Last week I had ordered 4 each extra large filets of salmon at 2 kilos plus. I was told the extra large filets would cost more. No problem. It's a farm raised product so the extra large have to be fed considerably longer. The ratio of meat to skin and head is also greater so it has to cost more. To compound matters when I went to pick them up on Wednesday it was wild salmon day. Wild salmon form Canada costs a lot more than farmed salmon from Chile. So on Wednesday they had small, medium. large and wild salmon for sale all at different prices of course, hence the confusion. I buy hundreds of pounds of fish product at Costalegre every year and have always found them to be honest reliable and a great asset to the community. Their English language skills however make things somewhat confusing but it's well worth it.