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  1. Toilet paper flushing

    My wife and I are looking to move there late next year. Living in the us, our first reaction to hearing about this was "OMG, we can't live like that". But from what I have read, people adjust to putting it in a waste can.
  2. Hello all, I have seen a lot of information regarding the flushing of toilet paper due to bad infrastructure. I realize this can vary by location. What percentage of housing have this issue? Thanks.
  3. CG, my wife and I will be visiting in February 2018 for 2 weeks and planning on moving at the end of the year. If you use your crystal ball, do you think any of the infrastructure will be "upgraded" in certain areas by then? I would hate to limit where to look for long term rentals based on internet speed as our first priority. Heck, we would be willing to rent an additional space that has the speeds. Maybe get a few people to chip in.
  4. After reading here and on several other boards, I heard a few people mention that fiber was being run near Chapala Haciendas and a hotel there. Also the new hospital may get fiber. We are not moving there until late 2018, so I am just doing some research. ComputerGuy, you chart has me all depressed. We live in Baltimore and Comcast Cable has us at 125mb down and 25mb up. My wife is not doing any video or graphic work, just using a VPN to her work and doing a lot of Excel work.
  5. ComputerGuy, Do you know which areas currently have fiber internet? There is a small group of users over at the Facebook Group "Working from home Lakeside" that may be interested in finding a place that has fiber internet. The idea would be to lease/rent a space that has it (apt/casita, etc) so we can telecommute. This idea is still in its infant stages. Let me know what you think.
  6. Angus, do you want my budget or my wife's budget? lol. Of course there are several factors, but max would be around $18,000 MXN.
  7. Mainecoons, I received a message from an agent at Lake Chapala Real Estate. He confirmed your information about rentals getting harder to find. Now I am depressed and need to go eat some comfort food.
  8. Thanks for all of the information and advise. We are visiting for 2 weeks in February 2018. Vacation and pretending we are living there to get a feel for all of the areas. My initial thoughts now would be to come down when we decide to move and stay in a B&B/Hotel as I look for short term rentals. Once I find a short term rental, my wife can pack up herself and the dog and fly down. We can then take our time to find the "right" long term rental. Now my wife and I have to decide on a move date..I want sooner than her. RickS, you must have read my mind...your post was dead on.
  9. I forgot a vital piece of information. We are bringing our dog. I am concerned about the logistics of getting him here. I am sure we will find a pet friendly rental.
  10. Oops...forgot to specify a long term rental.
  11. Hello all, Another newbie question here. I know there will be no perfect answer to my question. How far in advance should you look for a long term rental? Just as an example, if we want to move in November 2018, when would you fly down to look for a long term rental? Thanks as always.
  12. Shared office space

    There is a Facebook Group, Working from Home Lakeside. Member Michael Frey has a great idea about trying to get high speed fiber by approaching the new hospital and Chapala Haciendas Hotel to see if they would be interested in renting office space. Sounds like a great idea.
  13. How does one hang a picture????

    I have found out that the wall needs to be perfectly clean. I use rubbing alcohol to clean the wall and the back of the item to be hung.
  14. How does one hang a picture????

    How about using 3M Command Strips? They stick to the wall and what you hang. They come off without messing up the wall.
  15. Walking your dog

    Merlin is 75lbs. But he is good on the leash. I do not believe in using chemicals either.