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  1. ccw

    Scam Artists

    Thanks for confirming who they are Jabonera. And Tingting, I agree with you. How dumb can they be.
  2. ccw

    Scam Artists

    I want to be delicate here...are they a mixed race couple? If yes are they the same people that I started the thread about?
  3. Oops, my bad on the budget. I will edit the post. Yea some of the prices are are out of this world. And finding a rental is very tough.
  4. ISO: Long Term Rental beginning September/October 2018 $15,000 pesos. 2/3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Small yard Terrace or Mirador Internet We will NOT have a car, and would like to walk to restaurants, shopping,etc. No gated communities. We prefer a neighborhood with a mixture of Mexicans and Expats. Locations: Upper/Lower Ajijic, San Antonio, Chapala Centro/Cristiania Park Thank you
  5. There was a couple that was scamming people Lakeside and in PV. I do nont want to post their names, but there was a lot of information on them. Does anyone remember them? Thanks.
  6. ccw

    Local landlord list

    Gracias. My wife and I will not be moving until Jan 2019. This list will help us a lot. We will see you Tuesday @ 1pm.
  7. ccw

    Local landlord list

    I saw that thread. I thought he just said no more employment list..
  8. Rony, Do you still compile a list of local landlords? Thanks, CCW
  9. Geeser, I might know of someone that fits your description. I will see him this afternoon and let you know. CCW
  10. Hello all. I am currently in my 2nd week visit to Lakeside. Does anyone have any information on how to get a tour of the different neighborhoods in Chapala? Thanks, CCW
  11. Hell all, We will be visiting in February. Are their any ways to learn using pesos? I am not worried about exchange rates, just a way to feel comfortable using them. Thanks, CCW
  12. Tkessler, Is there a lawyer there that could look at the contracts etc to get some legal answers to a lot of the comments on here?
  13. Tkessler, There is a Facebook Group, Working from Home Lakeside, that would love to hear about this. I am sure you would get many people to sign up. Also, we are not planning to move down there for a year, but don't know where we will be living. Is there a way to sign up now to show my interest in this? Thanks.
  14. ComputerGuy, thanks for the compliment. I would like others to read it carefully too and see if I missed anything.
  15. I did find and read the English Contracts document. I found these 2 statements that might need to be more specific: b. Install, maintain and operate the network to the terminal connecting point at the inner edge of the building where is located the address "SUBSCRIBER". c. Install the equipment in the home of "SUBSCRIBER" and it noted on the cover of this Agreement. Here in Maryland, Comcast Cable does run the cable from the pole to the building. Running the cables inside the house/building can cost extra. And installing the "equipment" means them coming inside and hooking up the modem/router. I am very interested to see more details. I hope I am not coming off as negative.