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  1. Elegante will be closed for remodeling Tuesday March 27 and Wednesday March 28. We will reopen on Thursday March 29 at 5::00pm.
  2. Our April 1, 2018 Easter Menu is offered from 12:00pm to 4:00pm - Reservations Suggested Regular menu items will not be available.
  3. Need Help With Buying Meat

    Tony will grind anything you buy there so you can create your own blend.
  4. Restaurants and lobsters

    Elegante serves langosta (warm water lobster) tail as a special. If you call a day or more before your reservation with the number of tails your party wants, they will be reserved for you and be ready for cooking. Without reservations its an extra 30 minutes to prepare and the tails are subject to being sold out. The price is 425pesos per tail with drawn butter, mashed potatoes and the vegetable. Reservations: 766-1066 Constitucion #59 (between Javier Mina and Galeana) www.eleganteajijic.com
  5. Elegante

    El Saltos,, this year it's Australian. Costco apparently alternates between New Zealand and Australia.
  6. Elegante

    It is 1/2 a rack but it is served as chops. The number of pieces depends on what we get from Costco so it will vary from 3 to 4 pieces.
  7. Elegante

    We use a 6oz carafe which is brought to the table and then poured into the glass.
  8. Elegante on Constitucion

    Yes we are between Galeana and Javier Mina mountain side. This location was formerly Alma's Dress Shop (or something like that)
  9. Elegante on Constitucion

    Travis, that's what I remembered also but fearing my failing memory I actually went and checked our home freezer. The one I pulled says "Product of Australia". In any case, its very good lamb.
  10. Elegante on Constitucion

    The lamb is from Australia, not Costco
  11. Elegante on Constitucion

    Gringal, if Costco has it and the price stays reasonable, it will be Costco which I believe has lamb from Australia. The racks we have sold this week have been from both Costco and a local supplier. We will be getting more from Costco tomorrow.
  12. Elegante on Constitucion

    Sorry for my mistake Suegarn. But thank you for posting the review. It still feels good. You will be most welcome when you can come.
  13. Elegante on Constitucion

    Thank you for the lovely review, Suegarn. We are so glad you enjoyed the food and service. We hope to see you and your friends again soon.