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  1. We crossed into Mexico with our Temporal Residente Visas 6/4 and received a 30 day permit for our car which is registered in the US. We have followed up with immigration about out visa's and have that process started. Can someone help us understand what we need to do to extend our car permit? I believe we need to go to the Aduana office at GDL but I am unclear what I need to do there. This webboard has been generous in helping us with various questions and I have my fingers crossed someone can help answer this question too. Thanks in advance
  2. We have been getting bids for having a pool done in our bakyard and we seem to have narrowed it down to either Home Services (Juan Pablo) or Warwick Construction (Steve Warwick). Has anyone had work done by either company and if so would you please share your thoughts? thank you
  3. Thank you all for your feedback. It is much appreciated...
  4. Thank you for the information. We went there today and purchased dog food. I love the fact thay they donate part of their proceeds. thank you again
  5. Can anyone suggest best place to buy pet food for dogs, cats and a parrot in Ajijic area? We just moved here and need some help finding a good economical place to buy pet food. Thank you