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  1. Does anyone know how the pregnant donkey and her baby that were attacked by dogs are doing? I saw them about 3 weeks ago and the mother had some kind of organic dressing in the wounds on her nose.
  2. Dog training

    This is what I found on FB today: San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco, Mexico you have problems with your dog? we can help you we are a family dedicated to the training and care of dogs with more than 20 years of experience our services are. walks with behavior correction, basic and advanced obedience, correction of aggressiveness, fearful dogs, daycare,search our Facebook page, canine training Jorge Rivera and fam.email jorgeriverag04@hotmail.com telephone 3315760935
  3. Dog training

    Thank you for your response. I met Art Hess at an adoption event about 6 weeks ago and he told me that if he is very busy and cant take any new clients on right now. He continued to say if he needed someone to train his own dogs, he would have Jorge do the training because Art thinks he is the best. So I guess you helped answer my questions. Thanks again....
  4. We are looking for a good dog trainer lakeside. Does anyone have first hand experience using Jorge Rivera Gutierrez for dog training? If so could you share your thoughts on his training? Thank you.
  5. I just saw the two donkeys today for the first time. Both were up and about although the mother's face looks quite bad. Her breathing sounds a bit heavy and it appears her facial wounds have been packed with something organic....Anyone know what that is?
  6. I will be flying out of GDL for the first time since obtaining my Temporal Residente Visa. Can someone tell me what I need to do at GDL and where I need to go before checking in for my flight? Thank you
  7. bus to puerto vallarta

  8. bus to puerto vallarta

    Looking for best way to get to PV for a couple days. Can anyone share information on buses to PV? Thanks
  9. Airport parking

    I am considering leaving my car at GDL airport for 5 days. Has anyone recently flew out and left your car there? How much were the rates? Where is best place to park? Thanks in advance for any feedback
  10. RequestingReviews on Jetomate next to Ancla

    Jitomate is fantastic...great toppings, fantastic sourdough thin crust pizza at great prices..the owner could not be more charming..We hosted a party of 16 a few weeks ago and everyone enjoyed the pizza..In my opinion it is far superior to Perry's and Toscano...Just give it a try yourself...