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  1. Place to purchase Hiking Poles

    Hey Chop, you accidently posted your message three times. No big deal, I deleted the repeats. But you can delete the extra posts as well. Look on the left hand side, below your message. and left click on the option of your choice. You will see the word "options" and an arrow pointing down. Left click thereon, You will be given several options, one of which is to delete.
  2. Victoza

    Remember not to push SUBMIT REPLY too often. I deleted several identical posts made by you, Mod5
  3. Toilet paper flushing

    Getting too political. this conversation about what you can flush down the toilet is now locked for ever. The evil Moderator5.3
  4. The topic Towels for Operation Feed families for Christmas! has been moved to Charitable and Other Events Upcoming
  5. Fantastic post. What a great way to present and adorable forever friend to the public.
  6. MX Peso fell below 18 to 1 usd

    Just got back from the Coast or I would have locked this a long time ago. Mod5
  7. crime rumors

    Sorry I had to delete all of this. No crime rumors here Mod 5.2
  8. Land line moved

    Landline for sale Topic moved to the classified section below
  9. eSun Energy closed?

    This topic is locked. What Solar wrote was no worse than Computer advice. Book design advice. 765-4156 under your handle
  10. eSun Energy closed?

    OK TIME OUT. I appreciate comment from both of you and I think we all know that people helping others can be taken as (or used as) advertising. Please guys and gals let us keep on helping each other, only lets do it properly and if someone needs to correct something send a message to Mod2 or if you have to, to me, Mod5.2 PS I m not locking this conversation yet, and I don't want to. So again, be good.
  11. New Pizza Place at 16 de Sept. and Donato Guerra in Ajijic

    I have to admit that I had not read all of the posts here earlier. Were I to have done so I would have locked this earlier All I have to say is that I love good Pizza and do not want to know whether anyone slapped another or quit or whatever. I just want good Pizza Case closed Mod5.1
  12. Please remember that the Chapala Forum is sponsored by a Real Estate Company. And it is fine for Barb1 to post what she did stating what type of place she is looking for. Please also notice that she suggested that you PM her with what you have to offer. But posting what you have to rent for all to read is not a good idea So please folks check the rules and if you have questions about what she I looking for great. But if you want to market your property please do so by sending her a PM Thanks. Mod5
  13. HP is blocking third-party ink again

    We have two very knowledgeable persons here beginning to disagree with each other with words getting stronger and stronger. I am afraid where this is heading. And I don't want to have to take stronger action. So relax. I have learned much from both of you and let's let it for ever stay that way Frozen for ever
  14. Food poisoning!!

    I am locking this page. I will leave it up for a while because there are some very good information posted herein. I hope we all have learned a little from these posts. I know I have. I will delete some of the slanderous information above as well. I will also make minor changes to many post to hide a few words. Mod5
  15. Our Spammer Bod friend from Korea hit again. I happened to go on line, and saw what I guess was Korean posted all within a few minutes. He did it this time somehow listed as a guest and posted away well as of 22_30 got them all. Time to go back and see if he is still hanging out Mod5.1 Edit. He is posting as a guest and is back again.