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  1. HoneyBee

    Construction noise

    Angus, that's just the kinda neighbors I need and they all look so friendly....
  2. HoneyBee

    Construction noise

    Do you remember the Canadian couple that was murdered in La Floresta maybe about 2 years ago. From memory I seem to remember that they had complained about the noise coming from a construction site next to their home. This is really from memory from an article in the Guadalajara reporter covering this tragedy. I live in an all Mexican neighborhood so I put up with what ever my neighbors put up with, but it would be nice to have a 'connected" Mexican move in, maybe that would put an end to the endless dog barking at night and maybe there would be less trash all over the freaking place.
  3. Zeb, I believe the pharmacy name is San Pedro and it is located on Lazaro Cardenas. Will get the exact details tomorrow when I am down in that area shopping.
  4. HoneyBee

    New Auto Insurance agent

    I have been with Bellon since August of 2015 for health insurance and November of 2015 for car insurance. In October of 2017 I decided to change may car insurance from full to third party only. Visited Bellon office 3 times and each time they said that they would email me a quote. Never happened so I went to Qualitas in Chapala to get coverage. Bellon is a very nice guy but...........if he want to stone wall you he is very good at it. I will not renew my health coverage because he may pull the same trick and will instead sign up with Seguro Popular and handle some expenses out of pocket.
  5. HoneyBee

    TSLA is in town !

    Thanks for the tip Al Berca. Not sure its a good idea to sample wines and then test drive a tesla..............
  6. Wow, could not believe what I was seeing at the bottom of the Libriamento and just across the street in front of Walmart. There was 2 TSLA models on display. I believe one was the model S and the other the model X. It looked like you could test drive them. Just to let you all know, I am a TSLA fan as clean and renewable energy is the future. Yes I do also own TSLA stock (wish I could have afforded to buy more...).
  7. Well I spent about 30,000.00 MXP in useless test in order to try to figure out why I had abdominal pain. Then went to a Doctor in Jocotepec who did a simple stool test. Wellllllll I was loaded with amoebas........(I now use medical care recommended by my Mexican friends, but then again I also have a fairly good command of Spanish) On a side note, I had 2 implants anchors done by Dra Candy. The first time I bought all the medication in "gringo alley" the second time I bought them in my neighborhood no name pharmacy. For the same meds: Pain killer 60 versus 20 MXP Antibiotics 265 versus 90 MXP and so on.
  8. My mom moved in to the Casa Nostra in October of 2012. She loved every bit of every day. The "nurses" would give her back rubs and cover her with kisses. She died suddenly 6 weeks after she had moved in (she was 87). On a side note: the day she moved in, I signed some documents related to her wishes to be cremated. The day she died, the doctor came in and proceeded to show me the locations of all the aches and pains my mom suffered from, then 2 kids showed up still wearing their football gear (Soccer for you NOB) and proceeded to remove my mom. The total bill was about 6000 pesos I love the way Mexicans handle death, to this day I still smile when I visualized these 2 kids in their soccer gear as well as the doctor shifting my mom around to give me my first GP lesson.
  9. HoneyBee

    Rainy season kicking off this weeknd

    Darn, I had my money on June 14th @ 1:00 am. (will try to be accurate next year...)
  10. Yesterday, I was standing in line at the CIBanco ATM machine at the centro laguna having a pleasant chat with the lady in front of me. When it was her turn to use the machine, I could not help but notice as others did that when the machine dispensed her money, she did not remove it as I understand later, she was reading the printed receipt. What happened next really got my attention, suddenly, the machine simply sucked the money back in. I am guessing that there was about a 30 second time frame between dispensing and taking it back. I believe this must be a safety feature. Obviously the lady was pretty upset since she will now have to deal with her bank to get her account credited again..
  11. HoneyBee

    What bank should I consider

    Thanks Al Berca for your feedback, I will talk to Intercam on Monday to compare their products and services with CIBanco & Multiva.
  12. I am looking for an investment bank other then Bancomer Banco Patrimonial. I tried the search tool a couple of times with little luck but do know that this topic has been discussed many times. I have been with Bancomer Banco Patrimonial for almost 3 years and have started to encounter problems with them to the extent that I finally had to go to their office in Guadalajara to try to sort out some issues (they do not have an office lakeside). I am now at the point where I think its best for my own interest to switch to an investment bank which has local representation. I already talked to CIBanco and Multiva. I liked CIBanco because they will accept money transfers in Australian Dollars (they were an exchange company prior to becoming a bank) but they seem to be a little weak on the investment side. Multiva has a full time private banking manager who seems to have some pretty good deals but they do use a clearance bank in the US to process Australian Dollars which could be time consuming. Any suggestion would be welcome
  13. HoneyBee

    Mexican Tax filling

    Thanks Ferret. Will be seeing Spencer on a different matter (rental income) and will just get him to bless my tax exemption.😊
  14. HoneyBee

    Mexican Tax filling

    About 2 years ago an accountant helped me clean up a tax mess I had with the US IRS (US born but became a Swiss citizen). Today, it looks like I may have a problem with the Mexican tax authority because since becoming a permanent in 2016 it would appear that I was suppose to declare my offshore income with them which I already do with the US. Any experience with this ? Will probably end up making an appointment with Spencer anyway. (I have an investment account in Mexico where income is taxed and automatically paid to I believe its called SAT)
  15. HoneyBee

    First rainbirds

    June 14th starting between 1 and 3 am