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  1. Superlake

    Enjoyed the posting on TOB that said that Super Lake was toast because the manager had an "explosive" conversation with the owner and apparently quit. Was there last night to get so cheese and salami and all looked normal to me. Must be the Russtan's at it again!
  2. The Snowbirds are back

    OK, let me dust off my old tipping joke. Whats the difference between a Canadian and a Canoe ? A Canoe occasionally tips. (Can be adapted for any country so for my Canadian friends, this is just meant to be a piece of humor)
  3. Wow, great detailed and simple instructions. Thanks you so much, will go in next week.
  4. Mexican car safety features

    Angus, happy it only killed your selection! And one last thought. The most important safety device in a car is the driver. In a couple of years and with a little luck, cars will no longer require a driver. Justathought, it was meant to be humor, should have added "in all countries"
  5. Mexican car safety features

    Oh and I forgot to mention, Sunday afternoons, the Mexicans switch to auto pilot which in tech terms is called tequila. I drive the Libriamento on a regular basis mainly for school runs and a couple of months back I counted 3 fatalities in the space of 2 weeks or so. Maybe I should start a little business selling road side crosses ready to go....
  6. Mexican car safety features

    Just a little humor..I purchased a 2016 Nissan Tsuru. My golden retreiver handles the blind spots and to avoid collisions I only drive when ALL Mexicans are off the road. The Tsuru is a very safe car, it has an impact crumple zone which happens to be the entire car! My advice regardless of the car you purchase is drive defensively in this country. Enjoy your Sunday
  7. Insurance- What to get????

    Thanks for the detailed reply Chillin. Would Spencer be the right contact to walk me thru the enrollment process. I just turned 60 a couple of weeks ago and have permanent resident status.
  8. Insurance- What to get????

    I was told that if you own your home and your car you are not eligible for SP. Is this a new rule (currently I have private coverage with GNP thru Bellon but am just curious to know about this possible new rule).
  9. Muffler Repair

    In Riberas accross the street from the 7/11 is a large garage. To its right a couple of business up is a muffler/body repair shop. Had my Toyota muffler rebuilt there several years ago. The work and price were good.
  10. Mexican investments questions

    I have investments with Bancomer Banco Patrimonial as of June 2015. If given the opportunity to go back in time I would have used Multiva. This reason for this is that they have a local branch so if you have a question you can walk right in to their office as opposed to Bancomer Banco Patrimonial which has no local presence. Also, as Mainecoons pointed out, there is no safeguards. In addition, I have been following the events in Spain with the Catalonia issue, this as Bancomer is jointly owned by BBVA (spanish bank) who also happen to own 2 Catalunian banks.... Bottom line is invest what you can afford to lose.
  11. November appliance sales

    I got my 22 kg Mabe washer and dryer at Tio Sam for a little over 15,000.00 MX back in August. Before buying from them I checked Soriano, Wallmart, Coppel, the appliance store in Riberas by 7/11 and Home Depot and for the same machines, they could not do better the around 20,000.00 MX (note: did not do specials trips to check them out) and they deliver free of charge and did my own connections. For Ferret: How was the Suez canal built, it was dug by a Scottish looking of a penny he had lost...
  12. Agree with Ajijic hiker regarding S.H.
  13. New Direct Flights to-from Canada

    Westjet also has daily flights from Cancun to Toronto year round. Volaris has dirt cheap flights from Guadalajara to Cancun. Used this route several times.
  14. Condominium Association

    Tomas, will go with your good advice, thanks. Lakeside7, the project is located on Calle Rosales, but just to let you now, all unit are spoken for. I really bought the place because they advertised afternoon English tea with cookies...(more seriously I wanted to buy several unit finish them, they are sold as shells and then rent them).
  15. Condominium Association

    Actually, I had a long discussion with the architect today and as it turns out, the water utilities will be billing each unit separately as each unit has its own meter and if they do not pay the utilities will simply cut them off. The street lighting as it turns out will have to be paid by the city of Chapala as they are on public roads. Also, I learned that the operation of the water pumps is billed by CFE at around 800 pesos/month. This is a construction rate so I will check with CFE to see what that would translate to for residencial. Also I understand that these building are not classified as condo's. This is actually a government sponsored project threw Infonavit (I really do not understand the detailed other then the government picks up part of the costs for those that qualify. Obviously, I paid the full listed price and I have my "Escritura" ) Just glad I do not need to involve a lawyer now !