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  1. Construction on the libriamento

    A permanent fence is now installed, but what gets me is that in does not enclose a large portion which fronts the main road. And.... they are currently storing burned out 18 wheeler's and other truck junk. Looks like it may become a junk/holding yard for the main towing company. At least it will fit in with well with this area!
  2. Dark side of Seguro Popular

    Just an update on my former neighbors mom. The hospital medical team has determined that an operation can proceed, but first the family has to give 900 ml of blood to the hospital blood bank to replace what is expected to be used during the operation. Sadly, only one member of her family could meet the requirements, but was declined as she could only give 180 ml (300 ml per person) and had to stop because of a sharp drop in her blood pressure. I offered my blood but the age limit is 18 years or older and no older the 60. Apparently this lady has a lot of friend in her neighborhood so the family is going to put a posting for donors. By the way, any type of blood can be donated as long as you meet the age requirements and pass a blood screening test.
  3. Propane gas leak detector alarm

    RVGringo, many thanks for your suggestion and offer. I finally did what I would normally do when looking for a product in mexico is to put the search request in Spanish ! I found that there is quite a selection on the Mercado Libre. What does surprise me is that given the fact that pretty much every house has LP gas that It is not sold locally. What happen to me about a week ago, is I was cleaning the top of my stove in the evening and during the process unknowingly turned one of the burner on. During the night, I got up to get a glass of water and could hear a small hiss from the kitchen. Since LP gas is heavier then air it drops to the ground so I never picked up the smell. Glad I do not smoke, would have left with a bang!
  4. Am looking to buy a propane gas leak detector alarm for my small apartment (never liked gas in a home). I checked the home depot MX website but all they seem to have are smoke and CO detectors. Amazon has them but I do not have a credit card. Any tips are welcome of where to buy (local and in Guadalajara). Thanks
  5. Waffle House

    Several years ago I decided to try the burger. It tasted like the meat had gone bad several days prior. This was my first and last visit to this place.
  6. I know many of you with Seguro Popular have had good experiences when needing their services, this based on passed posts. So let me share with you what I consider a nightmare situation. About 4 months ago, my former neighbors mom fell and broke a bone in one of her arms. She is Mexican and lives in Guadalajara. The anesthesiologist refused to proceed with the required surgery even thou the Surgeon agreed. The refusal was based on her health condition, she is 87 years old (her children had also signed a waiver in the event she died on the operation table). After six weeks of languishing in pain, her children (9 of them) and myself, chipped in to have a private team carry out the operation using the Seguro Popular facility. 5 days ago she fell again, this time braking a femur. The hospital informed her children that she would have to wait about 6 weeks at the hospital before surgery could be done. My understanding is that she is not considered a priority, and again will be in constant pain. I seriously doubt that she will survive unless private arrangement can be made. Please note that a share this sad situation as many at lakeside are in their "golden age". I have private insurance and had considered not renewing because of the expense. I will keep my coverage because frankly, I do not want to be in a similar situation. I had a serious car accident in 1990 so believe me I know what pain can do to you. As a side note, about a year ago, Dr Sam who was the head doctor at the Red Cross gave a presentation at the LCS open circle. In his chart which was part of a hand out, if you only had Seguro Popular, he wrote "be prepared to die".
  7. Car Registration Update

    I was also at the Recaudadora this morning and had all the require information which I transcribed on the paper handed to me by the same policeman. Handed my last years registration and the completed form to the clerk and all he wanted was my phone number! Sadly and for what ever reason, I screwed up both the new registration and the tax sticker when trying to remove them. Both documents are now in the trunk of my car. Never had this problem before, so just wondering if the form may have been defective (then again I sometimes wonder if I am not defective..)
  8. Explosion in Chapala ????

    Then thunder it was.
  9. Good morning, About an hour ago I heard huge explosions in the Chapala area. I was at the Perico and actualy felt pressure waves. I inquired about this with several people and they all told me that they went to their window to see what was happening. These were not fireworks. Any idea ?
  10. Tooth implant recommendation

    Dra Candy is currently doing 2 implants for me (2 lower left maulers which were cracked by a dentist up north when performing a root canal). The first anchor was set about a month ago and is successful. The second anchor is scheduled to be set early February. The cost I paid is 15,000.00 MXP per implant (tooth and anchor). A 3 dimensional Xray is required in order to determine the location/depth of the main nerve. From memory it cost 1,500.00 MXP and is done in Guadalajara. Then there are the medications which run around 2,500.00 MXP. All in all the first implant is costing around 20,000.00 MXP. I did not feel a thing when the first anchor was set and trust me a hate going to the dentist. The procedure lasted about 45 minutes. Whish she had been my dentist since day one.
  11. Construction on the libriamento

    When my parents moved from Switzerland to Ontario, Canada in 1996, my mom got all excited because she noticed a "Swiss Chalet" on the way from the airport to their new home. She was just itching to go to one for dinner. Weeeeeellll what a surprise, she was expecting to see cheese fondue or raclette on the menu...
  12. Construction on the libriamento

    The new hospital is planned to be built on the north side just past the right hand curve as you are heading up the hill. I believe the land in question is just west of the access to the road to nowhere (the big scare on the side of the mountain). This location is based on a picture taken of Dr Santiago Hernandez who I understand will be the medical director. Having been once a patient of his, I still receive his monthly news letter.
  13. WANTED: Used Jetskis

    Hello Chris, Good study which will require more time for me to evaluate the actual health condition of the lake based on the results available. The WQI-NSF Sampling campaign diagnostics results show the following. 2 good results 13 medium results 4 bad results. The 2 good results are not even shown on the sampling map The 13 medium results are border line bad In other words from what I can see and understand from the data provided is that the lake chapala water quality is in essence border line bad.
  14. Anyone happen to know what the plan is for the large area recently excavated on the north side of the libriamento just pass the entrance of the International school ?
  15. Used Engine Oil?

    I recently changed the engine oil of my lawnmower and bushwhacker (about 0.6 liters total). Before doing so I asked some of my Mexican neighbors where I could take the used oil. I was told just to dump it in the ditch. I explained that I do not have children but that polluting the environment for future generations was maybe not a good idea. I went on to tell them about an add that runs in the US which has the punch line "nature does not need you but you need nature" Its an uphill battle were I live but every day I seem to gain a little on the hill (the place is almost trash free and the kids have gotten the message loud and clear "No soccer field will be built until the have all learned that trash belongs in a trash can..). Sadly, I finally put the used oil back into the new oil can and put in with my trash (at least it will go to the land fill). In the future, I will buy an oil collector at auto zone and will then take it to my mechanic when I get the oil changed for my car and he will dispose of it. By the way if you are looking for a first class mechanic then VELOZ in Jocotepec is the place. He was a GM mechanic in the US for years. His workshop is so clean that you could have lunch on its floor. He has every tool you could think of. VELOZ, Salvatore Cell # 331 752 0091 by appointment only