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  1. shortstop

    M & J Royal Pizza

    Friend's called yesterday on the cell number supplied in the ad in this week's Guad. reporter & were assured that they are open for business.
  2. shortstop

    M & J Royal Pizza

    I understood they were opening June 1st., I'll go by today & check. Thanks for the info.
  3. shortstop

    M & J Royal Pizza

    Anyone been to their new location? They are now, mountain side near Villa Lucerna.
  4. shortstop


    Water store on the south east corner of Encarnacion Rosas & Constitution, two blocks towards the lake from Pharmacia Guadalajara.
  5. shortstop


    Thank you for the info.
  6. shortstop


    Express VPN was able to get into Netflix USA until a few months ago. Does anybody have a VPN that is still able to get USA Netflix? Thanks.
  7. shortstop

    renew drivers license

    Okay thanks. It just showed up.
  8. Is it possible to renew my drivers license 3 months ahead of its expiry date? Thanks for any info.
  9. Would like to know if I can renew my drivers license 3 mos. early. Thanks for any info.
  10. shortstop


    Does she have dill pickles? You had the best "help yourself" area in your restaurant, I loved being able to put as much or as little as preferred. My personal taste is only pickles & mustard. I end up taking everything else off & pass it over to hubby. It's really a waste of the restaurants money to put it on only to have the client take it off. So many times I have requested only those two items & I get a cheeseburger loaded up like a salad bar! I know, picky, picky.
  11. shortstop

    RFC #

    I was asked for my RFC number when getting a factura from a local lab. Replied that I didn't have one, the girl at the desk said no problem she would give me a generic one. Was also asked for this number when getting a factura at Wal-Mart, said I didn't have one, she gave me the factura & also said no problem. We pay a minimal amount of tax here & have never been issued a RFC number.
  12. shortstop

    Lakeside landlines are down again

    Our landline is out..central east Ajijic.
  13. shortstop

    Instant Pot

    Wow alot more then the US, I'll be measuring my carry-on.
  14. shortstop

    Instant Pot

    Thanks for the info. everyone.
  15. shortstop

    Instant Pot

    Any idea of prices on the ones for sale at Galerias Mall kitchen store? I can get the mini I want in the US for about $70. Wondering if it is worth it to lug it back. Thanks for any info.