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  1. renew drivers license

    Okay thanks. It just showed up.
  2. Is it possible to renew my drivers license 3 months ahead of its expiry date? Thanks for any info.
  3. Would like to know if I can renew my drivers license 3 mos. early. Thanks for any info.

    Does she have dill pickles? You had the best "help yourself" area in your restaurant, I loved being able to put as much or as little as preferred. My personal taste is only pickles & mustard. I end up taking everything else off & pass it over to hubby. It's really a waste of the restaurants money to put it on only to have the client take it off. So many times I have requested only those two items & I get a cheeseburger loaded up like a salad bar! I know, picky, picky.
  5. RFC #

    I was asked for my RFC number when getting a factura from a local lab. Replied that I didn't have one, the girl at the desk said no problem she would give me a generic one. Was also asked for this number when getting a factura at Wal-Mart, said I didn't have one, she gave me the factura & also said no problem. We pay a minimal amount of tax here & have never been issued a RFC number.
  6. Lakeside landlines are down again

    Our landline is out..central east Ajijic.
  7. Instant Pot

    Wow alot more then the US, I'll be measuring my carry-on.
  8. Instant Pot

    Thanks for the info. everyone.
  9. Instant Pot

    Any idea of prices on the ones for sale at Galerias Mall kitchen store? I can get the mini I want in the US for about $70. Wondering if it is worth it to lug it back. Thanks for any info.
  10. Curp card download

    Thank you.
  11. Curp card download

    Can someone please provide the web address for downloading a curp card. Thanks.

    In my opinion Mi Casita is top notch. Great family style homey atmosphere & wonder staff. Mina who owns the place is terrific. Obviously you have made inquire re rates etc. I had one friend there for almost two years until recently & have another there now. We could not be more pleased with the care & attention she receives. In fact last Wed. one of the guys who works there drove her (she is in a wheel chair) to meet nine of us in a restaurant. You can ask about additional services they provide, hairdresser, drive to medical appts. etc. Mina is on site everyday & lives directly across the street in case of emergencies. Her rates are very competitive.
  13. Buying a new toilet

    The outside is one thing, the flushing mechanism is the most important issue, we have three toilets in our house...all within 3 years new..one is like Niagara Falls, the other two work but not as efficiently..ask your plumber what he recommends for a "good flush "
  14. Dr. Lowell Stephen Birch

    Following up on the discussion about treatment for sciatica, I saw my orthopedic surgeon last week. He says every case can be different, sometimes acupuncture helps, sometimes chiropractic treatment helps, often physio can be the solution. But, if it is chronic get an MRI & find the root of the problem. I would think most Drs. would say the same thing.
  15. Dr. Lowell Stephen Birch

    Yo1, thank you for this information. I absolutely agree.