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  1. Herman


    I’m looking for a recommendation for an English speaking physician. A GP would be great. TIA
  2. Hi Looking for recommendations for hotels in Ajijic. We stayed at Hotel Casa Blanca and enjoyed that. So something similar. Preferably with some Mexican charm that is quant. TIA
  3. Herman

    Mexican car insurance

    Hi When I drive from the US and get to the border, I can buy Mexican auto insurance. Will that be good for a week or so until I get permanent Mexican car insurance? TIA
  4. Thinking of staying a week at La Nueva Posada hotel. Looks nice. Feedback? TIA
  5. Herman


    I have yet to come across a Mercado lakeside. I enjoy eating there. Are there any?
  6. Herman

    Car insurance

    Temporary resident bringing US plated car. Where do I get Mexican auto insurance? thanks
  7. Herman

    Need help in a dental situation.

    Email dentist from Dental Express in Ajijic. He emailed me back with prices. He’s highly regarded.
  8. I’m wondering if anyone can comment about this dental clinic. The prices are good compared to NOB. How is the quality? Thanks in advance amigos.
  9. Herman


    The paella is the best if ever had.
  10. Anyone have any idea how this hotel is?
  11. Herman

    My new US plated car

    My bad. I meant a residente temporal visa. I understand I can bring my car with that type of visa. Thank you for your responses.
  12. Herman

    Mexico experiences deadliest month in decades

    Fake news. Fox News.
  13. Can I drive my new car in Mexico if I have an FM3. I hate to get rid of it I just bought it cash last year.
  14. How long does it take to drive to Ajijic from say the border or Calif? We are driving with cats. Thank you.
  15. Herman

    TV Lakeside

    Which TV service is most common? I'd like to keep up on my NOB shows. Do you get all the US networks in English? gracias