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  1. My new US plated car

    My bad. I meant a residente temporal visa. I understand I can bring my car with that type of visa. Thank you for your responses.
  2. Mexico experiences deadliest month in decades

    Fake news. Fox News.
  3. Can I drive my new car in Mexico if I have an FM3. I hate to get rid of it I just bought it cash last year.
  4. How long does it take to drive to Ajijic from say the border or Calif? We are driving with cats. Thank you.
  5. TV Lakeside

    Which TV service is most common? I'd like to keep up on my NOB shows. Do you get all the US networks in English? gracias
  6. I'm looking to hear about your experiences bringing cats from NOB to lakeside. I have 2 to bring in the future. Thank you.
  7. White folks aren't used to that. Whites as racists are all over the world. Being Mexican American raised NOB, I find that humorous.
  8. Any stories on how folks bring their pets to Mexico. Car. Plane.
  9. Hi moving soon. Anyone bring their cats on airlines? Any recommendations on bringing 4 cats??
  10. Joco rentals

    Hi we are looking for rentals but can't seem to find any. Any ideas?
  11. Medical insurance in USA

    For a couple month visit
  12. What do US expats who are under 65 years old do for medical insurance coverage when they return to the US?
  13. I'm thinking that an insurance policy for major medical and paying out of pocket for dr visits and meds. What do others do? I'm 58. Gracias
  14. Joco dr

    Any recommendations for a good general practitioner?
  15. Jocotepec

    We really like this pueblo. Seems clean with less congestion. Don't know much about the town. Any feedback? We think this could be the place we settle in. Thanks in advance.