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  1. Anyone having this CFE problem?

    The CFE bill is now updated with 7 different costs being showed. This is probably a first step towards reducing subsidies but the price still has not changed as to warrant a $200 to $600 or even worse minimun to $2000. If you are using a biodirectional meter you should probably check that 1. The reading they are charging is actially accurate and 2nd if the meter may be malfunctioning and not registering your solar energy. The only other explanation y can think of is that the guy in charge of getting the reading for you meter had not stopped by in a while and they are charging for all that consuption.
  2. If all you are looking for is the boveda roof I would recommend Gabriel Perales 3311163927. He has done bovedas for me in contracting jobs, plus he does other things (electrical, welding, plumbing) makes it easier if you only talk to one instead of coordinating several people.
  3. Cost to Build

    Haha love the sleeping gringo part. That does seem quite excessive and expensive. Even in Sayulita where you might have to pay a premium for almost every material.
  4. CPA/Bookkeeper Lakeside or GDL

    IMSS actually sends the amounts you should pay to the site of your construction about 10 days before they need to get paid. And you can make the payment at any bank. The only thing you need to make sure is that the GC has registered your construction and workers. And dont give him money, ask him to give you the invoice from IMSS. It contains info like how many workers are you paying.
  5. Cost to Build

    That seems to be extremely low. You should probably make sure that your workers are registered accordingly to the risk factor for construction. For 4 workers you should be paying about $6000 one month and $8000 the next month when Infonavit is charged. In either case to get the finiquito there will probably be an adjustment if you underpaid.
  6. Cost to Build

    Building in Mexico is different than the US and Canada mostly due to codes and restrictions plus the common building materials and the way jobs are bid are very different. Also contractors and specialization is not as clear as NOB. I just finished a design build home for a client in Ajijic and a ballpark figure would be between $8,000/sq mt and $9,000/ sq mt. including design, permits, construction and IMSS (which this last part you do have to be very careful that it gets paid and closed at the end of your construction) . Hope it helps.
  7. Mexican investments questions

    Property rental is a safe investment. I would add looking at commercial properties is even better than houses, less of a hassle than renting houses for multiple reasons mostly dealing with getting people out of your property if they donĀ“t pay, eviction process in Mexico ir really a pain in the... especially with houses.

    Hahaha I once saw a constructor building in the wrong lot in Guadalajara Lucky for the real owner of the lot agreed to swap for some compensation money.

    A tip I would give you is make sure you get a full Construction Document set and a complete quote before even getting your permits. Most problems with delays, lack of quality, overpricing etc... in Mexico come from the fact the very few contractors and constructions have a full set of CD's before breaking ground. People give estimates based on incomplete information and that leads to many many problems and disagreements between builder and client.
  10. Fontaneria SantaCruz has the camera for pipe inspections. They are in Guadalajara but I'm pretty sure they would provide service in Chapala too. Their phone number is 3694-5608
  11. Is there a good time to build?

    The rainy season is probably a good time to get your design done, get any permits or paperwork if they will be required (depends on the surface area to be built). I would not recommend building during the rainy season, a lot of time if lost in protecting recent work (walls, plaster, etc...) from the rain, getting rid of water accumulated and if it starts raining construction workers expect to be paid some percentage of the lost time. If your second floor is not urgent, I would say wait until october to get started.
  12. About 1 km ahead of Costco going in the Guadalajara direction. Right besides the Puerta de Hierro Sur Hospital.
  13. Maybe you caan find some: http://www.mueblesartex.com http://www.tocomadera.mx
  14. Ayuntamento de Chapala

    Quite a few years ago, the Ayuntamiento de Zapopan was caught having used false receipts for certain payments received mainly construction licenses. They used these and didn't report anything, simply said stole the money. Probably someone in the Auditoria suspects Chapala is doing something like this. It is also common practice to audit corrupt Ayuntamientos in the final years of the administration, better to do it yourself (same political party) and acquit of all charges than have the next guy maybe from another political group doing the audit.
  15. Tile Installation

    It does depend on the size of the tile. The ones between 30x30 and 40x40 pretty much around $80 per /m2 Larger tiles 60x60 and larger are more expensive because they are usually perfectly sized and therefore must be installed with more precision and with a 1mm joint. Those go at around $120-140 /m2.