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  1. Can your father get the surgery as a private patient in Canada?
  2. San Miguel Allende Forum or Group

    There are a number of San Miguel groups. Have you googled them? There is also a Yahoo group .
  3. The Five Year Plan

    Cactus Jack, very funny and I understand. It is just a different frame of financial reference. As Americans we typically apply US standards to the rest of the world, which is a normal thing to do. It just isn't always an accurate view. I became rich when I worked in one Asian country because everyone was rich or really, really poor. I went back to being middle class when I moved out of that country. I am middle class in Mexico. I hope you can make your five year plan work. I think I would really like you.
  4. The Five Year Plan

    El Saltos raises a good point. There is an enormous financial gap between working class Mexicans and an upper middle class Mexican. I have upper middle class Mexican friends and they fly to the US in family planes. They send their children to schools in Switzerland. I have a middle class friend in Ajijic. She has her own business, a cook and a housekeeper, and a car for everyone in the family. She and her husband and children fly commercial airlines when they travel to the US, Asia, and Europe. I have some upper class Mexican acquaintances and they live lives I can only dream about. I have upper class Mexican acquaintances because I share a hobby with them. I live in Ajijic and lots of the neighbors have chickens. I do not live in a gated community.
  5. The Five Year Plan

    Hi, most of the northwest side of the lake is either Chapala or Jocotopec. Ajijic is part of Chapala. When I first came I expected to see very discrete areas but it is really a line of closely linked neighborhoods. Places, such as Ajijic, that have distinct identities, do so because they have their own Catholic church and plaza. i think you will struggle to live here on only SS. It is not the budget, it is the surprises--the incorrect $3,000.00 USD electric bill or the $8,000.00 US heart stint when the IMSS stint came with only a 2 year factory guarantee. In the first case we appealed to CFE, who only gave us a payment plan. We now have solar panels--which meant we had to have the money up front. In the second case, our friend got loans from friends and he is still alive and kicking. Colombia is probably a better financial bet, but I love Mexico. Have you considered Guanajuato? It is a fantastic, beautiful, and energetic small city. I suspect that it is more affordable than the Chapala area. I lke the idea of storing your belongings for the first year.
  6. New B

    Robo, you might look into the hotel at the hot springs.

    I had the noodle bowl with pork on Monday and it was as wonderful as ever.
  8. New B

    There are also lots of large snakes in the lake.
  9. Computer Guy, I was referring to the list of groups that were invited. Open Circle was on the list. Churches were not. I understand why churches were not invited. I only questioned why Open Circle was.
  10. SuperLake Pricing

    Grape Nuts, Wheat Chex, and every Asian and Italian ingredient I ever need.
  11. This is a pretty good list. I understand why church/faith groups are not included and it seems like the right decision. Open Circle should not be included. If it is not a church then why do they meet on Sunday mornings in direct competition of other groups?
  12. Robbery trick

    My photograph is on my Costco card and I believe that they always look at the photo before they ring me up. I used my husband's card at the pharmacy once, and they questioned me. I indicated my husband, who was a few steps away, and then they rang me up.
  13. This post clearly explains the pricing complexities.
  14. La Taverna Dei Quattro Mori

    I have no problem with a diner who carries a favorite condiment. Many people carry tiny bottles of Tabasco sauce. Others carry malt vinegar for their fish and chips, or chili oil for their potstickers. This is not the same as criticizing the restaurant for their culinary skill, or expecting the restaurant to change for them.
  15. La Taverna Dei Quattro Mori

    Good choice, just leave and don't try to make everyone else boycott the restaurant. You left Ajijic many years ago. You were a business owner when you were here. Why would you want to hurt a local business?